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They people there are so nice! Everything from the academics to the diversity is amazing. The campus is so nice, it wasn’t hard to make a decision of where I am going to go to school.
The Mount is very focused on the individual. The professors are very personable and they all remember their students; I have had professors from my freshman year remember me and say hello to me three years later. There are also a large amount of resources available to students to help them with a multitude of issues ranging from choosing classes to searching for jobs. I have never had a truly bad experience at the Mount, and will be very sad to graduate and leave my beautiful mountain home in the spring.
Its a beautiful campus with really nice faculty but thats all it has to offer. .
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I really enjoy everything about the Mount! It is a beautiful school on a gorgeous mountain in rural Emmitsburg, MD. The small student to professor ratio gives each student the opportunity to personally get to know each professor and to build a professional, but personal relationship with each faculty and staff member. The other students and members of the Mount community including coaches, priests, seminarians, and alumni are very involved in the school and try to make the students feel a part of a larger community. I have enjoyed each moment at the Mount because it has become my home away from home! Seriously, I call it home even when I am away from it! If I had to go through the college selection process again, I would still choose the Mount. Even though it is an older school in a country area, the people have made my three years at the Mount feel like I am in the city on a new campus. The community definitely sets the Mount apart from the many schools I toured. I am Mount Proud!
Not a bad school. There were multiple presidents of the school during my time here so there was a lot of confusion regarding the requirements to graduate. When I started here at The Mount there were a certain amount of meetings hosted by the Center for Student Diversity that we had to attend and document but with the transition to a new president those requirements were dropped but was never made known to the entire campus. While some students assumed those requirements were dropped, other students continued to get those credit hours and were disappointed when they found out they wasted their time. Aside from that, we are a small campus. Classes are very small, professors learn everyone's name (I had a professor my second semester of freshman year who still says hello whenever I see her). The atmosphere is great, if you like a lot of drama and excitement, this probably isn't the school for you.
The best part about the Mount is that you are put in a small classroom size. Due to this you are able to interact with your professors, and even build a bond with them. You would be able to go to their office hours, and receive extra help or clarification. Unlike larger universities, where you would be in a lecture with 300 people, it would seem impossible to get the necessary help. Also the curriculum helps you explore other studies that would seem tedious at first, but may profound a new interest in you.
So far everythings been really good, the school and staff wants you to do well. theres so many things set up for you to succeed, and do well here. the only problem is the location, theres not much to do here off campus.
I've made great friends and my professors really care about their fields and not just teaching, but discussing. Even though most of my professors are devout Catholics, they encourage discussion of religion and different beliefs and mindsets. I love it there.
I loved the small classes. I was able to know my professors and talk to them one on one. The student life provided very many opportunities and activities for the area and location. The campus is always clean and very beautiful. For such a small campus the food was excellent. The dorms and apartment living could be better, but what is a college experience without that.
Mount St. Mary's is a great University. The students are friendly, and the professors are very helpful and are always available to help you. The clubs are very intriguing! There is always something to do on campus, you will never be bored. The Mount is wonderful and will help any student excel.
What I liked about the mount was how they were able to intertwine faith, education and college life so seamlessly. The other students are pretty chill and everybody is doing their own thing and there isn't too much drama. I really have no complaints it's a great school.
Everyone is very friendly and the environment is great! The campus is beautiful, and peaceful. There is a Starbucks on campus, and the food is pretty good
The amount is a very intriguing school. Academics are a main factor which is a good thing because that's what college is for. The teachers make themselves available to students beyond regular office hours which makes relationships more personal. The class sizes are small that allows students to get more one on one attention. The campus has some diversity but not a lot. There isn't many parties unless you go off campus.
I was an athlete at MSMU for one year in 2014-2015. I did not have a very good experience my freshman year. One positive was the facilities, other than that, everything could use improvement. The students are stranded, with no food places open in walking distance other than the cafe (until 2am). Majority of the professors seem entitled. Part of the issue is it seems that the school only hires alumni. Which is good but they all seem to be the same types of people.
I really enjoyed the location of the school as well as the people I met along the way. I liked that it was small & the classes were small. However, the psych department was garbage & so unorganized. There were so many horrible teachers I had that just didn't care about their job. They were so wrapped up in their other jobs or outside life & could care less about their students needs. Getting in contact with professors was often times a joke & when you did get time, half the time they could help you because they were to busy with their other teaching job or graduate school. I was really disappointed in the academics of this school as well as the lack of organization throughout administration & the registrar. They have given me the wrong grades that have needed to be corrected as well as lost papers that I've turned in. It's very unprofessional.
Great community and diversity of students. Many clubs and organizations to join. There is a club for anyone and anyone can find what they're interested in.
they have a variety of assistance.
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It's a drug free school.
So far experience has been great!
Security, visible on campus. i do feel safe here.