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Beautiful campus. Supportive teachers, good class selections. Free tutoring. A lot of the campus is outside, so you may get wet walking between classes.
MHCC's information technology professor came to my charter high school to urge us to enroll in MHCC's tech program. I loved the intro to web development class my school offered, and their partnership with MHCC allowed me to transfer over ten early college credits there!

It was only after attending MHCC's intro tech classes for a year that I realized I would NEVER truly "learn" anything. Their teaching format is outdated, or at the very least lazy, placing the entire burden on the student by requiring them to buy expensive textbooks that "teach" you the subject matter in a written format. "Move the cursor between the left and right bracket to..."

Am I learning? No. I'm copying from the book onto my code.

Out two grand (but that's the plan right?). Waste of time, poorly run school.
I have had a great experience with MHCC. Between ease of registering for classes, financial aid help, help from advisors i have been able to be successful in my education.
Review Mt. Hood Community College
It is a great college to get the education you need to go on and transfer but the required core classes professors do not really care as much as the classes for your major
The school lacks any resources for students who have no financial backup, as well as no educational road map. The advisers do not assist the students in the way they should. They are unaware of what majors or classes should be taking. Their refunds also lag extremely, and there are many calculation errors for financial packages. The teachers also cancel frequently on you and yet your still required to pay for a class that you barely went to due to the teachers.
I enjoy attending Mt.Hood community college because everyone seems so friendly and willing to help each other. The school has many programs to offer and provide tutors for students. They also have tutor for ESL students in AVID center and help students with their homework. The only thing that I want to change is the prices in the bookstore. Everything's too expensive for students. Especially the text books. This term I have to borrow my friend's text books because I couldn't afford them. My friend took IECC120R&W last term so she lent me her text books.
After going to this school for year and a half so far, I think it is a really nice school with good people. They support diversity and inclusiveness while the teachers work hard to ensure you get a great education.
For a long time now, people have downplayed community college. It wasn't something most people discussed post high school. Most assumed you would be going straight into a university. The beauty of community college has been overlooked. My experience with Mt Hood is remarkable. I have found that the staff and facility have been a conducive learning environment. Not only is everyone incredibly helpful but also, encouraging and available. They want nothing more than for you to progress and move forward. For that I will be eternally grateful. High marks to this facility.
Mt. Hood is a great school class sizes are pretty good and if you get a good professor then you will do great. Student services and advisers are great.
The professors are really great and can connect with them one on one easy. The teachers make the classes interesting while we learn.
A really nice community of people and a very clean and beautiful campus. The professors I have tend to provide great information in their lectures and let you know exactly what to expect on an exam.
The college strives to meet the needs of everyone who attends classes here. The diversity in the type of classes is large and it is easy to find what you need. The one thing I would change is the college's internet and computer system. The computers in classrooms and labs are on the slower end of basic windows 7 computers and the college's internet is not strong enough to support the workload put on it by those computers.
I love it here! Everyone is really nice and the instructors are great! There's many majors, certificates, and programs available to choose from and Mt Hood also has great resources to help students and the community. I'm really glad I attended Mt Hood.
Mt. Hood Community College has great science professors who are accessible and friendly, and quite a few have terminal degrees in their profession. The dining options here are a little lacking, but its nearby to other local eateries.
Great teachers and great student body with lots of events and activities. Everyone is a accepting and diverse and willing to help. Classes are small and learning is fun! Great college for anyone who is local!
Mt. Hood Community College has everything that you need to go down the right path way, you just have to put yourself out there and find it.
I have had to deal with transferring credit so I'm not sure how that works, I like being able to make my own schedule.
Review Mt. Hood Community College
I love been in a classroom setting but I was able to take some online class at MHCC because life happens and I was amazed at the similarities the only thing missing is seeing the teacher or class mates face to face.
All the teachers I have had are amazing I felt like the cared about me and my success if I was having a hard time I with the lesson there are many opportunities in place to help me. Teachers are professional. Every teacher has a different style of teaching class size is not overwhelming and there is a variety of courses to choose from
The degree from the school has landed many friends a great job, college helps students get into internships and find jobs there is a great alumni etwork.
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