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I have loved my experience at Mountain Empire, all the professors I have had so far have been fantastic and very helpful and caring, all the student services and other employees that work there are friendly and help you as much as they can. So far I don't have any complaints, and nothing that comes to mind for the college to change anything.
The college has helped me figure out my transferring problem very well. For me , it was pretty easy because they gave me a list of what to take that will transfer and what will not.
The professors here will help you at all costs . They want to see you succeed . They push you to be the best you can be and I am so grateful for the ones who have helped me along the way.
Review Mountain Empire Community College
It is very hard in this area to find jobs, but the college helps direct you in the right path as far as where it would be good for you to go.
I love MECC but it is very upsetting that they do not offer a program for me to become a doctor . I hate that next year I will have to transfer but I guess it is for the best.
The application process was easy. They handled everything and made sure everything was right .
Education wise, this school has all of what you need And if for some reason they don't, they will help you get there.
MECC is a great school , it doesn't cost much to attend and it is close to home. The teachers are nice and willing to help in any way. Not to mention, this school is always so involved in the community. It has everything you could ask for from a college.
The school is close to home, offers several helpful classes, and is very homely. As a college freshman, it makes me less nervous about starting classes and getting to meet new people.
General Studies is one of the toughest programs at my school.
Being a full time online student at MECC is very frustrating if you are a General Studies student. Having to take exams on campus,meeting weekly deadlines and group projects is tough. I like MECC but for me I need a college with a program that is entirely online.
Is not entirely online. Exams are on campus or you can set them up to be taken at the local library. You also can pay $7.25 an exam to take them through Proctor U at home.
The Career Services are good. If you are looking for Tech or jobs in a Writing related field it is almost impossible to find these opportunity's.
Good school! Online classes are great but they are not what I would call Online. There are other Colleges that suit Online learners better. Every Online class requires you take exams using a proctor which is understandable. In order to do so you have the options to take the exams on campus or at a library. You also can take exams using Proctor U for around $7.25 a test. Not every student has access to a car,transportation or the money to take tests through Proctor U. Given that a lot of students have 4 or more classes the cost of taking exams through Proctor U would soon add up. This was the case for me. Luckily I transfer in the fall to one of the top university's in the country and their Online classes are entirely online even exams which means I don't have to go through everything I've had to deal with the past few semester. I would choose this school for classes such as CPR,First Aid or skill classes. MECC has a wonderful CPR program and I wouldn't take the course anywhere but MECC.
Accessing your online classes is easy
The transfer advisers are very helpful
I love my experience here
Review Mountain Empire Community College
The student services are very helpful
The professors know what they're talking about
I remember always wanting to go to MECC
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