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I love Mountain View! I was very hesitant about applying because I wanted the same experiences that I would receive at a University. However, I do get many of the same experiences at this community college. It does not have a cafeteria, but it does have a Subway and a new addition Mama Deluca's. It also has a school store that sells a variety of things. It has a center for students to hang out with friends and a workout center. It offers clubs and sports for students to join. It also hosts many events such as speakers, job fairs, university fairs, karaoke day, and many more! This school has a lot of school spirit and I am proud I go to this school. The only downfall is that this school does not have on campus housing.
My experience is still ongoing. Though I only had one class on campus this semester, I really enjoyed it! Every staff member I've interacted with has been more than helpful and kind. My professors were easy to contact with concern, and cared about my success. There is always something festive happening on campus to boost moral. Overall I would highly recommend. The only thing I don't like is seeing different advisors each visit and being told different things.
The best decision of my life was enrolling in MVC. I love everything about the staff, professors, students and the environment. I am thankful for everyone in the TRIO Club as well. 1-3 bad apples I've met in the entire facility, but nothing to stir you away!
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Mountain View Community College is an outstanding college. The campus is aesthetically pleasing and the staff and faculty are welcoming. The building itself is modernized and the campus is shared with a community of plants and animals. A student could simply look out a window and witness a family of squirrels or stroll along the side of a pond to marvel at the interaction between the turtles and fishes. Moreover, the employees are inviting to new and current students of the college, they are always available to the convenience of the students. The professors are compassionate and patient, and they ensure the success of their students. Lastly, Mountain View is constantly hosting events, which include job fairs, university recruitment, volunteer and community services, and court yard parties, which allow for the relieve of stress and creates a social environment. Overall, Mountain View College is not only a place of learning, but a second home with a large supporting family.
I like how involved teachers and @ least all the teachers I took were willing to go the extra mile to help me if I needed help on an assignment in their class.
Mountain View college is a very well diverse and safe college. Everything you need to succeed is offered and most importantly it feels like home. Every Advisor always tries to help you in any way and the goal it for everyone to succeed.
i have never attend but i heard it was great school i would love to visit one day i not sure is they have dorm or housing plan
What I like about Mountain View College is that it seemed like a great community college while I went to take a TSI exam. They seem to be trying to have the best for high school students and college students which is great because more students would attend Mountain View College.
I go here to take my prerequisites for pharmacy school. Small classes are great because you can really ask questions. They don’t offer all of the classes I need but they have most of them.
I like the fact that they really care about
you and your education. They are always willing to help! My career advisor is the best always there for me! They offer flexible classes and awesome professors.
I loved the courses and the help I was able to get while attending MVC. Advisors are very helpful when it comes to choosing classes and maintaining my degree plan.
professors and students are very nice , environment experience is very calm as well with classes it very great how everyone gets along Overall being that there is variety of ages gives younger students opportunity to learn from them
Very Nice small campus, staff is super helpful and try there best to help students be guided in the right path for there students.
Overall Mountain View is a great college with a great staff ready to help students succeed and move further in their journey.
An inexpernsive yet quality education. The campus is beautiful with a stream flowing right through the center and two sky bridges to view it from. Each department has its own building.
My experience with Mountain View College has been the best opportunity i have taken, lots of friendly and fun staff members with great helpful connections of resources and support. for anyone that just wants to see what college feels like, i would recommend MVC.
I really am loving the atmosphere of the place, especially because it is calm & relaxing unlike some other places. The Professors are very helpful & the campus is well secured.
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The campus is great!! Professor are willing to communicate with you any time you need. The actives on campus are great there is a lot of art galleries plus the dance department is great!
Mountain View College is a great community college for students who might not be sure what they want to major in. I've yet to start school there but in the fall I will be attending my first year of college there. I also enjoy the campus because of the diversity, and cultural values that hold the school together. Mountain View also has a high school within.
I have a excellent experience on this college.
There are many things to do, in the similar manner there are a lot of groups to enjoy in.
I am satiesfied with my classes and professor.
It is a lot of work, but it is good because we learn by working hard. I am happy with my position in this college.
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