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Mt SAC is an excellent school. This school has everything you will need. The staff are always very helpful and support.
My journey with Mt Sac has been better then I could have even imagined once got the chance to connect with all kinds of students and staff of the college.
My experience at Mt. SAC has been very interesting. What I would like to see change is the admissions/counseling staff being more available to students. The students should be able to speak with the staff whenever they need to without having to schedule an appointment with them, for them to see their students 2 weeks later from the time the student makes the appointment.
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All of the teachers have been extremely helpful. They provide several resources and methods of teaching.
Mt. SAC is a great school! It is easy to get classes, the teachers are great, and the guidance counselors are super helpful! The campus is clean and safe, and the students are very involved. There is a group for everyone. They have many free events for students and faculty to help improve the experience. This is the best college ever and they keep you on track to get a degree or transfer to university!
As much as my High School prepared me for college I was still nervous and a little intimidated on the first day I came to Mt. Sac but the staff and students here are very friendly and made everything so easy to understand for me.
This school is great about helping prepare students. If a student knows what they want to study they can get their degree faster than average if they apply themselves they are able to succeed.
As a freshman attending Mt San Antonio College for the first time, I am glad to be here, it's a great school, the environment is very friendly, you really feel you are being helped step by step, the professors are excellent! The campus is very clean, the food is amazing and I will continue to further my education at this college.
Mt. Sac has been a pleasant experience for me since I graduated from high school one year ago. The professors all care for your success and are helpful in many ways!
I like the school because it is big and ther students are nice and friendly. I met my closest friends there. The school has renovated many buildings which makes the school more accessible to students.
Enrolling into Mt. San Antonio College was a huge step in my life after transferring from my first university where I did poorly at. Mt. Sac gave me another chance to improve my grades and get involved in my school. It also is a great experience overall since the staff is incredible at teaching what they do and always willing to help their students even after class during their free time. The student body itself has a lot of clubs and programs to get involved in your school community as well.
The campus is beautiful. Considering it is a community college, there are so many career options and labs and materials to make learning great. Professors are amazing as well.
it was a great experience only because the staff is amazing and are very helpful with everyone's needs
Attending mt sac has been the best thing I have ever done. I am now in the nursing program and am so thankful I’ve come this far.
I love the environment and the campus life. There's many places to eat on campus we even have a Jamba Juice.
The services here are pretty nice. Faculty members here are very nice and wishes the very best for their students. Sometimes they will look for opportunities, bring in people from universities, and guide you the best as you can. This is also a great place if you want to transfer to a UC or CSU
Mt. San Antonio College is a lovely school to receive your Associate Degree, and or any certificates, the professors, and counselors are excellent and frequently offer support to reach your academic goals. Tutors are available Monday through Sunday; also, twenty-four-hour online tutoring services are available to students. Security is top notch; if an incident has occurred students are promptly notified, via email and text message. Overall Mt. San Antonio College should be an option for all graduating high school students; furthermore, you are made to feel welcome and at home on this campus.
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Really great College, lots of help for transferring. Nice Professors, many wonderful clubs, programs to help you to succeed.
I had my ups and downs with this school but overall i think the academics definitely prepared me for university classes
Mount sac is my first community college ever. Even though my friends were constantly pulling down Mt. Sac, it is not as bad as they think. In fact , Mt sac has some of the best courses and has great opportunity for students.
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