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I am one of the older students at Mt SAC and I have gone to other CC's in the past. I find that this campus is very clean, a lot of open space and a feeling of safety.
So far all of my professors have been excellent. I would recommend Mt SAC to anyone who wants to continue their education.
If I had to do it again, I would attend MT SAC!
The staff here is amazingly helpful and not just in the classroom. Many of my professors will reach out to me even on weekends to make sure I understand the material from the previous class meeting. The student center is set up to be a one-stop location for all of my confusing college questions. Mt San Antonio made me feel like with a little hard work I could obtain anything in life.
Mt Sac is a good school they have a lot of good teachers. They have a lot of programs that help students with their academics.
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Mt. San Antonio College is a great school with some awesome Professors! I can't speak for all the Professors, but the education here is great. They really try to get in touch with their students to make sure that they suceed. The parking is horrible though, but luckily for me I live next door. Be careful in parking on the first week in the meter! They will ticket you, but you can park anywhere else only on the first week!
There are plenty of programs for students that just need that extra help. I will miss this school when I transfer.
The counselors are a huge help here. There are so many clubs and organization to help student development and the teachers are there for you. Of course you have your few bad apples as every establishment has them.
Mt. San Antonio College is a great college for students who are looking to transfer from a community college to a four-year university or for those who intend to save money and in general, is a great college. They have great counselors who will guide you to transfer out or help you in college. There great professors who help guide you and want you to succeed in class and your career in the future. There are also tons of students who have a fun vibe and are all in the same boat as you so it doesn't feel competitive compared to a top 4 year university.
This is a great community college with many teachers that actually care for their students success. The school offers free tutoring and free 30 min parking at certain areas something that the universities don't have. The college is also very high tech, getting bigger and more programs are being created. I have had the most caring teachers, awesome tutors, and very helpful counselors. The financial aid staff are also nice and respectful.
Every teacher I have had has been very understanding and patient. Mount Sac has amazing professors that want their students to succeed. There are plenty of free resources at this school like counseling that helps the student better achieve their goals. The facility is very well staffed and everyone is knowledgeable in their set job in the student center. I love this community college.
I enjoyed attending Mt. San Antonio College because it's a beautiful campus that offers a wide variety of different majors.
Overall, this community college is pretty great, with small downfalls. The campus is huge and offers a lot classes. With that said, the student population is huge and getting classes is quite difficult. Wait lists are full and getting classes that you need can be a drag. The staff is friendly and the campus is safe, for the most part! Aside the overcrowded student body, it is a great community college.
This school has been great for me as a returning older student.

I returned to school at 55 years old and they made me feel welcome. Love the school.

Everyone is welcome and will fit right in.
mount sac was such a beautiful and amazing campus. The staff and professors were amazing and were so helpful in all of my science classes. The resources are phenomenal and the tools we are given to make sure we succeed are spectacular. Being able to use human cadavers for anatomy was so intriguing and helped me understand so much better. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here even when my campus days were 7+ hours. The campus is so peaceful.
Mt. San Antonio College is one of the best community colleges in Southern California. For starters, there are many resources that provide active learning: Museums, a planetarium, wildlife sanctuary, and many more. As for academics, many of the classes are small and encourages collaborations with other students. Because of the small class sizes, professors are greatly invested into their students success. Along with these, the school has many programs and club to help students feel welcomed and preform well in classes.
One reason why I enjoy attending Mt. San Antonio College is because of the campus itself. The campus isn't large but at the same time, it's not a small campus compared to other schools. I find it very easy to navigate through. even on my first week of college. Another thing that I like are the respect professors. I like the majority of my professors and I especially love their passion for teaching and how they genuinely care about their students. However, one thing that I would change about Mt. San Antonio College is the parking structure. If given the chance, I would definitely expand the parking lots for students so there would be more parking spaces.
I like going to college here. I was skeptical about attending a community college at first by actually going here has changed my mind.
My overall experience with this school has been good. I have never had issues with being able to register for classes. Always something available, but I do wish there was more night and online classes offered. I like that they offer Kinesiology classes like yoga and kickboxing but wish you could take these more than once, if you pass a class you can't repeat it. I don't think this rule should apply to fitness type classes. I think there should be more parking available to the students. As far as safety, there has been some assaults on campus in the parking areas. They are dark and go far off from the campus buildings. They need to make sure it is better lite at night and more rounds from the security on campus. I see the security guys sitting in their carts, they need to patrol more often.
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Mt.Sac is an amazing school they offer a lot of help. They have many resources one of the best commuity colleges in California.
MT.Sac is a real good school, good teachers and lots of resources however the prices for food on campus is ridiculous for example a water bottle can range from $1.99 -$2.49. if you wanted to purchase fast food for example some chicken tenders you are looking closer to $9.00
This campus is very beautiful. The professors are very helpful. I hope that they will give more attention to students need for the counseling department. It is always booked. Parking is difficult sometimes. Student life is not really endorsed or not a lot of people know about the building for students. Providing in-campus or housing is something I would like to see someday as well as giving more classes because most of all the classes are always full.
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