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My experience was okay here. I enjoyed the friends that I made and the professors. I would change the parking and the food.
I like the fact that Mount Marty College is a small college, so you end up knowing a bunch of people from all grades. You aren’t just a number, your professors will take time to get to know you and they will help you when you are struggling with the material presented in class.
Mount Marty is one of my favorite places to return to time and time again. I enjoyed my time there, immensely. It's a great, small enough campus with a loving community. You have small class sizes and it's not overwhelming. The people are great and very friendly. I don't think I would change anything about this wonderful college, the campus, or the community.
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The community is great, most teachers are very helpful; however, the facilities are terrible. Also, the tuition goes up yearly just to help renovate unnecessary things such as the carpet in a certain building but not the dorms with broken sinks, showers, toilets, and radiators
The nursing program is great. Very educational and pushes you to know your information. The dorms are great very spacious with lots of storage. We have lots of community benifits.
All of the students in this program have to pass a background check prior to being accepted, so I feel very safe at my school. Many of the students in this program have families and there are no safety issues.
The school has recruiters from hospitals and the military come and discuss future career options with the students. We The professors advocate on joining professional organizations to stay involved in the advancements and politics in the field of nurse anesthesia. The career center is on the main campus which is over an hour away, so I have not had any opportunities to visit it. Mount Marty College of Anesthesia is the only anesthesia program in the state. It prepares the students well and has very high pass rates on the certification exam. I will be well prepared when I leave this program.
The nurse anesthesia campus is about an hour and a half away from the main campus, so I don't get the option to attend many of the athletic events.
Many of the anesthesia professors at Mount Marty College have been practicing in the field for many years and not only lecture on the content from textbooks, but can relate it to their own clinical experiences to help tie the textbook to real life situations. Not only do they push us to be successful in the classroom, but also in the community where we come together as a school, take time out of their busy lives and textbooks, to volunteer and help those in need. This school prepares us not only to be experts in our field, but also as humanitarians.
The people at Mount Marty are friendly and outgoing. The professors and student tutors are there to help you achieve your academic goals. Despite it being a dry campus, alcohol use may be a problem among variety of students on campus.
My first year at Mount Marty College was somewhat okay. I believe that the amount of schooling should add up to the dorms, meals, price of textbooks, etc. That is not the case. Other than that, Mount Marty College is a great school to gain more knowledge in the career I would like to obtain.
Our school requires students to live on campus. To make the students stay on campus, this crappy college takes away 28% from the students hard worked for scholarships, and also from their well deserved grants. It is bull sh*t.

Also, since the state would not let MMC raise tuition, the college is undercutting the students by raising the meal plan/housing prices by at least $1000 per year.
We have no student discounts, which the college should absolutely fix. There are plenty of fast food places; however.
Drugs/alcohol are a problem for some. Also there have been many noise issues. The parking is the worst. However, I believe they should be less strict about visitation in the dorms, even if this is a catholic college.
Parties are okay for socializing, in my opinion. They bring people closer together and bond them. However, I do not party often at all (3 times,) and even then I only attended the party and did not drink or do drugs like other students.
This is one of the few processes that is efficient and not a hassle at MMC. Submitting the FASFA on line is the only part that is sometimes a hassle. Other than that, the college does its job efficiently.
The campus food's staff is either lacking enough people to work efficiently, or they do not work hard enough. Salad bar is quite often never refilled, as well as there are frequent problems of undercooked chicken and other meats. The stir-fry line is always too long and takes almost a half hour to go through, that students leave there unsatisfied daily. This line is the last section of the food line, so when it gets long, students have to cut in and out between other students, just to get some of the other food behind the stir fry line. Very poor set up.
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Cost. Couldn't increase tuition, so increased housing but $5000 next year. System is not fair for housing process as well. Poor RA system.
Our school is big into diversity and we want to make sure everyone is treated equal and that no one should be left out from activities because of their background of any kind.
It is not the big school but if your looking for a party it is not hard to find a party. Their are also different activities if you don't want to partake in drinking. But bars are few blocks away from campus and it is easy to find a sober driver.
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