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The school has an extremely friendly staff and students that make you feel like family. The campus is surrounded by a lush forest and feels like it's own little village. There is tons of wildlife running around including baby bunnies and turkeys everywhere. There is lots of space to go for walks or study on the grass, it is a very calming place. As for education, the teachers are seen as not only someone you love to see every morning but someone you feel you can trust.
During the Mount Ida summer design week I felt at home when staying in dorms, and doing graphic design work.
The main thing that I loved about Mount Ida College was the student to teacher ratio. It was smaller classes and every single one of my teachers was very dedicated to teaching and wanted to make sure we were not only understanding the topic, but ENJOYING it. I'm very grateful for the professors that went the extra mile and I will never forget them. They even continue to give me great advice and I gradated 6 years ago!
The only thing that I would have liked to see change was the dorms and living conditions. Some of them were very outdated but I know they were working on that.
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I think mount Ida college is a great school. It one big happy family and they start you off in your major very early into your sophomore year of college. The professors are very helpful on talking with you about your grades and going on with your career in the future also.
The people that i have met and are amazing. My professors have been such a huge help and the sense of community. The cost of tuition needs to improve and the amount of dorms.
freshman year courses program are broken, the campus life is what you make of it, and the dean only shows up to 2 events all year.
Mount Ida definitely makes you fee like everyone can be a part of the school no matter your race, grade, or major. Most professors put in a lot of effort to make sure you understand the material and are happy to have 1 on 1 time with you to help you if you are falling behind on something. It is a great school!
If you are a student-athlete looking to play football for this program I recommend looking elsewhere solely for the fact of one particular coach by the name of coach chapman. His recruiting tactics are misleading and dishonest. He does not care about any of the kids he coaches, on or off the field. His only concern is to make a name for himself. I speak from experience as a parent who fell prey to his deception.
I love everything about the school. But if I could make a few minor changes, then I would. For starters, I would want there to be more events that commuter students can attend; so that we do not feel left out. I would also want some type of lockers to be able to put my books in, while I wait for my next classes. As a commuter student, this would be helpful so that I do not have to carry my heavy backpack all around campus. I have a bad shoulder and having lockers would be a huge help. Other than these two things, everything else about Mount Ida is fine.
i am planning a tour and so far what i heard about it and the research i did, I'm highly impressed. it has my major of psychology and it seems like a big opportunity for me to study in this facility and capture my dream as a life coach.
The school is good academically but if you have the option, do not live on campus. The people here are rude and disrespectful. Pay thousands to live with a bunch of animals. RAs and Res Life do not help at all. It is a small campus so there isn't much to do but it's nice that the city is so close. Not worth it if you are going for a more popular/common major found in other schools.
My experience at Mount Ida College wasn't good. There is not much to do here other than come back from class and watch sucky sports.
This school offers exceptional programs and offers the kind of diversity that students want in a school i highly recommend attending or at the very least applying to mount ida believe me this is a upcoming school with lots of student life from within the student body.
it was a really interesting college to go and see. i would definitely love to go here. the campus was really nice and the location was perfect.
Mount Ida College is located in a safe area in the town of Newton. It is a small campus that entails a tight knit community between faculty and students. The professors are here to help you be successful. There are free tutors and peer mentors on campus ready to assist if you find yourself in need of help. Everyone is really friendly here you can't walk to class without someone saying hi or asking how you're doing.
So far it has been a good experience and I'm looking forward for the rest of the time I have here
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Some of the professors in my field also work in the field so they are up to date on what is happening in the field.
In my program we have a great number of places that will take us for internships. It will be very easy to get into an internship that I want.
I feel pretty safe walking on campus in the dark. I do worry sometimes when someone is near. I try to walk with a friend when possible.
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