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Murray State University is a great place to go. The faculty, staff, and students are all very nice and helpful. The campus is beautiful. You have multiple opportunities for free stuff and extra help. I would definitely recommend it. It's like one big family, especially in housing.
The community is great. The campus is gorgeous. The professors are willing to help and work with anyone who needs help.
It's a nice campus and has lots of good scholarship and study abroad opportunities. It is generally affordable compared to other universities. It feels like a safe place.
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Murray State so far has been the best choice I have ever made in my life. Murray itself is one of the best campuses I have ever been on. Everyone is super sweet and nice, the professors wants all their students to succeed in life. They are all willing to work with their students as much as possible to get them where they want to be. The other students on campus are just as nice. If someone needs help and they are alone a person could easily ask someone passing by for help and they would gladly help. All together the whole community surrounding Murray is the best place you will ever find. It truly is a college town and that is in a best way possible.
MSU has a very "homey" feel. It is comforting for those who come from small towns and a nice change of pace for those who come from large cities. There are plenty of eating establishments and coffeehouses essential for college students. Everything on campus is close together, so you do not have to walk for miles and miles to get to class/food/dorms. The class size is smaller than what would be at a larger institution, so the professors have more time to work with you one on one. The faculty/staff is very helpful and concerned for your future. It is a wonderful place to attend school.
Murray State University is your one-stop-shop when it comes to education. Between the affordability, diversity of majors/minors, Greek life, and student opportunities, it is easy to love it here and be involved!
Our diversity is somewhat lacking, but student-led clubs and activities promote growth in diversity. Faculty and staff here are very open to student advising including walk-in appointments, allowing students to get almost all the help they need compared to larger schools with more students and less faculty availability.
As a transfer student I thought making friends and fitting in would be hard, but all of the students here were very welcoming! The professors also genuinely care about the students and want to see them succeed.
Amazing community - professors genuinely care about their students. The advisors are there when you have questions or concerns and the campus, in general, is good at bringing students together. Plus the campus is not huge so walking to classes isn’t difficult and the scenery is beautiful.
Murray State University is a very good college choice for me. They offer online courses which work very good for me being a non-traditional student. I attend the Regional Campus in Hopkinsville, which is close to home. I have three grown children and four grandchildren. My daughter earned her Bachelor's degree, working on her Master's, and my oldest son is finishing his Bachelor's degree. After raising my family, I felt that it was my turn to earn my degree. Murray State offers a very flexible schedule program for Bachelor's degree in Integrated Studies. I am in the Health Care Administration field of study.
On my visit I absolutely loved Murray! The college and the town are both great, full of friendly faces with a plethora of surrounding opportunities.
I went over the summer for the Common Wealth honors academy. It was an amazing experience. They professors keep you engaged and really care about their students. They take pride in educating their students. The campus is very safe and very clean. There is also a lot of diversity.
I have many friends who attend Murray State and they have always talked highly of it. I was not going to the college I was meant for and I found Murray State and I have been to many events there and seen the academics to know that it is the fit for me.
I love how the academic buildings are separated from the residential buildings, but still close. I also enjoy the campus environment and community.
I love the beautiful campus and how friendly the people are. I'd like to see Murray offer more activities on the weekends.
Murray State University is an outstanding university that ensures the success of each student. The dedication of the professors is clearly seen in the success of each student. The campus is well kept and everybody is extremely friendly.
Great school. Great campus. Great class sizes. I loved my time here. Take advantage of the student events, greek life, and get involved on campus.
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Most of the teachers at Murray generally want to see you succeed. There are some tough courses but that is to be expected at a college or university. Greek life there is amazing as well as the clubs and other activities on campus. Some of the dorms are old but overall the dorm life is good. The Winslow dining hall is not that great and I would like to see better options in the future.
Everyone is so friendly in Murray, KY. That's exactly what you need when you are new to the whole college thing. They go out of their way to help you in any way that they can. It's a diverse place and there is something to do for everyone.
Great atmosphere, great chance to succeed, and great chance to get involved on campus. There are always people coming to talk to you, or that you see on your way to class. There are at least 100 different clubs/sports/programs that you can get involved in and the campus is always buzzing with excitement about something. Overall, wonderful school.
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