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online courses are different from online. traditional class settings are larger in volume.

uniqueness is that you use your lap top at school. workload could vary, registration process standards are unique.
quality of a career center is up to date

the alumni network is grounded

job prospects , are attainable.
The Career center services are reachable. the school is there to help not to hinder anyones progress.
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Well the courses I have not taken at this school but from what I can see it is not bad. I seen professors teach well in class. the quality described in the book is great. the professors are endless.
Well My Program consists of business and a lab, I have done that before in Math course at Junior Colleges, I have taken a night class before and done H.W. to be due 1 night a week so the workload was not bad. Curriculums are a Dime a Dozen it is up to the student to follow thru. Facilities are very prestige at this school. internship and job opportunities are what you make of it.
To be Honest ,

My Overall experience at this College has be Positive, it is unique in a way that it is not questionable. If I were to do it all over again or go for a second Bachelors Degree I would Choose Mt. Sierra College.
I haven't really had a lot of experience in the online courses, but from what I've heard, it is best to sit in the classes themselves.
There are people of all walks of life, and ages as well.
I think that the tuition hike was a bit excessive, but it was reasonable considering the new resources they purchased.
The school sets up interviews, but it is up to the students to make them or break them.
All of the professors/instructors are currently in the field they are teaching, so they are always up to date with the different practices, news, and information.
Its very informative, and it can be relatively challenging.
There are plenty of people available to point you in the right direction, and plenty of online resources.
I actually do not know about the career services yet
The LRC is always open for students that need to print or use the compters
no one really uses the online courses only one professor uses it.
We have a handful of professors who specifically teach graphic design so we can always go to them if we need some help. We don't get the same assignments as the prior class it's always something different. We get challenged and that is always great.
Review Mt. Sierra College
Class registration is always easy because they sit outside the student services office and ask us if we have registered yet. They always remind us to register, the staff is amazing.
They don't explain the process thoroughly and sometimes are unclear.
We don't have any clubs or extracurricular activities so its kind of bland
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