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The location is excellent, just a few blocks from the freeway exit. Off campus parking available; great teachers always available to meet with students and to refer students to important services; small-size classes; campus is safe and clean.
multnomah univeristy is a great college to get your bible degree! It also offers other degrees, but it focuses a lot on the bible! Teachers, staff, alumni, etc. are very supportive with everything! A small school, so small classes to get a relationship with your professors. A great, safe, warming environment. Everyone at the school, all the way down to the students are very supportive! The dorm rooms are very nice and welcoming! A good dorm room size. Diversity lacks a little, but as a community, we are all working together to make a diverse community! A small school, so you will know pretty much everyone on campus!
It was amazing. The people there were so kind. The professors were personal and taught their subjects very well. The campus was beautiful, great athletics. The christian atmosphere was awesome.
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I love being a student at Multnomah. The staff, not just the professors, care so much about my wellbeing. They check in on how I'm doing in classes, sure, but their concern for my emotional wellbeing helps keep me from going crazy trying to balance school, volunteering, and social life. I have been so impacted by the staff.
Multnomah is a very enriching place to learn. The professors are experts in their field, especially those for the Bible and Theology degree and the English degree. The campus is gorgeous but the surrounding neighborhood is a bit rough. There is a strong Christian community and I made some very good friends there.
The school is becoming more diverse and has recently developed more programs and athletic opportunities.
If you are looking for a home with the perfect mixture of life and relationship with Christ, well look no more for Multnomah is the place for you! With a wide variety of classes and majors to choose from no matter what classroom you find yourself seated in you will always feel like you are getting the perfect balance of education and Christ in your life while still enjoying the daily pleasures of college life. Never will you feel out of place or as if you do not belong for Multnomah staff and students are always willing to talk or hang out. The campus has many events to offer from Swing Dancing to Worship nights were students are encouraged to lead these events or even sit back and enjoy the discussion. Wherever you find yourself on campus, it'll be having a blast while praising the Lord.
Multnomah is a Christian based bible college that features a variety of majoring opportunities, campus activities, and a diverse student base. Class sizes are smaller, paving the way for one on one time with professors. Stimulating personal relationships is easy and campus life is involved and exciting on a daily basis. They give opportunities for scholarships for simply visiting campus, and attending certain events. All in all, MU is a slice of Portland that is all it's own. It's a place in which one can develop their relationship with Christ, and enjoy fellowship regularly with quality people.
The professors and staff are all excellent, helpful, and caring. The other students are friendly and diverse. It feels like a family.
It’s a place where students tap their talents in every area, explore God’s creation through multiple lenses, forge ties with the greater community and develop the character traits they need to serve Jesus in any career they choose.
My overall experience at Multnomah University has so far met all my expectations. All of the professors I have had the privilege of learning from have been incredible. They sincerely care about their students and make themselves available for counseling. The campus itself is beautiful and well taken care of. My only criticism is that the campus is in a part of town that is seeing some decay. Safety on campus has never been a concern, but as in any city, crime surrounds us.
The university is small, therefore the class size and student: prof ratio is terrific. The schedule is rigorous. I would highly recommend Multnomah University.
The education team on campus is all about helping education major students fulfill their goals and have a place to work once graduated.
The professors don't just care about the work you turn in, they genuinely care about their students as people.
Everything is very homie and in close proximity. Anything I need is right outside my dorm.
The campus is small which means so are the sports facilities. The size fits the school.
This school provides the feeling of a home away from home. The students and faculty are all about how to get each other where we need and want to be. I love it at Multnomah University, chosing to go there was the best decision I have ever made.
The career center is really good. It is quite sufficient.
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There are very few parties and unless one has theirs on a form of transportation it will be hard getting there.
There are little to no parties. There is practically no night life.
Depending on what class is taken depends on the workload. However, there is always a nice amount of work needed to be done. probably no different than any other college. There are quite a few study areas on campus: the library, Cafe, and a few quiet areas that are set apart just for studying.
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