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Academically MCC is a great school. The only thing I would change about it is if they could be completely straightforward with their intentions when it comes to financial aid and registration. It can be confusing at times.
The math department is wonderful from my experience, however, their registration department is very unorganized.
The staff there is a pretty good mix. I've had amazing professors and not so amazing professors. I highly recommend Tim Kratts of the Anthropology department, that's where I learned the most in my three years at MCC. He has awesome teaching skills and finds a way to connect his lessons to personal experiences as well as things going on in the world. Definitely not a boring class. The counselors are where I struggled the most. The college advisers are awesome! But for someone who had never been to college, the counselors didn't help me as much. It seemed like they just put me in classes just to satisfy my degree, but didn't take into account what I might enjoy or might struggle with.
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Muskegon Community College is a really great school. The instructors are very good and helpful. The facilities are nice as well. You can work out at the Health and Wellness Center for free (if you are a student). There are lots of activities and clubs to participate in as well.
I enjoyed how easy it was to work around people's schedules, which makes it easier for people who may be older or have children. This way a wider range of people are able to receive access to education in order to achieve success in their lives. This school is also a more affordable option for people who may not be able to leave for a school a couple hours away and may not be able to afford a traditional four-year university.
I love the small campus atmosphere and I feel as though I get to know my teachers better. I also enjoy the city of Muskegon and really enjoy all of the activities that can be found there.
As a sophomore at Muskegon Community College, I have really gotten to know the school and its teachers over the past 2 years. I really enjoy this school and I am very glad I chose to attend this community college before attending a university. It is a great way to save money for the first few years of your education and many of the teachers work to ensure you're successful beyond your enrollment here.
Great education for the price. Great way to get credits for classes and then transfer them to other universities.
I'm in my first semester at Muskegon Community College, but so far it's been pretty good. Staff is friendly and I haven't really had any complaints so far.
I have been attending Muskegon Community College for 3 years. The staff is amazing and very helpful. The campus is nearby and a great size.
Nice college. Everyone is very friendly. professors are nice and are willing to help answer any questions.
I like how most of the teachers I’ve had will work with me since so have a learning disability. They will let me go to another room to take my tests and they will have it ready there for me when it’s test day. Most of the staff at MCC are really nice and helpful. The school is really clean and if you get lost going to a class you can ask someone and they will help you find where you need to go.
MCC is a great place to get an associates degree, especially if you're a local. It's conveniently located in between a bunch of cities, and there are buses that will bring you there. But, some of the teachers are a little iffy, so do your research before signing up for classes.
There's a wide range of available types of education. You have to do your research before registering for classes, or you might get stuck with an uncompassionate teacher.
The college is wonderful at preparing students for future transfer/ work service. However, that is not to say that it is perfect. Like all schools, there are areas that can be improved. Like the constantly changing website, or the lack of strictness with teacher policies.
Muskegon Community College is a locally-based which provides a wonderful stepping stone to University. A small community college such as MCC provides a student to professor ratio which allows for attentiveness and the ability for one-on-one assistance. They provide many services to assist you as a student and are almost always helpful.
I have completed two semesters at MCC and am pleased with my experience. Professors have been very helpful, especially if you are one who strives to do well in school. If you don’t approach your professor or ask for help when needed, most likely you won’t get much in return. All of the professors I have had have been very understanding and willing to help me get to be where I need to be. This is a great school to attend if you plan on transferring to a four year, or if you’re looking to receive an associates degree.
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I love that students at Muskegon Community College are so devoted to the community. There are so many groups and clubs that are there for support or just fun. The information about them and how to join is everywhere so you cant miss out! The environment is so comfortable and the improvements to the school are making it even better!
All of the staff has been friendly and helpful. The main building is slightly difficult to navigate. I would like to see a better variety of online classes.
That school has. Very nice size campus. They have 3 or 4 Bulidings. A brand new Rec Center which is my favorite part.
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