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Mount Wachusett is an amazing school. The class sizes are perfect and they have plenty of degree options. This is a perfect school for someone who is unsure of what they want to do with their future. They are extremely helpful and I have yet to run into a professor that seems like they do not care. There are a lot of opportunities to get involved with clubs and organizations as well. All in all, I would suggest the mount to anyone who is considering community college or college in general. My experience here so far has been nothing but pleasant.
Really great opportunity to take online courses and night courses which is great for those of us who work full time during the day!
So far, the staff and professors have been awesome. Participating in a VA Work Study, and I had to go and giveaway USO 2018 Calendars, and the people I met on my first day have been great.
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I left, I couldn’t do it anymore. Financial Aid is useless. They do not return calls; the two people at the front desk don’t seem to know anything about financial aid. All they say is wait till you’re awarded. The one and only staff I use to go to for help they let leave in financial aid.

My biggest complaint is the lack of knowledge most staff have. If you have a question they will send you to other offices; before you know it your back where you started with no answer to your question. You can also walk down the hall and hear employees talking bad about students. Just not the place for me, going to Fitchburg State this FALL, hope everyone has a better experience than me.
Very friendly, everyone's always willing to help if you are lost or just in general when you need it. Always getting you to go to their campus to register for classes.
I only go to this school because I'm in a dual enrollment program there where the government pays for me to go to the school. I wouldn't go here if I had to pay for it.
Staff rude. Walk down the hall in the main campus you can hear the staff on the other side of the half wall saying negative things ex: they need so much had holding or I know she really speaks English. Had to attend 2 hour session they call smart start. We were sent up and down to different departments. I had to take a test the bursar wasn’t even open for me to pay my testing fee had to take another day off work. There is no diversity. There are very few staff minorities. You will see a lot of photos and advertisements on bill boards and catalogs; however the school isn’t diversified. The finaid office picks and chooses who they will assist. If you owe money they pick and choose who they will assist with no set policy. If you walk into an office, you usually have to wait for staff to stop talking about lunch. Calling, you’re consistently being transferred to another department and the person on the other line always seems annoyed.
I start at MWCC in the fall and so far i love it! just speaking to the admissions staff over the phone makes me feel welcome and comfortable.
I had a lot of flexibility with my schedule, the professors were great, I learned a lot from them, a few of them were a hard graders,it saved me money on tuition, easy access to the online courses, ie the blackboard. It was very close to my house and saved a lot on gas
Great school, affordable, convenient. Lots of great programs. Most professors are really good but still should use
Its a great community college to start at. Most of the professor are wonderful and the class sizes are small. There are job fairs and events that the college holds and the community is great. The building is being expanded and there is a small cafeteria that serves really good chicken fingers and fries.
Professor's are fair. For the most part I completely was on my own learning the college process. Advising put me in courses I did not need, and financial aid would not assist me with any books. They would only give me loans, even though I was told they have a needy fund. The school isn't diverse and if you don't go to Gardner Campus you miss out on all student activities. Public Transportation to Gardner isn't the best.
I had a really good experience here. They have very good and help staff, the teachers are nice, and nice new labs. I have no regrets going here and would recommend anyone to go here.
I am a returning student to Mount Wachusett Community College. I graduated in 2004 with my associates and a certificate. A LOT has changed for the college physically with the building and electronically. Becoming a returning student was quicker and easier this time and I look forward to seeing the other new 'surprises' in the Spring of 2017.
Mount Wachusett Community College has many different degrees and certificates to choose from. They also are willing to help in anyway to see you succeed. I have gotten many email and phone calls from advising see if I am doing well in the semester and if I have any questions. This is a school that wants and helps you succeed.
Mount Wachusett has a small town feel. The class size is small and the professors take an interest in their students. The staff is always friendly and available. The new building is almost complete and is very appealing
the don't offer any class that starts at 7am which would be perfect for me to take.
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It could be a lot better if teachers wore more organized.
Only offered at main campus.
This school is the worst I ever been to.
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