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National American University is one of the most affordable private institutions of learning in the united States. I like NAU because it affords working adults the opportunity to go to school despite their busy schedules with work and family. This University offers 4 semesters in one year: spring, summer, fall and winter. This allows students to completed as quickly as they can. National American University's excellent teacher to students ratio makes it a wonderful place to learn.
I have not had the opportunity to attend any classes since my first day is not until March 9. Overall the school has been very helpful and accommodating when it comes to requirements for their BSN program. I like that the classes are small so that the students are able to have more one on one time with the professors.
I am not entirely in love with my school, BUT I want my degree so I am going to finish and graduate from here.
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Online classes are difficult for me.
The nursing professors are some of the best people I have ever met. They truly care about our success,
Haven't seen very much of any of this.
Nursing. I know that you have to be flexible but its definitely as stressful as you read about.
I am in the first round of nursing students to go through this school and things are still a little out of control. BUT the teachers that are here are exceptionally great! They make all the stress and craziness worth it.
I have not had any problems just because I don't work so I have no interference
I have run into a few classes that I honestly didn't learn what I felt I should have learned. Only because the information was not really explained to in a decent manner
the career center is awesome
So far the 2 professors I have enjoyed the most is Rob Fedson and Vivianna Pelton.
Our career center is readily available at all time with someone there to help
As far as the program I am in I can't brag about it more because I love our medical lab and our teacher is the coolest teacher ever. She makes school so fun!!!
Its like since I first started there I felt as if I had known everyone forever. No one has ever been rude to me if anything they have brought out my self esteem. I wouldn't go anywhere else.
I love my school. I have looked at a few schools and this school offers the same if not better education that is more affordable and for your own pace.
I wouldn't change this school for the world. The professors, financial aid office, and all of the administration are extremely helpful.
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Seems to be some help at the end for placement; I have seen emails on this at least.
Most professors have been very courteous and prompt. Courses are well laid out with the aim for you to succeed.
The work load is the same it just takes dedication to it completed
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