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First of all there are too many students, and not nearly enough parking for all of them. It's a common thing for people to arrive three hours before classes to find a spot, and then sleep in their cars while they wait.

Finding a good professor is hard. There are plenty on campus, but it's hard to find them. It took me a long time to get through math because of lots of terrible professors. Most are decent, but not fantastic. There are the occasional truly exceptional professors.

The constant construction on campus is a major hassle for traffic, and for students simply trying to get some quiet.

The quality of the education received is pretty good, and books are generally not too expensive.
A very diverse campus with many resources within arm’s reach is what Mt. San Antonio College offers. There are many excellent professors as well as counselors that are there for you every step of the way and the college puts together great events like the Mountie Food Drive, which gives students in need sacks full of non perishable foods. Only have been enrolled at Mt. San Antonio College, I am excited and very lucky to have so many faculty members (including students) offer their services and refer me to programs that exist solely for the purpose of helping students succeed. Mt. San Antonio College is an excellent community college with a welcoming atmosphere, and boy am I grateful to be a Mountie!
They want to see their students succeed. They have healthy food for us. They understand the hardships of today like the amount of homeless students and such. They just want to watch their students thrive.
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I appreciate how the school offers students a stepping stone out of college and allows students to take classes at a lower price to discover their interests. The only difficult part is trying to get the classes you want and need to transfer or for a degree as well as the lack of parking available.
The thing that is interested about this college is on how it is in top of a mountains. The thing that really calls my name is on how it has the major that I want which is nursing and its a really good program. I have visit the campus and it really beautiful, plus is nearby were I live.
I love it here their veterinarian technician program is incredible. This is my first year here at mt sac and I am very pleased with the school. From their academic to their athletic programs I’m hoping to join their swim team or tennis team for next semester. For the meantime I am currently taking classes for their veterinarian technician program and excited about it and am pleased with what the program has to offer for students.
This School is rated largest community college in Southern California. It is such a privalige to attend this campus. The city walnut is has friendly people, which is where the community college is located. I Highly recommend this school to all students who wish to pursue their careers.
A decently large community college in the suburbs of Los Angeles with professors focused on students' success. Located in the eastern most portion of the Greater Los Angeles area, it has many shopping attractions to the east and west of the location. As a community college, tuition is very affordable with many chances for further scholarships and grants to make tuition even more affordable. A negative may be that parking is always hectic and parking spots are very limited due to the school's popularity and large population of students with cars.
Overall Mt Sac is a very huge and diverse school. That comes with many problems, there are too many students and that hurts the school's potential. The parking situation is atrocious at best, many mediocre professors, long lines in the student success center. It has great buildings and a large beautiful campus, but its too big for its own good. Maybe once the school is managed better I can overlook the problems of the very high population density here.
Mt. San Antonio is a great college for those who are unsure of their major. There are professors that are helpful and try their best in helping students succeeds. I recommend using rate my professor. There are different programs to join and lots of resources. The programs here are helpful, welcoming, and allows you to have a support system. The food is really expensive but there are near by cafes and a lot of boba places.
Mt. SAC is a community college with a nice campus located in a safe area (city of Walnut). It offers many courses to help prepare you for your transfer, and its staff is truly dedicated to helping you on your journey. My only complaint is that classes tend to fill quickly during registration week.
its hard to get help sometimes.. i feel like there just after your money and could definitely be better at getting students answers.
Most affordable school on the market! Wide range of classes and career programs they offer at the school! The campus is nice. One thing that could be fixed is there parking there is never enough parking.
I love the teachers! They actually care. Great campus. BEWARE OF PARKING it sucks the first 3 weeks of semester.
They put me on a track to get my classes and get out. They push students to reach their goals and not slack off.
Beautiful! Personally, I truly enjoy the nature and greenery there (props to Agriculture there too!). Everything is in legs reach, meaning you can get to your destination crossing campus in 10 minutes or less, give or take. There programs are really unique here and you can really see them interact and include many in their said programs/courses without exclusion; really accepting everyone! I love it and I'm very proud to go here! I will be very sad to transfer, but I will credit Mt.SAC for making me the best I can be! #ASLmajor #MortuaryScienceMajor
I started mt.sac a year ago as a new student out of high school, and it took me a minute to get used to things but when it happened I enjoyed it. Mt.Sac is a really good school and they offer so many programs for people. I've never known a community college that is pretty much like going to a university. Since I've been there, I have not failed a class yet. They have a lot of events too and so far there all free. They just had the athlete event during spring semester and it was really fun. It was like you were in high school again but without the drama. I enjoy going there a lot and well recommend going there before any other community colleges through L.A, Pasadena, and the I.E.
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So far, I'm having a mediocre experience. The administration as a whole is very helpful and wants the very best for each student. Free help and tutoring are offered, as well as free basic books in the writing center. The parking however is terrible (even during summer)and the campus isn't very pleasing to the eye. It's up to the individual student to make the most of their personal college experience by joining clubs and making the first steps to meeting new people (most people keep to themselves and just want to get through the day). Overall, I'm impressed with the on-campus help that is always available, this can really help with getting good grades.
What I like most about Mt. San Antonio College is the Teachers. They really
like to encourage their students to succeed. I do feel that there needs to be a better solution to the parking.
I like how welcoming everyone there is. I remember the first time I went there, I got lost and people came up to me to ask if I was okay. They showed me where to go and gave me specific details how to get there. I think Mt. SAC students are mostly pretty nice.
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