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I enjoy the friendly people and atmosphere that makes up the MVNU community. I believe the professors care deeply about the students and invest in our lives. I wish that some of the residential living situations would be upgraded.
I graduated from MVNU and had a great experience there. I chose to attend because of the small campus and class sizes. I believe this really helped me excel in my education and I am very glad I chose MVNU.
Mount Vernon Nazarene University is a nice in-between zone for those who grew up in a sheltered Christian environment their whole life but don't want to go diving headfirst into a secular college environment and basically experience a bit of culture shock. The academics are good as well, and the professor's are typically really understanding and do their best to help you out here.
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Great university for academics, the small school gives you the oppertunity to grow with support of great mentors and professors.
I am a transfer student from Xavier University. I chose to attend MVNU due to the positive atmosphere, Christian environment, and small-town feel of the campus. I would highly recommend this university to anyone who wants a home away from home!
Mount Vernon Nazarene University is a very helpful and comfortable place. Everyone makes you feel welcomed and they are very kind. The campus is very beautiful in any season. It is also a small campus and it is very easy to meet new people. I love Mount Vernon Nazarene University and recommend everyone go and visit atleast once.
MVNU has been a extremely welcoming place with many opportunities for social and academics. The professors are extremely helpful and friendly. As a freshman it's easy to get plugged in immediately.
Mount Vernon Nazarene University is a great college for christians and people who are looking to just focus on their education without any distraction. One of the things like about Mount Vernon Nazarene University is it small size campus, it is very easy to get around there. I also like how friendly people are there. My experience has been great so far at MVNU.
I loved the faculty - they were genuinely caring, built relationships with their students, and were experts in their field. Most of the students were very kind, although they often lived up to the expectations of the school during the day and became completely different people once they were out of the classroom.
It is very personal and has a great Graphic Design program. Most professors are excellent. I feel like it takes a little longer than it should to graduate because of it being a Christian college. It has a lot of bible courses you are required to take.
The overall experience was lovely. The university makes you feel like you are at home. The people were wonderful and treat you like a human being, not just a number.
Very strict rules but the classes are easy. Very easy to get a degree for here. Also make you goto chapel about 36 times a semester which is a pain
Considering the religious affiliation of this school, it isn't as sheltered as most. It's perfect for students who prefer smaller classes and the campus is easy to navigate because it's very small. Students and professors are kind and easy to get to know, and the school is great at making new students feel welcome through events and activities aimed towards helping students get to know people. There are restrictions and requirements, I mean, it’s a private Nazarene school for crying out loud. There’s chapel requirements, but they make it easy for you to skip a few and replace the credit by other means. As for restrictions, curfews and open dorms only apply to freshmen and the dorms, not apartments. It's a reasonable place, especially considering the religious affiliation and they are very careful in keeping the campus a safe place to be.
MVNU is a very friendly campus, as soon as you step on campus it instantly feels like home. The professors are very friendly and always there for any student, whether you are in their class or not.
When I think of this school, one word comes to mind: family. From the moment you step onto campus, you have people going out of their way to get to know you and make you feel welcomed. It is a small school, but it is big enough to where when you walk down the sidewalk stranger greets you with a warm smile and a nice "hello!"
I like that we are offered many options to be keep us in the word. Whether it be small groups or chapel, it's the perfect fit for me.
MVNU is a very loving community and they are very diligent in helping their students succeed in and out of the classroom. They are very Christian oriented and the classes are faith based.
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My time in Mount Vernon Nazarene University's art program was critical in developing my passion for the arts in a way that emphasized ethical and academic consideration while sharpening my technical ability. This has allowed me to pursue art in ways that keep me investigating my beliefs, while also being outwardly focused on ways of bettering the world around me. The art program at MVNU is small and intimate- your peers and professors quickly become like family. Though it exists in the context of a Nazarene school, the art department, and the school at large, is accepting and engaging of all backgrounds, cultures and beliefs. The school works hard to be intentional about cultivating community within student life, but also in the community around it. I am a better and more thoughtful person for having been part of the art department at Mount Vernon Nazarene University.
I have loved my experience at MVNU so far. The atmosphere is inviting and welcoming. The students are friendly and kind. The staff is extremely personable and cares about you as a person, not just a student.
MVNU is pretty chill! The people are nice, facilities are decent, and faculty want you to succeed! However, the Caf food gets old fast. I'm in the Art department and the facilities are top notch! Equipment and rooms are top notch as well! Overall it's a good place for me to start my college career.
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