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Mount Aloysius College was my home and not only was I taught there, but I was mentored there into the thoughtful and aware person I am today. Growth is a must at the Mount.
So far, I have had wonderful experiences during my time here at MAC. The professors are wonderful, and they are very willing to help you one-on-one and in class. The dorms, especially St. Joe's could be better; however, for Freshman Living, they serve their purpose. The food is iffy and only seems to have quality taste when there is a major event on campus. The Campus Ministry and MAC's strong adherence to the Catholic faith and the Mercy Values are my favorite part of living and studying here. Overall, the campus is beautiful and the academics are superb. I really do love it here.
I love the small class sizes and personable aspect. A few logistics with scholarships and the track for coursework could be improved. The food could also be improved.
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I like being able to get know everyone on campus because of the small size. You make many friends and are able to properly know your professors, allowing you to succeed in your classes.
The college is boring with nothing to do around the area. The faculty pretend to care with maybe 1 professor in the semester actually caring otherwise good luck with finding help.
The admissions team, teachers, administration etc. Were so helpful, kind and more than willing to text, email, call and send letters in order to keep me on top of the process and informed.
The small class sizes and proximity to home was the best part. In my major there was diffidently some favoritism and judgement depending if you played a sport.
The college has great academics but lacks in activities it’s a very boring campus. The food could definitely use an upgrade. The dorms are not as nice as other schools but get better as you progress. Overall it’s a great school and I recommend it to seriously scholars.
Great Experience. Friendly faculty and staff that are always willing to help. Wish others of different backgrounds and races would learn about the school to make it more diverse.
I am not sure how many people it takes to make a decision on admissions but I am an alum & it still took weeks to get my letter. I thought that was too long of a process.
I love it at the Mount. The teachers are extremely helpful and do anything the can to see you succeed.
Some of the staff at Mount Aloysius College are very UNPROFESSIONAL, especially certain security guards (the head). They are extremely rude and inconsiderate. They feel it is okay to invade your room and personal belongings to assert themselves if you attempt to argue your case.
I really enjoy Mount Aloysius because it seems to me as if we were all just one big family. I'm so glad I chose Mount Aloysius over any other college because it a friendly environment.
The campus is absolutely beautiful, the staff, administration and professors are all so friendly. It seems like it is going to be a family-like atmosphere. On my tour, it's like everybody knows everybody. I'm 26 years old, so going back to school was a little intimidating, but I feel welcome, and it feels like home.
You can tell which professors want to be there and which want to be there even less than the students. The curriculum is decent and they have a great nursing program.
They are as flexible as they can be. They offer online classes and plenty of night classes. They also offer some classes in different towns around so it is easier for people that way as well.
Online classes are good. They have a big work load for the week, but in my opinion I have always did well in them and the professors still are available to help you out most of the time.
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I have to be honest here I am not familiar with the post grad services.
They offer tons of different classes! Anytime I had a question about anything someone knew the answer to it, even if it wasn't your adviser.
This will be my first year in the Biology major. I have heard many, many things about the major though so I'm looking forward to it!