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I liked the choice of professors. I also liked the organization of the whole building and staff. Their choices on hazards and emergencies were well intentioned too. I would recommend this school to anyone.
I learned a great deal at Mountain View. (Including how to parallel park) The front desk staff were very helping and accommodating as well. I had a good experience.
I personally think that online classes can be difficult and fast paced but at Mountain View I find the classes manageable online and have a good work load with them. Assignments match with what we need to study.
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Teachers are good and assignments aren’t too hard overall. Teachers regularly have office hours to help students out
I’ve been going to Mountain View College for 4 years and never had a bad experience. The advisors are great in helping me register for the right class for my degree plan. The help center are helpful in scheduling appointments to see financial aid . They’ll notify you with a text message when it’s my turn to see financial aid.
Online classes are helpful since I have a child . It helps me with my everyday life schedule . I have time with my child to do activities.
It is a Great school. A lot of teachers ready to help and encourage students to be successful. I love Trio!! They helped me so much I am not sure what I would have done without them, they guide you and help you when you are in a tough spot and they never let you down and always help with anything even if it is just to talk about your personal life
Mountain View is not what i expected. When i was start my first year i thought i would see sooo many people since its a community college everything will be crowded but i was wrong. Mountain View is very organized and clean. Professors are very nice my experience was great
I loved my time at mountain view I would consider my time their some of the best I have come to experience. Not only are the extra circulars vast and the community tight. I also never felt like I wasn't capable of finding the resources necessary to complete a job.
being it my first year at mountain view I like the events that the campus has going at all times, the students in general are very cheering on and very motivating and there is always one on one help on any subject you need
Overall, not a bad community college system. I did one year at Mountain View and was a student athlete. For the price you can't beat this school. Although, if you're an athlete I suggest searching other avenues.
Mountain View is a friendly school , with lots of things to do and see . They care about your education and provide top-notch learning
Mountain View is the place to have affordable classes and has a very great ambient to socialize with other students. They have unlimited resources for anything. Most professors are pretty modern and lenient at times, especially for those with jobs or have children, and they try their best in giving you the greatest possible lesson. It is also a great option when attaining another degree on the side or even internationally. Mountain View College offers plenty of online courses for any given major/study. Just like their numerous amounts of different types of student clubs, they also have several sports.
Amazing college , teachers and counselors who help you finish your class and get you to the finish line . Affordable college to get your associates on anything. Great atmosphere and loving people .
I was a student-athlete at Mountain View College 2016-2018. When I attended there I also got the chance to be part of work-study, with student services. I liked that the campus was small and the classes had no more than 30 students at a time. Professors are always happy to help when asked and the office of student life always had some kind of event going on. My favorite part of the campus to visit was the cliff gallery.
The diversity and environment. The campus is always clean and professors are always helpful. The safety of this campus is excellent and it is relaxing with many places to relax and study. The student life center is very helpful and have a game room where you can hang out with friends. The tutoring center is always there if you need help with any subject and will demonstrate how to solve problems or even proofread your essay.
I am nothing but happy with the education I have received at Mountain View College. I have had some of the best educators, and professors I could have ever asked for. I am an older student and it has been very encouraging to me to have this type of support . I have received it not only from the instructors but the on campus staff, tutors, and even the students.
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Nice place to study , nice staff , good environment the teachers are very professional, I’m going to take online classes hope they are good And easy too , it’s a really safe place to be I have a lot of friends that they go there and they love that college as well I just hope to get enroll this year .
Campus not too big, but diverse. Professors are friendly and it's pretty easy to meet people around campus. If you want an interactive class where professor can actually interact with you in class this would be the place.
This college is a good choice to start out at especially if you do not know what 4 year university to start out at. They have a wonderful staff to help with anything.
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