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Mount Saint Mary College is a lovely campus that has a beautiful view of the Hudson River. The student body and faculty are so welcoming, and willing to lend a helping hand where they’re able to.
This school will cause you so much emotional issues. If you are not a nurse, science, or business major there is no point in going to this school. If you are not 100 percent sure that you going to stay in one of these majors do not go here. The academic advisors and staff are horrible they do not help with anything important. You will unexpectedly end up with no course credits and debits from classes they wouldn't allow you to take but needed. This school is a complete mess and has not had a president for the last four years. I'm surprised this school has not gone under because of the way they waste money on things that the student don't actually need or use. All of the facilities that you will see on the tour are the only good ones everything else in this school is falling apart.
They have been nothing but kind and generous towards me. It was very hard to leave my old school but I am glad I came to this school because they made transferring an easy adjustment for me.
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Small school experience means not getting lost in the crowds. A sense of potential intimacy with teachers, professors and guidance personnel.
The second I stepped onto the Mount's campus, I fell in LOVE. The scenery, academics, and atmosphere are what influenced me into choosing a school like this. The Mount is a small community, which allows students to form connections with each other, giving each student a special bond wth one another as well as their professors. The professors work with you and they're extremely approachable whenever you need help; they will never turn you away. Overall, the Mount has become a second home to me and it gives me the support I need in order to succeed.
I love the Mount. The college is small and has a nice home-like feel to it but it is also big enough to see new faces. The school is diverse and very open to all people. You won't feel out of place here.
Mount Saint Mary College is located in the beautiful Hudson Valley. The campus overlooks the Hudson River and the views are breathtaking. Mount Saint Mary's College Alumni receive an excellent return on their investment.
It would be lovely to see more diversity on the campus. Overall the school is alright. In terms of classroom size, expect to see class sizes with under 30 students depending on major.
This school was my first choice when I was applying for colleges. It's a beautiful and small campus, but there's just enough people that you don't feel smothered by the small population. My professors all know me by name and take the time to really help all of their students learn and grow. There's always something going on and every event, even if it turns out not to be the best event, has its perks to it. I honestly love it here and wouldn't trade it for another school.
Love the school, a lot happens, is fun. the food is good eat it all the time I also like the teachers and staff they are kind and really understanding.
Mount Saint Mary feels like home away from home. It is a close community with a beautiful view. Their dorms are the best looking dorms I have seen in my college looking process.
Overall the school is great for Nursing and Education majors. There are some pros to the school, but is definitely is a huge commuter.
My experience while attending Mount Saint Mary College has been pleasant. The college overlooks the beautiful Hudson River and Mount Beacon. I feel like I'm receiving the best education there. The class sizes are small, which makes it easy to have nice classroom debate and discussion. My only negative remark about this school is it's financial aid office, on how they handle issues students have. In early to mid November, I was notified by the school that NYS TAP had denied me. A staff member of the financial aid office told me to just "ask my parents to give me the remaining money I owed to the school." I thought that was insensitive for them to say that because they shouldn't assume a student receives support from their parents, and I am a student who does not receive help from their parents in any way.
Mount Saint Mary is a great school, the professors are always there to help you and available 24/7. The work load is a lot but at the end they are preparing you for your future and grand school.
The mount has a lovely campus and a beautiful view. The college has made many changes this year. One of those changes was the food service, something almost everyone has complained about, but it has gotten so much better. The professors are really nice and willing to help and the library is a great place to get some studying done if you don't mind walking the hill.
When approaching my senior year in high school, I had to make a life changing decision in choosing a college. After visiting various colleges, I was most impressed with what Mount Saint Mary College was able to offer me. In four years, I will be graduating with a degree in Education Technology, which is second to none and have a wonderful job on campus. Throughout my time here, I plan to stay active and meet new people from all over the world. I believe that the career center will help me get a great internship, which will give me more experience into the field I'm striving for. If you want to come to a small liberal arts college where you can gain a quality education and have four years of fun, Mount Saint Mary is the place to be. So why not come here when the tuition is affordable and is located halfway between Albany and the city? It will make it a whole lot easier to commute!
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Greek life is not a huge part of college
The college has a nice staff. The campus is very beautiful and probably the best part about this college. The dorm rooms are pretty big and clean. There are friendly kids here but some tend to be very lazy.
If anything goes down they look into it and try to accommodate everyone
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