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I was told the FASA would cover everything now I owe $893. 00
Can not say it enough ITS A WINNER.
I am so glad I chose this school. Staff very encouraging, supportive, and go the extra mike for their students
Review National American University - Denver
So far the process has been smooth. I look forward to studying here and hope that it will be a positive experience
Seems like once I am done with my degree I will be able to work in the health field and be confident of what I am doing
This semester I am studying online full time. I will be on campus for the fall semester and am looking forward to it
So far the school seems to be interested in me as a person and my education
Everything about NAU has exceeded my expectations.
My experience has been excellent thus far.
My experience was easier than I expected.
Online courses are better than I expected.
My experience has been wonderful thus far.
This is a really good school to go to just be prepared for the work load this is a school where they cram in a whole semester in 3 months. With the work load the teachers are great well most of them and the other students are pleasant to study with.
I am going for my medical coding diploma, and then I am continuing on with my bachelors in health management. In this degree I learn a lot of things nurses, doctors, and pharmacists learn, but definitely not as much as they do. My degree opens up doors to many careers within healthcare. My workload is varies from class to class, but has not been too overwhelming.
Most professors are distant learning instructors, and many are great to learn from. We usually have a discussion with other classmates, assignments, quizzes, and reading to complete each week. The class registration process is painless! My adviser calls me and we discuss the next classes, and then the adviser registers me.
I am actually an online student at National American University. I have never been to the campus, but the Denver campus is my school. Online though there is the library and tutors. Everything about this school is great though, and they have always been helpful and friendly.
The work load is very challenging but I feel is appropriate, for getting ready for the real world.
Review National American University - Denver
I an an online student. I love the communication that I have with this is great school and is very happy of my decision to get my certificate with coding here, The internship will be implemented when I get my 45 hours before graduation. I feel the courses I am taking is really getting me ready all around for my new career.
My interaction with students and professors are great online.
I am an online student.
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