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Murray State College is a great place to learn. The staff/instructors and Counselors are extremely nice and helpful!
This place low-key hell but we make it work with what we have here.. Rodeos, parties in the dorms, puff puff pass places, hot girls, chill bros, and thats it.
Everyone at Murray State is very nice and open to help you succeed in all you do. They were kind in helping me find my way around the campus. They also answered all my questions in great detail. I would gladly go back to Murray State again in the near future.
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Murray State is a small school so if you are looking for a school with lots of people this is not it. However, if you enjoy a small town and not many people in one place you would fit right in. The professors all care about your learning and do everything they can to help you in class. Due to the small class sizes you can receive all the one on one help you need in any class.
Murray state College will always hold a spot in my heart. This is the school where I met some of the greatest people in my life. My soccer coach Cortney Wiesler this women went above and beyond when it came to her players. We had study hall where she would sit and make us study for two hours. she would keep up with our grades to make sure we were doing the best that be could. My team will be my forever family. They were there to teach me how to love myself for who I am and to push myself to my best abilities. Murray was a small school, but everyone knew everyone and never was there a hesitation when someone asked another student for help.
I have gone to Murray State College since 2014. The classes there are great. There are tutors every day on campus or you can visit your instructor to get some tutoring as well. Overall this college is the best community college around the Ardmore area.
It’s small and easy to get around. The classes are easy to find and the professors are very friendly, care about your grade and you succeeding.
I would like to see more parking spaces.
A small, laid back community college that hasn fairly small classes and is fairly cheap. All the teachers I've had so far are pretty great and don't mind helping if you're struggling in a class.
I really love how helpful the staff is and how well they listen to what you want. They don't push classes on you that you do not need to take.
Murray State consists of friendly professors and a caring environment. This college really cares about students earning their degrees, making sure they learn all material needed before they begin their jobs in the real world.
My professors were pretty great for the most part. Tuition is super affordable, and most textbooks can be rented or purchased used online, or you can charge them to your financial aid. Financial aid was extremely delayed this fall.
I have attended Murray State for about a year and a half. I concurrently enrolled during my senior year of high school. I have enjoyed my time at Murray mostly because the classes are small and not too overwhelming. Another perk is that I am still in the same town as my parents and get to live at home.
As a student it was obvious that morale on campus is low. The college is run by a petty girls club. Employees is the Bursar and Academic Affairs are in over their heads. Student Affairs is a joke and are rude. If I had it to do all over again, I would spend my money and education elsewhere.
I am an online student, and so far my experience has been amazing. They are incredible at making sure I know what to do and what is next. The courses are challenging but the instructors are so helpful and mostly easy to reach out to.
The class size isn't too big or small so you get a personal lecture but it's not going to be where you don't feel like you're in the spot light. The instructors always communicate well and are hands on with each of us students. I would recommend Murray State College to anyone wanting to go to a junior college!
Friendly student body and professors. Professors will give each student attention and help. Good diversity and organizations. Not expensive.
Great school! More online programs is needed. More professors for some science classes. Availability to take more students into special programs i.e. Nursing
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The college is great and the teachers really want their students to succeed.
Great school to start your degree journey. The instructors work with you and make time for you. This school does not charge late fees on your school bill, but they will not enroll you come enrollment time if you do not have your bill paid in full. The school site is very informative about the student life, schedules, etc... But every school has a low point: the student services building has a handful of awesome select people who will treat you amazing. The filing office will lose your transcripts multiple times, and there are not very many work study opportunities. But this school is also currently going through reconstruction in the staffing and physical appearance aspects. This tiny hometown college is trying to get better. All in all, it's good but could use improvement.
if you do this program be prepared for long days as the classes are treated as though you work in a custom firearm production shop.
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