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Graduated 4 years ago, still recalling my time there with great fondness. Mount Holyoke is truly a special place, where a strong sisterhood is actively fostered by the various traditions that Mount Holyoke strives to keep. The academics is absolutely rigorous, and I am still constantly in touch with my professors, who have become mentors in life. I understand as a single sex college, Mount Holyoke (along with others) are struggling to define themselves in this time and age. But I truly believe the single sex environment helps women find their own voice and realize we are capable of everything.
Mount Holyoke is an amazing college filled with amazing people. The opportunities for personal growth and community betterment are vast and varied. While not perfect for everyone, every woman-aligned individual should consider Mount Holyoke, where every aspect of your life can flourish.
August 31st, 2018 I officially became a Freshman at MHC and it's currently September 26, 2018, almost a month into my "Firstie" experience, and I have really made the right choice in coming here from South Florida. From the people I've met and the friends I've made to the amazing vegan food in the Dining Commons (A.K.A Super Blanche), my experience here has been nothing short of stimulating. My classes are mostly small, my largest class has over 30 students, my residence hall and dorm are large and inviting. Everyone here is kind and accepting and you can really feel and see the community. I also work in the Dining Commons 3x a week, for Work Study, and it is manageable and fits perfectly into my schedule. There are regular parties and events both on and off campus and the PVTA takes students almost everywhere. Anyone considering MHC or not sure if it's the place for them should do as much research as possible, and feel free to contact me personally >>
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It's an empowering environment where you are encouraged to step out of your comfort zone. Many caring professors even after graduation!
Mount Holyoke is an incredible college that I’m lucky to attend. In my first year of attending Mhc, I’ve done incredible things and I’m excited to see where my next three years take me.
It took me a semester to actually figure out what I was doing, but I eventually found out what was going on, where things were, and people I could hang out with. The education is absolutely stellar. I've been made to think about things that I never would have thought about, and think about other things in ways that I would not have. The academics are unmatched. It is hard, but if you like a challenge, you will be challenged. If you haven't fit in anywhere, that simple fact will make you fit in at MHC, but you will still maintain your uniqueness.
The student body, for the most part, is passionate, caring, and active. They speak out, even when it means speaking out against the administration.
It is very welcoming and the professors care for you. The professors want to see you succeed and will help you. They notice when you are not in class. You are a name and not a number.
Mount Holyoke is a gorgeous school with an incredible academic program, historic traditions, and of course, M&C's. As a historically women's college, I thought I would miss being at a co-ed school. However, this is not the case. I love being in an environment I feel comfortable in and was able to make friends I really care about. I am giving Mount Holyoke a 4 out of 5 stars because, although I love it, it still has its issues. I wish Mount Holyoke had a more diverse faculty, especially in regards to the history program. I also wish that I had received more financial aid, though many people I know are very happy with the amount they receieved.
Mount Holyoke is a good school. The campus has very diverse students who are willing to share their stories. I got learn about the world through the students I have met here.
Mount Holyoke is such an amazing and supportive place. The professors our outstanding and the students are so kind, genuine, and passionate. I really feel like I am becoming a better person every day I am here.
Mount Holyoke is not for everyone, but as a nascent liberal academically-minded feminist, it was the perfect place for me to explore my identity and politics in a friendly, safe, and welcoming space. Professors were amazing. It was a bit of a cocoon, for better or for worse - by my final semester, I was very ready to leave - but in retrospect, I could not have picked a better college for me. It will always have a place in my heart.
I went to Mount Holyoke even though it is a women’s college but ended up valuing it so deeply because it is a women’s college. I learned to use my voice. I learned to work hard. I felt valued, supported, and challenged all at once. Mount Holyoke truly changed the course of my life. I am deeply grateful.
Wonderful place to explore interests and encounter challenging ideas; academically rigorous; tight-knit community steeped in tradition; very small and self-selective.
I have really enjoyed the atmosphere of non competitiveness with other students. The only one you're agains is yourself to achieve higher standards than previously. The campus is beautiful and there are many small study areas that are perfect hunker down in.
Mount Holyoke College is a top notch women's college that offers diversity and supurb academics. The professors are amazing, knowledgeable and make each class interesting. Everyone going to Mount Holyoke takes their academics very seriously and are accepting and friendly. The campus is beautiful and there is a lot of history within this small college. I would highly recommend to any woman who wants a quality education to go to Mount Holyoke College.
Mount Holyoke College has a beautiful campus and an even more beautiful community. Every student I have met is engaged in their coursework, active in both the community and the world, and is supportive to each other. The teachers ensure you get a wonderful education during your time there and go above and beyond.
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Mount Holyoke College is an amazing school for those seeking a liberal arts education. Students are given the opportunity to take different types of classes and explore the various departments at the college. Class sizes are small which allows for more one on one time with professors who make the time to get to know you. The Mount Holyoke College community is accepting of individuals from all backgrounds which fosters a good living-learning relationship among students at the college.
I'm big on academics so that is what I based my rating on. The counselors know how to guide students into the right direction in terms of what career they see themselves occupying; if students are not sure of their path, there are a plethora of classes to take to figure it out. Besides the academics, there are Division 3 sports and recreational sports including basketball, volleyball, field hockey, and many others. The location of the school is more on the suburban side but there are buses that come everyday (some free ones!) that take students off campus and into more city atmospheres. In addition, students can take classes at other schools in the area that not only count for credit but allow for students to make more friends.
Mount Holyoke College is an oasis of learning in itself. It is a wonderful environment for all types of people, especially because of its liberal environment. It is a space to explore self-identity and to be accepted in every step of the way. It is a place where your academic passions across the board meet, as requirements for completing a major are well-paced and there is plenty of space to explore passions outside your major. The campus is relatively small and accessible from all residence halls. Faculty and staff are renowed and more available to students here than anywhere else.
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