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Very unorganized lack of communication upon staff. Rude. Financial aid is very tricky and in most cases I have waited at least and entire month and a half outside of the course dropping period after my tuition was paid for the extra to be disbursed
I am a National University Student , What i enjoyed most about NAU is the flexibility , Cirriculum and the pace of the learning environment what i would things i would like to see happen to change is student services housing and student law clinics on site because when legal matters are at hand in college student services and student staff are never supportive or flexible to work out accomodations to work out&resolve issues with students and instructors.
I work a full time 8am to 5pm job. I am able to go to this University because they offer night classes for the program I was interested in.
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Again, each student must complete an externship as a part of their program so that puts a foot in the door. The University is also accredited and this makes it to where you are able to study for the certification exam that one takes after graduation.
The class sizes are small and the professors are very knowledgeable about their topics. The discipline in the classroom is lacking so far and many students are able to just sleep through the class and still get a grade that matches someone who was trying.
For my program, I have to complete an externship. Many students have graduated and been offered jobs at the place that they did their externship, which is great, I have also been advised on jobs I can get now to give me experience in the field before I even graduate.
I have not been in the program long but so far, the Health Information Management program seems focused and wants to help students get to that field. I have been advised by students who have gradate in the program and given tips on things I can do before I graduate to help me along.
This school is a great option for a student looking to get a quick degree, especially in the medical field. they are flexible with work schedules on offering night classes, which is great for working adults going back to school, like myself.
I like the fact that credits are easily transferred and the staff have my academic success aimed at ensuring i get the most out of my assigned curriculum with out all the hassles so i can stay focused on making my experience a successful one .
The smaller classes make the learning experience great i like the ability to have one on ones with the teachers if i need extra help and the tutoring is in place to ensure my academic success.
With the alumni network in place not only will i gain a career i can always come back and further my career the posspbility's are endless.
i feel i am getting all the tools i need to successfully find the perfect fit for me in my career indevers so i have no doubt that the campus employers recruiting and career center will help me transition into a lucrative career.
i like that all the staff is very knowledgable and the classes are small i feel i will get the most out of my learning experience.
i have no doubt i am destine for success with the school staff keeping me focused on curriculum .
i really enjoy all the stafff they make you feel like part of a family and boost your self esteem so you succeed.
I like being able work on my time
I like the hands on things we dobin the class room
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I love learning new things
I feel welcome every time i go
The workload is OK for my program of choice. I believe the curriculum fit the program and overall the facilities are great and easily approachable. I can tell from the way the teach, they really want their students to succssed.
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