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Moultrie Technical college has helped me a lot throughout my high school and college years! Thanks to them, I'm close to getting my associates degree!
Moultrie technical college which is not southern regional technical college is a great college they go above and beyond to help you get the education you want. They work around your schedule and help you find jobs and internship in the particular feild your studying for I love this school!
I am currently a Cosmetology Student at Moultrie Technical College. The professors are great. They won't stop helping until you understand how to do what you are confused with.
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I would recommend it to everyone.
The admissions staff do not know what they are doing half of the time. I had to pay a late registration fee for a mistake that the staff made. Also an advisor messed up my schedule by dropping One of my classes before adding another class. She didn't check to see if the other class was available but it was full. She tried to add back the class she dropped and it was full. So I had to take another class instead. I ended up going on bannerweb and fixing my schedule myself.
I have had a great experience at this school.
I have clue what that is.
I really don't like online classes because I do no learn at much when I'm in class.
They have no clue what they are doing.
Some professors are not helping us the way they should be.
The teacher is great. He teaches all his students and he helps us.
not sure. this is my first semester.
what i have noticed it is a nice campus. this is my first semester.
good for some students. not for me. i need accountability.
Most of the resources we have are good; I just wish we had more resources such as a workout room or a walking track and more places to sit outside with some flowers, etc. (I am on the Tifton campus)
There is a program called WIA to help with school expenses that financial aid doesn't cover (for those who qualify). They pay $20 a day for gas which is very helpful and also are going to pay for my uniforms.
The computer lab and library are most always open with an available computer, and I have had very few network problems. I've had no trouble with printing. They just would like us to print wisely and use both sides of the paper to conserve paper.
Review Moultrie Technical College
My School Has Large Variety – My school consist of a large variety of people. Theres young adults fresh out of high school to older adults who have been laid off. Some are very serious and others are not. MTC has a good reputation for weeding out the less serious students due to the advice that is offered and some selection processes.
I Love College – The main reason i chose this school was because it is local and has the program i wanted to attend. It works well around my schedule. All of the teachers are very friendly and helpful. The program i chose to attend has a very good reputation.
Very Versatile – The school is set up to fit the needs of many differnt people and the lives they carry.
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