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National American University - Ellsworth AFB Extension Reviews

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The classes are timed perfectly during lunch schedules and when people get off of work.
The online courses are frustrating to deal with because the instructors do not give clear instructions. The traditional classes are very laid back and move at the pace of the students.
Insructors do not provide clear instruction. Class sizes are adequate and usually very laid back.
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There is no networks of alumni or prospects for jobs that are actively recruited on campus.
Instructors do not clearly define what they are looking for when you write a paper or essay. Other students do not necessarily give feedback when they are supposed to that will assist you in your writing. The registartion is as simple as clicking the class and go.
The classrooms seem to be evenly mixed of people from different backgrounds and is extremely diverse.
NAU's instructors do not give you the tools for success and do not guide you towards job prospects as you near graduation.
The instructors do not provide exact instructions for what they want. The workload is extremely light. The class rooms are generally clean.
The instructors for the online courses do not provide exact instructions on what they want. The workload is extremely light. The classrooms for traditional classes are generally clean.
Considering the location of the administration office is inside of a military installation, the "campus" is nice. There is another campus near by that is off of the installation that seems to be a lot nicer.
This past quarter, I only had class on Mondays and Tuesdays at night, therefore I didn't interact with the student body much. But the campus is very diverse and there hasn't been any issues with people's preferences. Everyone is accepted.
I don't utilize the computer labs at the school because I have my own personal computer that I use at home. But I do print in the library when my printer isn't working properly. Printing is great. I haven't had any issues with printing so far. All students are given access to the wireless with your username and password. The wireless is pretty good. I don't utilize it often but the speed to pretty fair. Personal computers are available when needed.
I transferred from another university in Chicago to this school and I have been having problems with getting my financial aid packaged correctly. Because of my circumstance, the process was very difficult and many things needed to be figured out. It took about 3 months for my financial aid to finally be packaged. Besides that, everything else is great. The tuition is very affordable and the education is definitely worth the tuition paid. I only wish that I had began my college education at this school. I would have saved a lot of money and would have been finished with my degree by now.
The school I am currently attending is dedicated mostly to military personnel and their families. The campus I attend is on a military base. I love that the classes aren't too big and there are probably 20 students to a class. This is great because I like smaller classes so that I can have academic relationships with my instructors. Because the school is military friendly, the instructors understand that students personal lives are very important and that we have other responsibilities outside of school. The staff is very friendly and helpful with anything you might need assistance with.
Education Anywhere – When I returned to the states I had some schooling done, however it was for a business degree not a health degree, which is what I wanted. I chose National American University since they had a pharmacy tech degree available, but unfortunately it required I drive to a branch of the school on the other side of the state. However, they talked to me about all the other health degrees they had and I picked Health Information Technology that is thankfully online classes for the most part which is wonderful since I can take these classes from this school even if I move out of the state that does not have a NAU school nearby. They transferred some of my previous credits.
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