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I enjoy MSJ very much. This is my favorite school ever. I went to MSJ for 1 year so far and it was the best decision ive ever made. I love the community and atmosphere. I love this school so much. I will never go anywhere else. This school has given me a hope for the future and a hope to continue what i love. This school is very important to me. Thank you MSJ! Youre the best.
I absolutely love the professors and the willingness they show in helping students. I am disappointed that the diversity and inclusion program seems to mean very little to the administration. I asked specific questions regarding this when I was deciding on my college choice and was led to believe that the campus diversity and inclusion programs were actively supported by all. I have found that to be far from the truth and am considering a transfer to a campus where I know this to be true.
I really like the school and just sucks that I can't get an loan for school so that I can finish up.
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My class size in grade school was 90 and because of this I new everyone pretty well. My class size in high school was 340 and I didn't like it. I graduated without knowing most people. I was afraid that going to a big college would mean I would have classes in huge auditoriums and I didn't want this. I wanted to be more than just a number; I wanted to be able to build close relationships with my professors. As a result, I chose to look for small schools. I toured Mount St. Joseph University and immediately fell in love. I liked the close knit community feel. Everyone was so welcoming I still feel this way even now. This was the only school I applied to because there was no where else that I could see myself. I would recommend this school because despite being small, there are many opportunities given to you to succeed.
The Mount is a very small school so it is very easy to get to know the university and all the people. The administration and teachers are encouraging and willing to help in any way they can. The buildings and rooms are up to date and maintained well. I feel like it is a safe campus and people look out for each other.
The one thing I would change is the number of locations to eat and how long the cafeterias are open. The cafeteria has limited hours that don’t always meet my needs or the needs of the various student body.
My experience at Mount St. Joseph has been nothing but welcoming and respect. The professors there are always pushing students to do their best. Everyone on campus helps one another. Overall the school is a very friendly confine.
I love the small classroom set up and the teacher to student ratio feels like I'm getting more attention . Certain teachers go above and beyond while others just do what it takes to pass you .
The thing that I like most about Mount St. Joseph University is that if you are having trouble in a class their is always help that for you. They make you feel like you are at home to.
The Mount is more than just a university, it’s a community where you are surrounded by people who truly care about your success and wellbeing.
I'm not the type to be around a lot of people, but the university that I attend is small enough to be private, but diverse and big enough to make you feel like you're not in a ghost town.
The Mount is the perfect sized school with the small class sizes being beneficial to students’ learning. Professors know their students and truly care about their education and wellbeing.
The Mount has a strong feeling of community, however many of its departments, including Liberal Arts, are incredibly underfunded and have felt the hurt of budget cuts. The Mount has a lot of potential, however I feel as though it has many departments and clubs, outside of the D3 athletic department or the nursing department, that need to be fostered and provided the opportunity to grow. The inability to specify whether you want to have an English, History, Philosophy or Religious Studies major, has hindered the education of those who have had to settle for Liberal Arts. The education at the Mount has a foundation of a Liberal Arts core curriculum, thus leaving its majors feel as though they are left with general study.
I like the atmosphere and how friendly everyone is, as well as how approachable and helpful the professors are. I would enjoy the university much better if there was a larger variety of food choices on campus!
This campus is small but very much alive. living on campus is amazing giving me the quick access to participate in activities around campus. never a bad day at the mount
I am a sophomore at the Mount as well as a commuter. Get ready to have small classes and a very short walking distance between them. Being a commuter does distance me a little but the great thing is the Mount is almost always open everywhere, meaning late night study sessions are an option even for commuters on campus. Making connections is almost too easy, it's a natural thing there but it is because they want you to succeed. They also have an AMAZING art education program... something to keep in mind.
This university is really good at making people feeling comfortable, while being stern about keeping grades up. even though they were stern they had many great resources to help the students.
The Mount is a close-knit, caring community where you are welcomed and appreciated for your individual skills and talents.
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I personally love Mount St. Joseph University and I love most of the professors within the school. I am personally a special education major and I am in my senior year. Most of the education professors are wonderful and care about you and your success. There are a select few who are too harsh or do not feel qualified to be a professor. There are many opportunities to get involved on campus. There are endless activities if you live on campus and there is even a Starbucks. If you enjoy being at a small school, you would love the Mount. It is easy to meet new people and to make friends. I love it here, and I am sure most people would too.
I love it here! My orientation was what really sealed the deal! We had a candle lighting we said a prayer and everything. We signed a book with all our names on in it. All the people that I met there were already friends! They just really make you feel like a family. I loved that.
Opportunity to play college football, small class size, professors are involved and caring. Student life is good, food is good. Cincinnati is a great town, sports management degree will give me a lot of opportunities to be successful.
Buildings are a little older and could use some refurbishing, especially the dorm rooms. Overall a great college experience.
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