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I like the campus and how beautiful it is. The food has gotten a lot better as well. I do love how close it is to the lake and i love the games and wellness center it provides to ease the school stree.
I’m just finishing my freshman year at Murray and I am very happy with my decision to attend this college. The small class sizes make it easy to communicate with your professors and they genuinely care about you succeeding. This is a very friendly place!
I am a Senior at Murray State University studying Communication Disorders. I have loved my time here at MSU and have had a much better experience since transferring here. The community is small but the most friendly and polite people that you will ever meet. Our college has a lot of pride and President Davies is the best. He is very involved in the college community and the student's lives. It is not rare that you will see him walking around campus conversing with the students. One thing that I would change is the campus food arrangements. It is nice to have Winslow cafeteria and all of its options, but sometimes I wish that we had some chain restaurants to choose from.
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Murray state was an outgoing place. There is a place fore everyone here and no matter the class everyone reached out to make new friends. Making Murray a very easy place to make friends. Pulling all nighters with a new study group for each class each semester was always fun.
It felt like home at times and the professors seem to actually care about the students, a 15 to 1 student:teacher ratio means that teachers will email students individually as to why they’re missing and will help with a solution.
The campus is great at making anyone feel like they are at home. I feel comfortable and safe here daily.
I honestly love going to Murray State University. The classes are challenging yet realistic, and professors really try to connect with you and help you in any way that they can to ensure that you understand the material.
I love Murray State with a burning passion! The community they've built on campus is amazingly homey and comforting. There are always people willing to talk to you and it's a smaller school so there aren't a million people on campus, which helps. When you come in as a freshman, you get to do great beginnings which is basically just a giant ice breaker and really helps to get you started in that homey vibe. A very diverse population on campus and so many services I probably don't even know all of them, including free counseling services and free gym.
I have loved my experience at Murray State! Through the rigorous curriculum and excellent professors I feel prepared for life after graduation!
The school is very affordable, but that is all it really has going for it. The school has a wide variety of classes with a fairly decent retention rate. Be weary of the food, as i have gotten food poisoning about 3 times.
Murray State University has a very friendly campus. It's so nice to walk around campus and be able to say hi to your friends. The professors are always willing to help you and they are at the top of their game. You're learning from the best here. There's something for everyone here. One thing I would like to see changed is the rule about guests after nine pm Sunday-Thursday. This is college, not high school and I think if you're paying to stay here, you should be able to have whoever you want, whenever you want.
Not the worst but could be better. Buildings blow up from gas leaks and there's a lot of mold issues in the dorm and poor budgets for most programs.
The campus is fantastic, I utterly love it. It makes me feel at home and the students there are very nice and welcoming from what I've experienced. They have a great gym, a small class size, and lots of students:professor interactions. I highly recommend it to anybody looking for a great college with a good accounting or engineering program.
Murray State University is a very safe and positive university. All of the staff and professors on campus are kind, love their jobs, and are good at what they do. Student life is very welcoming and positive and there are always activities happening on campus to get people of all backgrounds together.
My experience at Murray State has been great. The professors for the most part are great and cooperative. The area is nice and everything is really flexible.
Murray State University is a great place to go. The faculty, staff, and students are all very nice and helpful. The campus is beautiful. You have multiple opportunities for free stuff and extra help. I would definitely recommend it. It's like one big family, especially in housing.
The community is great. The campus is gorgeous. The professors are willing to help and work with anyone who needs help.
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It's a nice campus and has lots of good scholarship and study abroad opportunities. It is generally affordable compared to other universities. It feels like a safe place.
Murray State so far has been the best choice I have ever made in my life. Murray itself is one of the best campuses I have ever been on. Everyone is super sweet and nice, the professors wants all their students to succeed in life. They are all willing to work with their students as much as possible to get them where they want to be. The other students on campus are just as nice. If someone needs help and they are alone a person could easily ask someone passing by for help and they would gladly help. All together the whole community surrounding Murray is the best place you will ever find. It truly is a college town and that is in a best way possible.
MSU has a very "homey" feel. It is comforting for those who come from small towns and a nice change of pace for those who come from large cities. There are plenty of eating establishments and coffeehouses essential for college students. Everything on campus is close together, so you do not have to walk for miles and miles to get to class/food/dorms. The class size is smaller than what would be at a larger institution, so the professors have more time to work with you one on one. The faculty/staff is very helpful and concerned for your future. It is a wonderful place to attend school.
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