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Living in the dorms was terrible!! DO NO LET THEM FOOL YOU IN STAYING THERE!! IT IS NOT SAFE AT ALL. When I attended someone got shot in the parking lot, and you do not see that advertised anywhere. I stayed in an NICE apartment a few minutes away in Hermitage. The woman that checked me in on my first day was named Dynasty and boy would I hate to have her as a wife. She lied about everything, and is very unorganized. I work in a shop now and learn more now that I have at Lincoln. Do not go here and waste you time or money on and expensive piece of paper.
You can feel the greediness everywhere you go. It cost 40,000$ this year and everything around the school seems to be getting worse as if none of the money is being put back into the school. They charge you 500$ for laptops with tablet processors that can barely open a web browser. Most of the teachers are just old techs that read word for word off of a powerpoint and the other students that don’t want to be here slow you down.
My experience with Nashville Auto Diesel College is limited right now. I will be attending this campus next week. I am looking forward to everything this college has to offer. The teachers had knowledge beyond expectations. They not only teach the classes they have worked on the field for many years prior to teaching. I find this very helpful not only are they the teacher but they also know the other side of automotive training. The dorms were not up to my expectations. The dorm I will be living in is very small. I will make the best of this college to further my career in the Automotive Field.
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Things I like about NADC is the instructors and their willingness to help out. Also the friendliness of them and being able to talk to the them easily. Things I would like to see changes on is the renovation of the buildings.
You don't really have a lot of work to do. You have your quizes, tests, and out of class assignments to do, but you can do those in class. So you really don't have homework. A good portion of the classes will be hands on training. Classes are only 20 days long, but within those 20 days you will learn a lot more than you think is possible.
You have a morning shift and a night shift. The morning shift is 6:40-1:20 and the night shift is 2:20-9:05. The school is 5 days a week. You have the weekends off. There are certain breaks you get from the school but not a lot since it's only 13 months. I have recently had a death in the family not long ago and the people in the education office have been here to help me with my days and get them excused.
Career services are always here for their graduate students. You could be graduated from a day all the way to a hundred years and if you need help finding a job they are going to be there for you. They have a facebook page for graduated students or currently enrolled students to friend with. They can talk to each other and stuff like that. You can always come back to the school and remember the good ole college days. If the students come here and put all their effort into this school and actually attend class and don't just skip school, they will find a job easily. If you miss for a death in the family or being seriously sick or something along those lines, you can atleast explain that to the company and they will have a better understanding of it.
The instructors I have had so far are all great teachers. They teach us what we need to know. It's pretty much like high school except better. No man left behind pretty much. If you have a question the teacher will answer it. If anyone needs help the teacher or a fellow class mate will help you. Courses are going good as well. The size of the class isn't huge or small.
This is a very well known school. It use to be known as NADC and is now known as Lincoln College of Technology. Getting a diploma from this school will help me get a job in a shop close to back home. I live eight hours away and this school will still help me get a job I want. The career service group will help me find a job even after I am graduated and have gone back home eight hours away. I have a friend back home that graduated from here, he didn't have a single problem finding a job with this diploma. He lives a pretty good life now. There are different companies that are willing to work with this school and hire students right after they graduate. We have two career fairs a year that brings in over 150 companies for students to talk to. Many companies will come to the school individually and give a presentation. After the presentation they will interview students. The admission represntatives are really great people. I work with them and they are great people.
The teachers and students are here for you.
They really try and help you find a job when you get here.
I honestly like the school just a few things that need to change.
They had to redo my FAFSA 4 different times and finally got everything right half way into my second mod
It's okay. Just didn't learn everything we needed to learn in the second mod.
It's pretty good. Just a few teachers don't go over everything you need to know.
its been get to learn some new stuff and its enjoy able.
the truth is i haven't had online class and i would like to try it cause they sound fun.
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i think post-grade at our school will help us out for the job and it would help us foucus in class.
my experince with this program and is fun and enjoy able. sorry i don't now what else to say so i don't if i am exceptd for this scolership or not.
i now that the college give your resume to the other job offer and they will decide if we are acceptable for this job or not and they will decide if we are qualify for this job or not.
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