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i love that nashua community college is a small campus. You get to know your fellow students and the teachers are great.Easy free parking and the staff are always available to help. The financial office could use a more than one person i think. Its hard to get someone to respond via email. Nashua Community college had a wide range of majors to chose from. Switching majors was not hard at all. The advisors are kind, knowledgable and always willing to help guide you to make the best decision in your education. Nashua community college is also reasonable in their tuition costs. People who do not have alot of money can still get a good education at this college. All and all i believe this is a great school. I am happy with my decision to attend this school.
Nashua Community College has a diverse curriculum and an excellent staff and support system that can adapt to any students needs in order to help them succeed in what ever classes they are taking.
My experience going to Nashua Community College was honestly great. I really loved the campus and the teachers were friendly and helpful. I needed some extra attention with one of my English courses and my professor set days to meet with her and work on my writing skills. I would recommend this college to anyone. It has a great atmosphere and the students are very friendly.
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The professors are easy to contact and are willing to talk. The classes are manageable and you can easily transfer to another class of need be.
The advising center at NCC is great. I am an international student, and their team helped me get all my paper work required to get a student visa. Also they helped me get on the right track by guiding me to certain classes, that helped me choose my major. They also offer online courses which are great; they also offer a writing center which is available 24/7 you submit your paper and they edit it within 24 hours.
Nashua community college is very helpful with any and all questions you have. Very friendly environment to be apart of.
The teachers are exceptional at their jobs, and the staff is friendly. However the safety office is not good. 20% of safety officers here abuse their power and give violations to innocent people. Me and 5 other students recieved violations for speeding and parking after we provided proof that it wasnt us. All seperate instances and by the same two officers. I would not go here specifically because you wont be allowed to go if you dont pay your tickets, and they will give you tickets for absurd reasons.
A lot of the professors are very qualified to be teaching at higher level institutions, so it was very cool to be exposed to knowledgeable professors at a community college. The college actively puts forth an effort to try to get students to engage in certain activities and clubs by letting them advertise around the school and set up tables in the cafeteria area. I am very pleased to have the opportunity to participate in an internship which is part of the Capstone experience that I am going to be in come spring 2017. Overall, the school offers a decent diversity of classes, good options for balancing one's schedule outside of school (a lot of the students here are balancing other responsibilities outside of school such as a job), good professors, and a good overall community college experience.
It's a transfer - out school, so people are expected to go on to bigger and better universities!
First teacher was awful, but the class and students made up for it-- hopefully more positive teachers to come.
Their Dual enrollment and direct transfer programs are amazing, making an associates worth getting from NCC
So far the path doesn't seem very directed within the school, but on paper and for my future, it's fully applicable -- that's all that matters.
It is what it is --- A gateway to a University; a cheaper & more flexible way to achieve an Associates and a path to, say, UNH or Granite State.
Flexibility whether you choose day or evening.
As expected, classes can vary.
Helps set career in right direction.
Helpful professors if you're having trouble.
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I would choose my school again, my long term plan is to transfer to a university and NCC provides transferable credits at lower fees.
There is some flexibility for classes, for example this semester worked great with my work schedule, but for the fall I need to change my work schedule to accommodate school.
I LOVE online courses. Being able to do the classwork and lectures at any time during the day or night is great for when you work hours that are not 7-3. The workload can sometime be hard but normally you have a full week to get things done, even if you only do a little each day. Registration online is simple. And easy peer to peer interaction via email and discussion boards.
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