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I like the location and environment of MCC. I like to see the spread of courses and new additions to MCC.
I loved all of the professors. They are determined to help you succeed. I also love the student common areas. It is a great place to meet new people and chill out. The classes are also very interesting and fun to take.
Before I started attending, I attended the tour, I was still skeptical as to why I should attend, but the ambassador won me over. However, When I started attending, I realized that I was badly misinformed.
I can't really say I like the way the financial Aid works; I'm always on the edge of dropping out because it always seemed to be against me rather than with me.

The instructors are very supportive and engaging, at least the instructors I've had were.
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Overall it is a great college. The counseling office in my opinion in lacking with the exception of one. The Professors all seem to want the students to succeed and are willing to help.
MCC is a very good school academic wise but since it's a community college it lacks community. You only know the people that go there that went to high school with you for the most part. You do make friends in classes but after the class is over you don't see them again.
I have been thoroughly satisfied with my experience at Muskegon Community College so far. The campus is clean, organized, diverse, and I haven't yet met an unfriendly, or unhelpful person on campus yet! All of the advisors and staff members are willing to answer any questions, or help with directions. I have had such great professors thus far. They seem eager to help their students learn the information, and genuinely hope that we succeed as students.
One thing I enjoy the most about MCC was the environment. I never really felt out of place. There are several quiet places to study and do homework and several social places to hang out and meet people.
I've been going to MCC since I was a junior in high school. I was a part of the Early College Program of Muskegon County (ECMC), therefore I am getting my degree a year ahead of others who were in my class in high school. Although I am very thankful for the program I was a part of, Muskegon Community College honestly just feels like high school 2.0.
MCC is such a great choice for anybody to start their higher education. It's the highest-ranking Community College in Michigan for a reason! I would recommend the educational programs to absolutely anybody!
My sister attended for 2 years and did very well so hoping to follow in footsteps and get my associates degree and continue for my bachelors degree at a 4 year university following graduation from Muskegon Community College in 2020.
Overall, I had a mostly positive experience at Muskegon Community College. I met a diverse group of people and was able to join my first extra-curriculum club, the Vegetarian Club, which I loved. However, the classes were pretty lenient and easy to pass. I wasn't able to learn as much as I would have liked. It's not located in the best neighborhood either.
I am only a freshman right now,but so far my experience has been nothing but great since I started . I love that there is always something going on at campus. I love the professors and how often they are available for one-on-one time . i would want to see more events happen at the school tat aren't related to actual school related things,but more interests towards the students.
Muskegon Community is an average local college near the beaches of Michigan. The new Muskegon Promise is a scholarship for students in Muskegon Count promising free tuition, so anyone considering an associate's degree should definitely consider this college if the promise is applicable.
School has been very helpful with getting me on the right academic path to achieve my goals and dreams
There was so many opportunities given and the teacher to student ratio is low so you get a lot of one on one time with the teachers. What is great about this place starting off? You are taking the same classes that people are taking at these higher up universities but you are paying 40,000 dollars less than them.
I have recently enrolled in this college, I find that it is a great school to attend especially if high school was not the best academically for you. MCC has a new program which helps students get 2 free years of college if they have a 3.0 GPA or higher and out of 59 accepted 29 are accepting this oportunity. The class sizes are small and you stay around the people yuou are most comfordable with from high school as well as meeting new people around the county. I would not have begun my college education if it wasnt for MCC helping me in the righ path as well as a cheaper and well educatred path.
I really like Muskegon Community College so far. The campus is absolutely beautiful. It is close to the bustling Muskegon Apple Ave., where you can go and study, or eat. The campus is full of diversity, and everyone is very friendly and helpful. I could not be more pleased with my experience at MCC thus far!
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The only reason I chose to go here was because of the amount of credits that will transfer and the cost. The due process the college promises students is making them jump through a bunch of hoops until the student gets worn out, so the issue just "goes away". In other words, there are no advocates for the student. The counselors at the college are useless. Also, let me warn you that the Math and Physical Sciences dept. is a joke. MCC needs new authority and teachers in the dept., because the people they have there now cause a ton of problems for students, myself included. MCC is not a good place to meet friends unless you work for the college. I guess it's just how community college is: people are not there to socialize, but to do their business and leave. Overall I have met a couple life-changing professors and a bunch of professors who have caused me headaches. I would look to GRCC first. If not, use RateMyProfessors before making any decisions professor- wise at MCC.
Lots of great teachers here. If you want to do well here, you will have to work for it. Many of the students don't want to be here. The town is one of the worst towns in Michigan. However, this college is a great start for someone who is unsure what the future hold for them.
Professors were fifty-fifty when it related to helping students understand the material given. I have had some horrible teachers that I would have dropped the class if I was not required by scholarship committees. However, some of my best professors have come from this College. Those teachers have taught me how to prosper under difficult circumstances and taught me life lessons, without meaning to. If I could change anything about this College it would be a program set up to help first-generation college students and transfer students. There is no guidance for either of these except a general counselor that takes 3 weeks to get in to visit; yet, they are little help with specific degrees. I love this college and am a proud Alumni; but every college has its issues.
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