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As a student it was obvious that morale on campus is low. The college is run by a petty girls club. Employees is the Bursar and Academic Affairs are in over their heads. Student Affairs is a joke and are rude. If I had it to do all over again, I would spend my money and education elsewhere.
I am an online student, and so far my experience has been amazing. They are incredible at making sure I know what to do and what is next. The courses are challenging but the instructors are so helpful and mostly easy to reach out to.
The class size isn't too big or small so you get a personal lecture but it's not going to be where you don't feel like you're in the spot light. The instructors always communicate well and are hands on with each of us students. I would recommend Murray State College to anyone wanting to go to a junior college!
Review Murray State College
Friendly student body and professors. Professors will give each student attention and help. Good diversity and organizations. Not expensive.
Great school! More online programs is needed. More professors for some science classes. Availability to take more students into special programs i.e. Nursing
The college is great and the teachers really want their students to succeed.
Great school to start your degree journey. The instructors work with you and make time for you. This school does not charge late fees on your school bill, but they will not enroll you come enrollment time if you do not have your bill paid in full. The school site is very informative about the student life, schedules, etc... But every school has a low point: the student services building has a handful of awesome select people who will treat you amazing. The filing office will lose your transcripts multiple times, and there are not very many work study opportunities. But this school is also currently going through reconstruction in the staffing and physical appearance aspects. This tiny hometown college is trying to get better. All in all, it's good but could use improvement.
if you do this program be prepared for long days as the classes are treated as though you work in a custom firearm production shop.
I have only taken one online class but it was very interesting and easy to take.
all of the degrees here are associates degrees most will transfer to 4 year schools.
the gunsmithing field is a rough field the knowledge you get here puts you above the others new to the field.
in the first 18 months I have learned more than I expected .
as a gunsmithing school student you receive a full AAS requiring normal college requirements in general education. the program has full machinist shop paint and bluing facilities. much more than one would expect at a college.
As one of 5 NRA certified gunsmithing schools in the states, Murray State is the best in the nation. this being one of the most difficult and costly programs at the school. Only truly driven people should attempt it.
My overall college experience so far has not been the greatest, mainly because I picked up a heavy load every semester and my classes become overwhelming. Murray State College is personally to me a really good school. Classes are small and its easy to interact with the professors.
Application was a breeze. Financial Aid contacted me personally about appealing my denial, which was great because I did not know that was an option. All of the staff and instructors seem to care on a personal level.
It's not close-knit enough, like family.
Review Murray State College
The business and financial aid office need work. They lose everyone's transcripts multiple times. They also labeled my scholarships wrong so now I have a lot more money to pay than I had originally thought because of their mess up. The Vet Tech program, staff, and instructors are amazing. They know how to run the best program in the state and they are passionate about their jobs.
Overall, the college I am currently at is a pretty good school. My professor is very nice and really works with the students to do what best suits the student. This school really makes you feel important to them and I wouldn't choose another school to go concurrent with.
I love attending college at Murray State. it is a very active college where the staff is always prepared to help you in any way and its great for students just starting out like myself
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