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National American University has been very helpful and support to me and my family. I love the help and encouagement that they provide to the students. Eveyone goes out of their way to help us as student to do our best. I don't know where I would be if it wasn't for the staff at National American University. They reallly live up to their mission statement.
The staff has been wonderful at transferring and getting started NAU. So far it has been a smooth transition and I can't wait to continue my education. I look forward to finishing my nursing degree and get my BSN.
My experience was very satisfied. There are faculty that give phone calls to make sure you are staying on the right path to finish school. They are concerned when you miss one day of school. The director of Administration is willing to change your class schedule to your liking like online classes or on campus classes. The teachers give you great feed back on your progress in class, and what you can do to understand the criteria. What I would like to see change is more of the Information Technology field having more on campus classes rather than online classes.
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I haven't started classes yet but I feel like everyone here is supporting me 110%
Everyone made me feel like I was important and not just another number
my classes are all scheduled till I graduate in 2020
I will never ever do online classes again I can find a million other things to do on the internet, but that is my own oppinion
I haven't had to use them yet
I as well as the other students in my class keep to myself and they keep to themselves, I however was in the Army with two of the students in my class, we were in the same unit together, but we hardly chat, we are there to learn not chat.
nobody is pushy at this campus. They give you the information you are looking for answer your questions, and they try to make sure that you are sure of what your wanting to do.
other than a monotone instructor, I don't have anything bad to say.
this school lets me make my own decisions, they don't make decisions for me.
Taking online courses allows me to work full time and have a life
The online courses allow me to work while going to school
Haven't looked into any type of jobs
Instructions provide feedback for each assignment
I have learned a lot so far
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Really pleased with my school.
The school works with you to job search, resume preparation, and networking with other individuals. Professors are always happy to support you with letters of recommendation.
The school does help in scheduling job fairs periodically. Also has a job board on campus that has open positions posted for a number of employers.
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