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I love Muskegon Community College, to any high school students questioning whether or not to spend two years at MCC after high school, DO IT. The professors are wonderful - so willing to help, they clearly want you to succeed! These two years have gone by so fast - I am so grateful to MCC.
I just started there. Friendly and helpful staff. Good and effective orientation. Easy atmosphere. Easy to get around.
did a tour of the college with tech. and a tour went I was signing up to do early college and went I did the dual enrollment. sometimes I think that to college could help more with thoughts who do not know what they want to do with there life.
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I have had a wonderful time so far here. The campus is somewhat confusing to navigate, but the environment is great!
Muskegon Community College is truly a great place to go or start out whether you are looking for a four year degree and want to transfer, or if you are looking for a certificate program or an associates. This is truly a wonderful place to start out your college experience because the people are great, the staff is very helpful, and the cost wont break your bank. I would absolutely recommend MCC to anybody who is interested in getting a jump on college for a fraction of the cost.
This is my first time going back to school in 11 years. I have been treated amazing. The campus and faculty are very friendly.
The staff are absolutely friendly and want everyone to succeed as well as learn to their best abilities
I like that it’s small and they have good resources that are user friendly. Also the campus is beautiful!
The management of the school is poor - it spends more money than it makes. When I received a scholarship that said I would get free tuition and textbooks, I was unhappy when in between the fall and winter semester the school decided to take back the free books part because "it was costing us more than we expected" without telling me. As a result I was without my textbooks for my classes for two weeks as I fought with them to get my books. Also when I met with two different counselors to talk about my plan to transfer, I was delighted to hear that I had all the requirements I needed to be able to go to the school I was planning to transfer to. As it turns out, they were wrong and never told me about the writing class I was required to take if I were to transfer to that school. I was happy to find that out after I had spent hours applying to the school and writing essays for them I wasn't even qualified to go.
I like the location and environment of MCC. I like to see the spread of courses and new additions to MCC.
I loved all of the professors. They are determined to help you succeed. I also love the student common areas. It is a great place to meet new people and chill out. The classes are also very interesting and fun to take.
Before I started attending, I attended the tour, I was still skeptical as to why I should attend, but the ambassador won me over. However, When I started attending, I realized that I was badly misinformed.
I can't really say I like the way the financial Aid works; I'm always on the edge of dropping out because it always seemed to be against me rather than with me.

The instructors are very supportive and engaging, at least the instructors I've had were.
Overall it is a great college. The counseling office in my opinion in lacking with the exception of one. The Professors all seem to want the students to succeed and are willing to help.
MCC is a very good school academic wise but since it's a community college it lacks community. You only know the people that go there that went to high school with you for the most part. You do make friends in classes but after the class is over you don't see them again.
I have been thoroughly satisfied with my experience at Muskegon Community College so far. The campus is clean, organized, diverse, and I haven't yet met an unfriendly, or unhelpful person on campus yet! All of the advisors and staff members are willing to answer any questions, or help with directions. I have had such great professors thus far. They seem eager to help their students learn the information, and genuinely hope that we succeed as students.
One thing I enjoy the most about MCC was the environment. I never really felt out of place. There are several quiet places to study and do homework and several social places to hang out and meet people.
I've been going to MCC since I was a junior in high school. I was a part of the Early College Program of Muskegon County (ECMC), therefore I am getting my degree a year ahead of others who were in my class in high school. Although I am very thankful for the program I was a part of, Muskegon Community College honestly just feels like high school 2.0.
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MCC is such a great choice for anybody to start their higher education. It's the highest-ranking Community College in Michigan for a reason! I would recommend the educational programs to absolutely anybody!
My sister attended for 2 years and did very well so hoping to follow in footsteps and get my associates degree and continue for my bachelors degree at a 4 year university following graduation from Muskegon Community College in 2020.
Overall, I had a mostly positive experience at Muskegon Community College. I met a diverse group of people and was able to join my first extra-curriculum club, the Vegetarian Club, which I loved. However, the classes were pretty lenient and easy to pass. I wasn't able to learn as much as I would have liked. It's not located in the best neighborhood either.
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