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I love the people because you get 1 on 1 with professors and students. Also, the class sizes are small which I LOVE!! It is a beautiful campus with good security and amazing up to date facilities for commuters and on campus students.
I loved the atmosphere of their college. It’s in a very rural area and their medical programs are highly accredited and respected.
I have just recently tranferred to MAC. I fell in love with how pretty the campus was, and the fact that it is a smaller campus. The professors are always more than willing to answer questions you may have, or take the one on one time needed to help you understand the material. I would definitely reccommend the school to anyone!
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The campus is very quiet and provides a great study atmosphere. The classrooms are smaller than average therefor giving more time for one on one interaction with professors. They have a great reputation for being safe and secure.
The fact that it is a smaller college is wonderful. The professors really get a chance to get to know their students and there is more opportunity for one on one help.
I love the sense of community the college has. It is a smaller campus, so you get to know your professors and fellow students very well. I have only been on campus one year and I have already developed friendships with several of the college administrators. They try to get to know the students by name and the president is someone who you see walking around campus frequently.
Mount has been very academically inclined, especially with the professors. I also found my internship with the state government through a presentation that was given during my accounting class. Morale of the school isn't great, except around Mountie Madness. It would be nice to see a day the school could bring in dogs for the students, such as bringing the dogs into the library and let students play with them as a break during midterms or finals. To add to that, a food truck on campus would be an excellent idea, even if it's only for the weekends. Bingo is a success among the students at Mount. Another idea would be like an activities day where there is a cornhole tournament, four legged race, or kan jam.
Overall, being a student at Mount Aloysius college helped me adjust into life as an emerging adult, and also helped me grow as a person. The Mount offered a safe and lively campus to live on and a community that I became proud to be a part of. The school gives each student a chance to be involved with clubs, sports, and campus gatherings.
Mount Aloysius College is a small private school with a lot of personal attention. The majority of the faculty is very caring and willing to help any way possible. I would suggest other schools for nursing (RN) but feel that there is a strong business program after attending both programs.
My experience at Mount Aloysius has made me grow as an individual. There are so many diverse programs offered as well as organizations you can participate in. What I like the most about the Mount is the people and all the different cultures. If I would have the opportunity to change something it would be how expensive the tuition and housing is.
I love how much the professors care about the students. For me, it was nice to go to a school that wasn't centered around partying. I think they definitely need to have more food options, since you really only have the choice to eat in the dining hall or go off campus. The campus is in a very rural area in the mountains so it's secluded from City areas. Take that how you will. I think there could definitely be a lot more racial diversity but it can be difficult because of the surrounding demographic.
This is a gorgeous college that is constantly updating. The medical programs are top in the state and the other programs are becoming better known as well.
The campus has its perks and some downfalls. For one the campus really can be beautiful especially when you are walking back from the library on the downward slop. The college also offers multiple options to help you succeed. They offer free tutoring, your advisors and some of the offices really try to help you succeed and help to point you in the right direction when you yourself are feeling lost. The college even offers free counseling. Even if you are just having an off day or had a big fight with some friends or family, they really help you get through your problems and help make you feel as though you are becoming a better person dealing with some things and being the bigger person. The few down sides of going to the Mount, are for one its pretty pricey. The weather although has its nice days, the snow is awful.
Mount Aloysius College was my home and not only was I taught there, but I was mentored there into the thoughtful and aware person I am today. Growth is a must at the Mount.
So far, I have had wonderful experiences during my time here at MAC. The professors are wonderful, and they are very willing to help you one-on-one and in class. The dorms, especially St. Joe's could be better; however, for Freshman Living, they serve their purpose. The food is iffy and only seems to have quality taste when there is a major event on campus. The Campus Ministry and MAC's strong adherence to the Catholic faith and the Mercy Values are my favorite part of living and studying here. Overall, the campus is beautiful and the academics are superb. I really do love it here.
I love the small class sizes and personable aspect. A few logistics with scholarships and the track for coursework could be improved. The food could also be improved.
I like being able to get know everyone on campus because of the small size. You make many friends and are able to properly know your professors, allowing you to succeed in your classes.
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The college is boring with nothing to do around the area. The faculty pretend to care with maybe 1 professor in the semester actually caring otherwise good luck with finding help.
The admissions team, teachers, administration etc. Were so helpful, kind and more than willing to text, email, call and send letters in order to keep me on top of the process and informed.
The small class sizes and proximity to home was the best part. In my major there was diffidently some favoritism and judgement depending if you played a sport.