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Mount Carmel College of Nursing Reviews

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Mount Carmel College of Nursing is a great program because you are straight into the nursing right away. The College isn’t too big so class sizes are smaller than a big university, you get more one on one time with professors. Most professors are very understanding and help out as much as they can.
I enjoy being a part of this college because everyone is super nice and helpful. The advisors and staff are great! They answer emails super fast, usually with a very detailed and thought out response, and sometimes I could just hug them! The instructors genuinely care about you and want to see you succeed. I've never been to a more friendly place. My only issue is that they advertise that tuition is $10,000 a year. Which is true for the first year... But then my tuition went up to $13,000 A SEMESTER.
MCCN prepares you extremely well to become a competent and knowledgeable Nurse. Leadership of the college, and staff does change frequently. That is the only thing I would personally like to be changed.
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I love the size of the classes. It’s smaller so there’s more chances to get to know your professors & they all take extra steps to ensure each student has what they need to succeed.
Mount carmel is a great school for students looking for a rigorous program. The classes here teach you exactly what you need to know. But there are some issues that arise, which of course happens with many schools. Also, make sure you consider the financial cost of the school.
As a second semester freshmen, I am pleased to say Mount Carmel College of Nursing will prepare me for the real world of Nursing. Everyone of my professors is helpful and wishes for success throughout the program.
I am currently a junior at Mount Carmel College of Nursing in the 4 year BSN program and I barely could say anything bad about the program. The college is nursing focused and provides a wonderful and focused program. Basic classes like A&P and Microbiology are done in the first year, and sophomore year progresses to the foundational nursing classes. All of the instructors are very knowledgeable, pleasant, and helpful. The general atmosphere is very comfortable and they have many resources for students such as academic support, an open computer lab with printers, a library with excellent knowledgeable staff, a rec room with recliners, and even a coffee shop. I love being a part of the school and feel right at home there.
The professors are determined and want to see you succeed.
Security is alright could be better
Every one scouts from my school
I don't live on campus
We don't have Greek life
We don't do many sports
Not all professors are organized
I would recommend walking in a group when it is dark out. Other than that, it is not bad.
I'm glad I chose this school. I love it overall, I believe I have met some life-long friends. Also the school is very rewarding and I'm not worried about getting a job after school. I believe the only downsides are the difficulty level and sometimes I feel as if I miss out on the traditional college experience.
I believe that if you go to Mount Carmel College of Nursing, staff tries their best to get you a job at Mount Carmel as soon as possible.
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Although I personally do not live on campus, I have several friends that do and I have stayed over many times. The convenience is great, it is right across from school, but it is not in the best area, so you need to make sure you always have someone to walk with, which can be inconvenient at times. They are some of the most spacious dorms I have ever seen. They are a decent price for what you get, but it seems like the RA's are very in your face about enforcing the rules, including an early curfew, no guys over past a certain time, no alcohol even if you are 21, etc.
Mount Carmel is mainly girls, so we do not have any varsity sports such as Football. I believe many people would be interested in have sport options through the school, but the school does provide a gym.
It is a very rewarding school. I feel like it is a little fast pace and that certain professors make the curriculum very hard, but it is very rewarding. I believe this is why it is a credited course and will help us out a lot in our careers.
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