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There atmosphere is great and everyone is friendly and amicable. The dorms however are a little outdated and not as clean as you would hope.
Muhlenberg was the perfect school for me. I get the conservatory feel within the Arts program, as well as professors and mentors that will go above a beyond to get me to learn and grow to the best of my abilities. I wouldn't change a thing, but simply hope that more artists get the opportunity to study at this school with such kind and warm people.
I only visited this college once and automatically fell in love. For one I was welcomed and continued to feel welcome throughout the whole tour. The class sizes were small which is a good thing for me being that I ask lots of questions. The dorms were perfect sizes and multiple residents were nice enough and felt comfortable enough to volunteer their dorm for us to see. And I don't even want to get started on the food!!! It was to die for and I highly admired the cleanliness. The last thing that I want to talk about is the administration team. They were so involved with tour and were the nicest set of people.
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What I appreciated the most about Muhlenberg, beyond the sense of community and delicious dining hall food, was the ability to grow regardless of what I chose to do. There were a tremendous number of opportunities that I took advantage of, from being a double major to being an RA to working as a peer tutor while also stage managing. It let me explore new areas in academia and make professional connections that I have sustained since graduating. There are, of course, things that could always be changed, specifically relating to the bureaucracy of the school and how its investments are managed, but my experience was overwhelmingly positive.
Muhlenberg was my first choice and I am so happy with the decision I made! There is always something fun and exciting to do on campus! There are so many clubs and activities to get involved in. And it's fun to watch the sports games and cheer for your fellow mules. Majority of the people I've met are friendly, kind, and passionate about what they are studying. I'm personally studying theatre, psychology, and music. All of these departments have great faculty and solid reputations. And I loved my classes! I always feel safe on campus, no matter what time it is. The food is really great, and if you have allergies, the chefs are awesome at accommodating. And the campus itself is just beautiful! The dorms are nice; I lived in Brown my freshman year and loved it. My first year was one of the best years of my life, and I can't wait for what the next years will bring! GO MULES!!!
Muhlenberg is a great school with a lovely sense of community and helps to foster close personal relationships of all kinds.
It is a great school, everything is top notch.
The buildings the students and teachers are all great. Come for a visit you'll love it, I've loved my time here. Everyone is supportive and tries to build each other up. Go mules!
You will get an excellent education by coming to Muhlenberg and you will be extremely prepared for any graduate school endeavors that you may plan on taking, no matter the field.
This is only my first year at Muhlenberg College. I am double majoring in biology and French. The professors here are amazing and they want you to succeed and be the best version of yourself. Some of the help offered at Muhlenberg are Professors' office hours, Workshops where LAs help you with further and extra help, and tutors. I decided to major in Biology because I am very interested in medicine and one day I want to be a doctor. The French and foreign courses here are also amazing. My level 2 French class is literally speaking in French and it is only level 2. They make sure you understand what they are teaching you and it is always great to learn and have a new language that would benefit you later on. I am a commuter so I don't dorm but the dorms are always taken care of and well-organized.
I visited several times and attending in the fall of 2019, it's absolutely amazing. Beautiful, and a wonderful enviroment.
The classes and academic resources are great. The food is amazing. The facilities are fantastic (especially Seegers and Life Sports Center). However, there is little diversity here and the social aspect is very poor. At Muhlenberg there are really two groups: athletics and theater (there is also Greek like but it is not as prominent). The Greek life here is terrible, the athletics are cliuey and don’t branch out outside their teams or to “non-athletes” and treat you as if you are lesser for not being on a team. Many people here are stuck up. The campus is largely geared towards theater people. Those are the two main social groups and if you do not fall into ether category, then this is not the place for you. You will have no social life and the school will not care about you.
This school is far from perfect, but it has a unique academic mindset. You can really pick whatever you want to do here, most professors are good people and genuinely want you to succeed. This is not a party school by any means, which is exactly what I wanted.
Great place for college. Small classes. Caring professors. Many ways to get involved in the community. Something for everyone. Suburban campus. Not too far from Philadelphia and NYC. Lifetime friends and memories.
Muhlenberg College is an amazing place to go to school. While downsides include the high tuition and minimal diversity, the advantages and opportunities you get along with the fantastic professors and students you get to meet make these costs worthwhile. You get amazing mentors through the professors here.
Had a fantastic four years here. The science programs are really strong. Out of my friends who graduated with science degrees, one went to UPenn for med school, one went to UPenn for veterinary med, one went to Uconn for dental and I went to UPenn for dental. They work really hard to help you get into the post-grad program of your choice.

I ran xc & track and field while at Muhlenberg and had a great experience.

The food is great for cafeteria food.
Muhlenberg is a great school with great academia, athletics professors, and campus food. Although the school could use some more diversity, student life, and especially parties.
It's a good, safe school that will get you a good job once you graduate. There are several good teachers who care a lot about their students. The downside is that it's very small and sheltered, so you will be limited in that regard.
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Muhlenberg carries an atmosphere of acceptance and togetherness. It’s very hard to come here and not find a place where you belong. Our academics are challenging with a faculty that pushes students for greatness. While it’s no walk in the park, you can be certain you’re receiving the best education possible. Oh, and let’s talk about the food! 5 Star food and staff.
Muhlenberg is a great college for a certain type of student. Maybe one that needs the extra support and care that a larger school can not provide. Students work closely with professors, and freshman have great access to many additional supports such as student teachers and the tutoring center. Even the dean is willing to help students who may need an extra push. Muhlenberg's social life is interesting. There are many clubs, acapella groups and shows to see, if you seek them out. It takes effort to stay busy, but if you look for it, it is possible. Parties here are tame, and often get shut down quickly. You can often find a party at one of the sport houses on Friday and Saturday nights. Partying is definitely not the only option to stay busy as many people choose not to partake.
Overall, Muhlenberg College is the ideal place to earn a degree. The small class sizes allow students to cultivate personal relationships with professors, who are really passionate about what they do, and with peers as well. Sometimes it can feel small, but it also allows you to take advantage of so many opportunities on campus. The food is amazing, and the people are all so nice. Classes are challenging and rewarding.
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