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It's so much fun and the teachers are awesome and funny! The academics are a great place to start and overall I love the school. I would only think of transferring if you wanted to get a master's degree.
I am a sophomore at Mountwest Community and Technical College. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at MCTC. The Professors and Peer Coaches never mind answering any questions whenever I have one.
It is a very beautiful and safe place to go for classes Although it does not have dorms it is still a wonderful school. I am very excited to attend this college and believe the experience of being there will be just as amazing for me as it has been for others.
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It has some good aspects to it, such as degree programs that are offered. However, the Instructors are beyond reproach. It's hard to get any grievances you have resolved.
Everyone at this college is very helpful and respectful. I enjoyed me experience while i was there and cannot wait to return!
I absolutely love Mountwest! The teachers support you 110% and the security guards keep the school safe. They have free tutoring; which saves the day when you need to cram for an exam!! I am so glad I choose Mountwest!
Great community college. Small classes and teachers that care and give you every opportunity to succeed. Free tutoring. This was the best decision I have ever made. You have all the opportunities to succeed you just have to use them. 🙂
Mountwest has allowed me to return as a non-traditional student and assisted me in getting every set up to be able to get additional education.
The school has been great in accommodating me with my current job and family load. One of my children ended up as a new type 1 diabetic and spent 13 days in ICU and I was not able to attend classes on campus for a month and fell a little behind online. The professors were great and school were very accepting and caring about the situation. They gave me extra time for assignments. The best thing was they cared more about my child than the work. Excellent!!!!!
The online courses are easy to access and follow. The workload is perfetc and professors reply back to questions quickly.
My experience with courses offered have been great. They offer what you need to succeed, not filler classes that mean nothing to your degree. The professors are very helpful and understanding.
I am a first year student and don't know much about this particular issue. One of my professors is very helpful in explaining what jobs are out there and where. Making me feel like I have a better chance of securing a job later in this field.
I am in the Health information technology program with some of the specifics being learning medical coding. You must be very organized because you have to read patient records, pick out specifics and code them for billing. My workload has been very acceptable for a working mother. The facility is easy to get to and well organized.
I am a 40 yrs old going back to school and this college has made it easy for me. The staff is extremely helpful from everyone in financial aid to the professors. They make you feel comfortable to be there. I truly have enjoyed going back to school and learning something new, and I don't think I would have anywhere else than Mountwest.
I don't believe MCTC has post-grad services.
The majority of the professors at MCTC and very helpful and want the best for their students. This means working with them between classes and even during office hours. A big difference if compared to a larger university.
The one and fairly big issue I had with MCTC was that the classes they offered were at the convenience of people with children. Meaning, those students preferred early morning/mid-afternoon classes so it wouldn't take away from their family time. However, for me, this meant I had to frequently miss work, lose money and travel approximately 45 minutes to class, sometimes twice in one day. If they would fix this issue and make more classes available in the evenings and online, it would get a perfect rating from me.
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Online courses are always the best choice for me. I have worked full time for the last five or so years, therefore I prefer online course so I do not have to miss work. They offered a few online courses, but not very many. The ones that were offered online were easy to figure out and not hard to read, however other classes were more challenging.
I'm not sure that MCTC has post-grad services.
As a part of the paralegal program, and in order to graduate, an internship was required. I feel like this was a challenge at first, as I did not have very many available opportunities to me. However, I did find an internship and it lead me to where I am in my career today. The professors helped those students who struggled with finding an internship and seemed happy to do so.
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