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Mount Holyoke College is a lovely, accepting institution. It creates a beautiful community of bright students who engage in rigorous academic discourse in and out of the classroom. Though at times the administration is a bit self-serving and secretive, all the positives outweigh this part. My only suggestion is that they make good on their promise of being a liberal and progressive institution by becoming a sanctuary campus and divesting from fossil fuels. But otherwise it is a great place for a student wanting an academic challenge and looking for a loving community that will be supportive and understanding no matter your background.
At Mount Holyoke College, everyone is really nice and the academics are of high ranking. You are introduced to new programs and connections with other colleges as well. They also have a variety of majors and courses to choose from and along with it comes helpful advising and encouragement form peers and staff. During the day, you see the seasonal change in the environment around and breathe in the fresh air. Also, to help with stress, professors are amazing with helping with whatever you need.
My experience at Mount Holyoke was overall very good. I played varsity basketball and was very connected with the athletics on campus. It is a very diverse school with a lot of great people.
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I have only been here for two months, but I am very confident that I made the right decision in coming here. The campus is absolutely gorgeous. MHC is consistently ranked in the top 10 for best campus and nicest dorms. Professors here want to be here teaching and helping their students. There are so many programs throughout the week to make MHC students more successful in their classes, internships, interviews, and future jobs. We have over 100 clubs, so there is something for everyone. Traditions such as Mountain Day, Founders Day, Elfing, First Year Plants, and Pangy Day enrich the campus and connect current students to past generations. Attending a women's college and specifically MHC has bolstered my confidence and self esteem.
I love MoHo for its diversity and career education but don’t put me in a double room that is as big as a single room.
The campus is absolutely beautiful - both in the fall and winter. It's basically like going to Hogwarts. Mount Holyoke is also very generous with financial aid, especially for international students as they're also working towards increasing the diversity on campus. I genuinely prefer the small class sizes in contrast to the large lecture halls in other colleges because the professors actually get to know their students and vice versa which comes in handy when it comes to letter of recommendations.
Good school. Interesting vibe, and had a hard first semester, but when I figure out how to go off campus on the weekend, joined a sports team it became a lot better.
I 'm coming as a freshman; however, I have visited campus and meet some of the students and faculty members. They all were very welcoming to students in the program I attended. They atmosphere is very friendly and peaceful. Professors allowed us to attend their classes and we were able to ask questions. Overall, an excellent experience, and I can't wait till I become an official freshman.
The academics are great, but the department requirements and lack of diverse courses and lack of diverse course times makes it nearly impossible to finish your major. The administration is against you, they are very cheap and do not listen to the student body or student government.
Financial aid will screw you btw. Although MHC says they will meet 100% need-based aid, they are the one who decided how much you need, which will be very little. You will come out of MHC with the same amount of loans as anywhere else BE WARNED.
Mount Holyoke provides multiple opportunities for students to thrive academically. Internships, study abroad, research opportunities, Mount Holyoke has it all!
Mount Holyoke is a great school if you're looking for community and academics. The area is pretty quiet though but you can go into Amherst or Northampton to do more.
Mount Holyoke College is a liberal arts college located in South Hadley, MA. Its student community is comprised of people from across the world and from all different backgrounds and identities. The thing they have in common is a striving for excellence and a pursuit for justice and ethical practices. The professors employed at MHC are incredibly qualified on the whole, and give ample instruction and direction to students. MHC is also a part of the 5-College Consortium, which allows students to take courses at the neighboring Smith College, Amherst College, Hampshire College, and University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
I just completed my first year at Mount Holyoke and I really love it there. The professors really care about their students, and the campus is beautiful.
My experience at Mount Holyoke has in no way lived up to my expectations. Mount Holyoke is a great school for many people, but for a very specific type of person. I was excited for such a high degree of diversity, however, be warned that everyone at this school thinks/acts/feels very similarly. Yes, there is a lot of racial, ethnical, sexual, and gendered diversity but that does not mean that there is diversity of opinion/thought. There is a prominent movement for inclusion which is great but I find it to be an "up in your face" movement where students spend a whole lot of time pointing fingers and not enough time truly embracing their college experience. Also, the school is incredible about emphasizing self-care which is so important for college students. Yet, this movement eliminates opportunities to take risks, and this vibe is especially annoying in the athletic department as the sport that I am a member of is very recreational.
Mount Holyoke College is the best decision I have ever made! There is a huge variety in terms of nightlife on campus and off. Whatever Mount Holyoke and South Hadley lack, the other college towns and schools make up for. The best professors you'll find. Great sense of community. Wonderful traditions. It feels like a summer camp with homework.
Mount Holyoke is an incredibly diverse and inclusive community. My experience here has been nothing but positive. The academics are interesting and challenging and the professors are easy to talk to.
Mount Holyoke is a liberal environment with more conservative administration. Its a really good school for academics, but get to be studying all the time. There is a stress culture here. The student body is wonderful, but the administration is not so wonderful. If you have a problem that needs to be solved get ready to be aggravated. Also housing is mostly singles and doubles. The rooms are nice for some of the dorms, others are very small and uncomfortable. I wish that they had more suite/ apartment living. Another thing is when you randomly get assigned a roommate, its a hit or complete miss and then its nearly impossible to try and move because of roommate complications.
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My experience at Mount Holyoke has been exemplary so far! The academics are hard, but fair. The professors are dedicated to their work and their students, and most of the people are genuinely excited to learn and change the world.
Mount Holyoke is a fantastic women's college in Massachusetts. I visited in March 2015, and I had a wonderful experience. Campus is beautiful, the people are friendly, our tour guide was extremely competent, and I came away feeling inspired.
Mount Holyoke College is an amazing institution. The faculty and staff are amazing, the students are brilliant, and the campus and facilities are wonderful.
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