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Mount Vernon Nazarene University Reviews

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Mount Vernon has a welcoming campus and staff is intent on helping all students achieve their dreams!
I love Mount Vernon University. The campus is beautiful and the people are passionate. Can't wait to start in the Fall 2019
MVNU is a very welcoming campus that automatically feels like home. The faculty is amazing and try to get to know you personally.
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Academically, the teachers as well as the facilities are decent and very helpful. As for athletically, it has ALOT to do in order to catch up to many top schools from facilities, coaches, and staff.
Coming from a rural community, I loved the small-town atmosphere. It was easy to get to know people and the professors all really care not only about whether you get a quality, faith-based education, but also about your growth as an individual. I made lifelong friends and learned more about my faith and serving God. I have never regretted my decision to attend MVNU!
The first thing I noticed about MVNU was the friendly community. I have built strong relationships with several other students there. The only thing I would change is the chapels need to revamped.
It's a very small school, you pretty much know everyone. The only thing they could fix is the number of demanded chapel hours you have to have. If you don't have the number you need per grade level per semester, you have to pay money, I think like $20 or more for one missed until you meet the number they require you to have for the semester.
I attended and later taught at this school. The education I received was fairly poor, but it was good enough that by working part time in my field while a student I was able to teach myself enough to get into a good graduate school (At Ohio State), and eventually get my Ph.D. I returned to teach here, and worked very hard to improve the quality of my major. But in the mean time the quality of the rest of the university kept dropping. What happened was MVNU became increasingly interested only in their revenues, with almost no concern for hiring and supporting good faculty. It finally became an ethical issue for me - how could I recruit students to my program when I knew the rest of their education would be extremely poor.
Also - a reoccurring theme (check other reviews) is MVNU's treatment of people. Employees are treated terribly, and students are not respected.
If you want you’re child to be an American hating Socialist then this Liberal vomit machine is the best school for them.
I really like Mount Vernon Nazarene University, the campus has a very welcoming and loving environment. The University has a lot of activities and things that you can get involved in. I would really like to see Mount Vernon Nazarene University start to expand and grow in numbers and in housing.
I enjoy the friendly people and atmosphere that makes up the MVNU community. I believe the professors care deeply about the students and invest in our lives. I wish that some of the residential living situations would be upgraded.
I graduated from MVNU and had a great experience there. I chose to attend because of the small campus and class sizes. I believe this really helped me excel in my education and I am very glad I chose MVNU.
Mount Vernon Nazarene University is a nice in-between zone for those who grew up in a sheltered Christian environment their whole life but don't want to go diving headfirst into a secular college environment and basically experience a bit of culture shock. The academics are good as well, and the professor's are typically really understanding and do their best to help you out here.
Great university for academics, the small school gives you the oppertunity to grow with support of great mentors and professors.
I am a transfer student from Xavier University. I chose to attend MVNU due to the positive atmosphere, Christian environment, and small-town feel of the campus. I would highly recommend this university to anyone who wants a home away from home!
Mount Vernon Nazarene University is a very helpful and comfortable place. Everyone makes you feel welcomed and they are very kind. The campus is very beautiful in any season. It is also a small campus and it is very easy to meet new people. I love Mount Vernon Nazarene University and recommend everyone go and visit atleast once.
MVNU has been a extremely welcoming place with many opportunities for social and academics. The professors are extremely helpful and friendly. As a freshman it's easy to get plugged in immediately.
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Mount Vernon Nazarene University is a great college for christians and people who are looking to just focus on their education without any distraction. One of the things like about Mount Vernon Nazarene University is it small size campus, it is very easy to get around there. I also like how friendly people are there. My experience has been great so far at MVNU.
I loved the faculty - they were genuinely caring, built relationships with their students, and were experts in their field. Most of the students were very kind, although they often lived up to the expectations of the school during the day and became completely different people once they were out of the classroom.
It is very personal and has a great Graphic Design program. Most professors are excellent. I feel like it takes a little longer than it should to graduate because of it being a Christian college. It has a lot of bible courses you are required to take.
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