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Mt. San Antonio College Reviews

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Most affordable school on the market! Wide range of classes and career programs they offer at the school! The campus is nice. One thing that could be fixed is there parking there is never enough parking.
I love the teachers! They actually care. Great campus. BEWARE OF PARKING it sucks the first 3 weeks of semester.
They put me on a track to get my classes and get out. They push students to reach their goals and not slack off.
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Beautiful! Personally, I truly enjoy the nature and greenery there (props to Agriculture there too!). Everything is in legs reach, meaning you can get to your destination crossing campus in 10 minutes or less, give or take. There programs are really unique here and you can really see them interact and include many in their said programs/courses without exclusion; really accepting everyone! I love it and I'm very proud to go here! I will be very sad to transfer, but I will credit Mt.SAC for making me the best I can be! #ASLmajor #MortuaryScienceMajor
I started mt.sac a year ago as a new student out of high school, and it took me a minute to get used to things but when it happened I enjoyed it. Mt.Sac is a really good school and they offer so many programs for people. I've never known a community college that is pretty much like going to a university. Since I've been there, I have not failed a class yet. They have a lot of events too and so far there all free. They just had the athlete event during spring semester and it was really fun. It was like you were in high school again but without the drama. I enjoy going there a lot and well recommend going there before any other community colleges through L.A, Pasadena, and the I.E.
So far, I'm having a mediocre experience. The administration as a whole is very helpful and wants the very best for each student. Free help and tutoring are offered, as well as free basic books in the writing center. The parking however is terrible (even during summer)and the campus isn't very pleasing to the eye. It's up to the individual student to make the most of their personal college experience by joining clubs and making the first steps to meeting new people (most people keep to themselves and just want to get through the day). Overall, I'm impressed with the on-campus help that is always available, this can really help with getting good grades.
What I like most about Mt. San Antonio College is the Teachers. They really
like to encourage their students to succeed. I do feel that there needs to be a better solution to the parking.
I like how welcoming everyone there is. I remember the first time I went there, I got lost and people came up to me to ask if I was okay. They showed me where to go and gave me specific details how to get there. I think Mt. SAC students are mostly pretty nice.
Mt. San Antonio College is an affordable college located in the Los Angeles County. It is located near a few freeways and is easily accessible to students. They offer many different programs but have a highly respectful nursing program which I am blessed to say I was just accepted to. Although I was waiting for two years to get into the program, I am very proud to be a Mountaineer.
I like the area around Mt sac. It's a beautiful campus. I feel like it's my second home and the people here are great.
Right from the start, I was able to register for the classes that I needed. The counselors guided me in taking the appropriate classes for transfer and the professors helped me to succeed in those classes.
The campus is very big, open, and technologically advanced.
Mt. San Antonio has a lot to offer, but you would have to go looking to see what it is they offer. Some counselors have you running around in circles for most of the time. Some professors really help out with studies and personal life and each program has amazing things to offer. You would just have to do a little digging around to find it.
I am one of the older students at Mt SAC and I have gone to other CC's in the past. I find that this campus is very clean, a lot of open space and a feeling of safety.
So far all of my professors have been excellent. I would recommend Mt SAC to anyone who wants to continue their education.
If I had to do it again, I would attend MT SAC!
The staff here is amazingly helpful and not just in the classroom. Many of my professors will reach out to me even on weekends to make sure I understand the material from the previous class meeting. The student center is set up to be a one-stop location for all of my confusing college questions. Mt San Antonio made me feel like with a little hard work I could obtain anything in life.
Mt Sac is a good school they have a lot of good teachers. They have a lot of programs that help students with their academics.
Mt. San Antonio College is a great school with some awesome Professors! I can't speak for all the Professors, but the education here is great. They really try to get in touch with their students to make sure that they suceed. The parking is horrible though, but luckily for me I live next door. Be careful in parking on the first week in the meter! They will ticket you, but you can park anywhere else only on the first week!
There are plenty of programs for students that just need that extra help. I will miss this school when I transfer.
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The counselors are a huge help here. There are so many clubs and organization to help student development and the teachers are there for you. Of course you have your few bad apples as every establishment has them.
Mt. San Antonio College is a great college for students who are looking to transfer from a community college to a four-year university or for those who intend to save money and in general, is a great college. They have great counselors who will guide you to transfer out or help you in college. There great professors who help guide you and want you to succeed in class and your career in the future. There are also tons of students who have a fun vibe and are all in the same boat as you so it doesn't feel competitive compared to a top 4 year university.
This is a great community college with many teachers that actually care for their students success. The school offers free tutoring and free 30 min parking at certain areas something that the universities don't have. The college is also very high tech, getting bigger and more programs are being created. I have had the most caring teachers, awesome tutors, and very helpful counselors. The financial aid staff are also nice and respectful.
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