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Very good. I have been here for 4 years and I have received support from teachers and advisors. I would recommend it to others.
I love everything about NAU! I wouldn't change anything! The staff is always courteous and kind. Staff go out of their way to help you with any problem you may have. I recently completed general education at NAU. I recently was accepted into NAU's School of Nursing. I will forever recommend NAU to anyone wanting to further their education! The professors actually care about your success!
This school can be very convenient, they have schools and labs all over Kansas City and they seem to always be open to be able to access the library and computers.
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Some of the online work seems to be repeats but the online work is good there are a lot of discussions.
They do a lot with clinical sites here and a lot of people are offered jobs before graduation.
These professors really do care about students here. They do not treat you like you are a kid and expect a lot out of you but they also would not ask for you to do something if they did not have a purpose behind it.
The application process is great here! you meet with people and you get to have a lot of one on ones and you get to know so many people and you can go to anyone for help. they have an open door policy and they really do stick to that.
Has had its ups and downs but is truly an amazing school where you have a lot of people and supporters behind you.
I would recommend this school to anyone! They do not have the biggest variety of degrees but the few they offer are amazing programs. I am in the BSN program and I so far love it, it can be very complicated but it is also completely worth it knowing I will make a great nurse!
It was okay...however I do learn better in class
Whenever I had a question I felt comfortable enough to ask...the professors were all least the ones that I had teaching me.
You feel very proud and like you're worth something during and also when you've set out to complete what you came to do. Education is everything.
The nursing program is very competitive but if you stick with it and you are passionate about what you're WILL succeed!
At this school they know you by name and you're not just a number...I love that...they really care!
They always have flyers for open job positions that are close to the campus. After my CNA class my instructor had a recruiter from a nursing home we could talk to for a job. Also at capstone at the end of nursing most of the students from my school get hired during there capstone
I do like the big variety of classes this school offers. The professors are very open to trying to help the students if they notice something isnt working and they are very easy to get along with and get a hold of for any questions.
The prereqs hardly cut into my personal and work schedule. Now that i am in the nursing part of it, I have no time for anything but studying. I had to quit my job and cut back any family time to maybe a few hours on the weekend if I get that
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The online course for my prereqs seemed more like busy work than actual learning
At the end of the nursing course there is capstone, according to the professors in the previous graduating classes all except maybe 2 or 3 students were hired during capstone. The clinical hours and classes at this university do put the students higher up compared to other universities
I have chosen to pursue nursing as my career. I knew going into it, it would be very tough and exhausting and overwhelming. However there is still the fact I have to teach myself most of the material, even though the teachers are very knowledgeable and have been in the nursing field for a minimum of 20 years, its like the 4 hours of class isnt being fully utilized
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