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I chose this school because of the job placement program.
My academic experience is going well. The information is so interesting and relevant, makes the test and assignments that much fun.
The cost is very high; not sure how I'm going to pay my loan back. I could have went to the University at a much cheaper price and went to receive a four year degree.
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My major is Medical Assisting and I must say that the instructors care about you succeeding; clinicals become repetitious, which is a excellent procedure. This helps you remember procedures with a breeze.
First, the name of my school is Miller-Motte College. I think they need to expand the library; need more books and literature, and there should be more space available.
The network at my college could use some improvement, but I can give them credit for making computers available during hours of operation. At one time; you could not get in a computer lab or the library if you needed the use of a computer, but now you can.
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