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I love it all the proffesors students staff and faculty are amazing and care about you and will make you succed. You arent just a number your a person with a name.
I went for my student acceptance day and fell in love with the campus and the people who live there. its literally on the side of the mountain and on the top of the mountain there is the grotto. a very beautiful, calm, and charming place.
I love the smallness of the campus and the classes themselves. You know everyone, and it helps to get more one-on-one time with professors and advisors.
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This school is literally high school 2.0. There’s absolutely nothing to do on or off campus. You’re either in class, sitting in a dorm room, or eating. No where close to go out unless you drive half an hour away. Dorms are terrible, freshman dorms are horrendous with no air conditioning and look like a literal hospital room. No night life or weekend life, people are rude and stingy Catholics. Public safety is rude. Overall too small of a campus with absolutely nothing to do.
What I liked about Mount Saint Mary's was the diversity of thought. Even though it is a catholic school, it would let students be themselves no matter what religious or political preference. I also liked the academics there. I thought the assignments were very thought-out and fair in how they were assigned. Some professors would give us daily readings, and some would extend the dates of important works if needed. The only complaint I had about the university was the cafeteria food. I think the food was average at best, and should add new arrangements or new recipes.
Mount St. Mary's is a great university with really nice teachers but it is very small which means there are not a lot of options academically.
The Mount overall is not a bad university at all. Also, it is not a party school but you can definitely find one. Some professor are good while others like to be a pain. But don't let the discourage you from attending. Kiss up to the teachers.
Although the mount ended up not being the right school for me, it does not make it a bad school because everyone has different preferences. The campus is very beautiful. In the fall the leaves on the trees take on many different colors making the campus look so picturesque. In the winter the snow that covers the campus makes it look so peaceful and beautiful. In the spring and summer time the campus is blooming with so many flowers and plants and is so colorful. The classes are small and intimate and every professor that I had was great. Never rude or condescending. There is also a strong community vibe on campus and many people are kind. I really liked the strong Catholic tradition and how the church was right near the dorms if you ever wanted to go to Sunday morning mass or just meditate. The parties are ok but were not usually fun for me.
This university is great. It is small while offering the classes I want and the activities I want. I'm only in my first year and I'm already learning many new things. The teachers are superb too; they are very smart and considerate. You can tell that they care about their students. I definitely feel like I can make a name for myself from this university.
The cost is super high, it is super small, in the middle of no where, beautiful, and one of the friendliest campuses.
If you are looking to party your four years, do not come here. It is extremely small and you soon recognize 90% of the campus population. There isn't much to do unless you want to drive 20 minutes, but the school throws events constantly such as zip lining, movies, intramural sports, and so much more. They try to make this the best time for you.
The teachers are here to help and support you in any means possible. You get to know them on a personal level due to the small sizes of the classes, rarely exceeding 20 students.
Mount St. Mary's is a very safe and welcoming environment. There are many activities they do to involve the students and get them to try new things. The teachers are welcoming and make time to meet students if they need help with anything, they are very good on one on ones. They could have better food and healthier options, places to eat are far from the school, so it is difficult to get from the school to other places.
Mount St. Mary's is right by the highway, and is easy to access. The students, staff, and faculty are extremely nice and welcoming.
It has the best bang for your buck in term so a master's degree and costs. Although the course load seems to be generic.
So far my experience of living and studying on campus of mount st. marys university has been overwhelming i have learned and changed a lot since i first started in the fall of 2017. It has been a great and rigorous experience personal responsibility becomes more present but also your peers and professors take great interest in you succeeding in all your classes you take no matter who you are and that is very important to me and others who attend this university.
The small class sizes allowed me to feel comfortable to ask questions and learn in the environment in which I learn best. That it is a small school also means that I could join many clubs and activities without being cut. In terms of academic support and faculty support, this school does a great job. The sports programs here are also decent, and attract many athletes and fans. Mount St. Mary's is isolated from any big city or relationship with surrounding towns.
They people there are so nice! Everything from the academics to the diversity is amazing. The campus is so nice, it wasn’t hard to make a decision of where I am going to go to school.
The Mount is very focused on the individual. The professors are very personable and they all remember their students; I have had professors from my freshman year remember me and say hello to me three years later. There are also a large amount of resources available to students to help them with a multitude of issues ranging from choosing classes to searching for jobs. I have never had a truly bad experience at the Mount, and will be very sad to graduate and leave my beautiful mountain home in the spring.
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Its a beautiful campus with really nice faculty but thats all it has to offer. .
I really enjoy everything about the Mount! It is a beautiful school on a gorgeous mountain in rural Emmitsburg, MD. The small student to professor ratio gives each student the opportunity to personally get to know each professor and to build a professional, but personal relationship with each faculty and staff member. The other students and members of the Mount community including coaches, priests, seminarians, and alumni are very involved in the school and try to make the students feel a part of a larger community. I have enjoyed each moment at the Mount because it has become my home away from home! Seriously, I call it home even when I am away from it! If I had to go through the college selection process again, I would still choose the Mount. Even though it is an older school in a country area, the people have made my three years at the Mount feel like I am in the city on a new campus. The community definitely sets the Mount apart from the many schools I toured. I am Mount Proud!
Not a bad school. There were multiple presidents of the school during my time here so there was a lot of confusion regarding the requirements to graduate. When I started here at The Mount there were a certain amount of meetings hosted by the Center for Student Diversity that we had to attend and document but with the transition to a new president those requirements were dropped but was never made known to the entire campus. While some students assumed those requirements were dropped, other students continued to get those credit hours and were disappointed when they found out they wasted their time. Aside from that, we are a small campus. Classes are very small, professors learn everyone's name (I had a professor my second semester of freshman year who still says hello whenever I see her). The atmosphere is great, if you like a lot of drama and excitement, this probably isn't the school for you.