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I loved the fact that the teachers try their best to interact with the students and try to make them interact within each other as well.
This is my first year at Mountain View and so far, my experience with everything has been amazing! I have the absolute best professors and the energy of my peers is so refreshing. I wouldn't change anything at my school.
I have been coming to Mountain View College since 2007 but because of medical difficulties (epilepsy and five brain surgeries) I was unable to continue, but now I am on full recovery and want to continue my education. Lorena and Sunny, and Robert are working hard with me to come back to school. I'm working on applying for scholarship for a business administration degree to help my dad with his business.
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i enjoyed Mountain View a lot, the people were nice and friendly and the professors were very helpful
Great jr. college to get started with your basics and saves you money by taking universities classes. When I need help with math, my favorite place to go is the math lab, I have gotten the help I needed and in process I have made friends. Mountain View is a great college has beautiful outdoors: flowers, trees, ponds etc.. gives a relaxing vibe around campus.
The campus is very welcoming and diverse. The teachers are great if you go by rate my professor. The work given here is manageable. It is good to know when you pay more attention to take classes at those times. They have classes at many times which can work within your schedule.
Mountain was a nice school there was some pretty good professors and a fair amount of help in student services. My only complaints is that the accounting department was terrible. The professors don't really teach you're expected to learn everything on your own. The head of the accounting department seems to not really care either if the students are being taught well.
Mountain View College is a great college to go to once you have finish your high school year.bfmjo-[k;-[]ffffffffffffffffffffffssssvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvfd
I was student of mountain view college for one semester. Professors were really good and helpful. Only reason I left mountain view because it was far away from my place.
I enjoy going to Mountain View, due to the prices and location. Overall I am happy with the college and believe it was a good investment. I would recommend this campus to anyone who is trying to save money. The staff also is great help and want you to be successful.
It is not big and great learning experience. There are a better opportunity to get help.Proffessor are very helpful. Majority of them give extra credit. Most class are small. Even some students are helpful. School class are pretty easy to find. Everyone is helpful there. There is only one food place at the school but getting more food choice after this year. They are open during the week only. They have a math and other subjects for tutoring.
I'd like the advisors and staff to be more involved. I felt alone in my journey at mountain view. I still havent received graduation information and I applied since the Summer. The school is clean, it's nice. The professors are fair. Some classes can be tough. It's challenging but overall an okay school.
Mountain View College is a great 2 year college. I have not had a bad encounter with anyone; everyone is there for you. The students and professors are friendly. There is no doubt that Im enjoying this school at the moment.
Mountain View has the most amazing advisors to lead you to the path to your success. They are very helpful offering information about colleges and degrees.
I have had a really good experience at Mountain View college. Most of my professors were really helpful and fair. When I have an issue with a professor, administration in the dean's office is very helpful. I feel very safe on Campus. The police are always on top of any situation. The campus food is really good and campus life is beautiful. You always meet someone new and have a great time.
I have only been going to Mountain View for a short period of time but I already enjoy it very much and highly recommend the school. It is an amazing two year school where you can obtain basic credit courses at an affordable price.
My experience at Mountain View College has been great, I have gotten to meet many new people from different backgrounds and it’s amazing. The school it’s self is a pretty good, the whole vibe of the student body is great.
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Great community college, it is located at good local spot, where my home and even job is nearby. The Teachers are awesome as well, and nice ongoing staff.
Mountain View College is a welcoming community college that engages with students to advance them to the next level profressinally.
I liked how close knit the college is, a real sense of community with the staff and other students. Staff for the most part, are helpful and there are many resources to help students with tutoring.
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