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I attended Mott Community College after I finished my four year degree at a University. Overall I had a better experience with Mott. I found the teachers there to be astronomically better. They really cared about the students. The best part though is that I was able to pay for almost all of my classes with cash because tuition is so cheap there. I recommend anyone to take their foundation classes here.
I will be attending Mott Community College in Fall of 2018, Overall just the process to get everything in order is fairly simple and all staff are willing to help
I personally would like to see more opportunities in the arts, specifically implement a fashion program hopefully for future students.
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Mott has been great for my educational goals. This is the only community college in my area that offers degrees in my field of study.
I love the fact that you have easy accessibility to your schedule, registration, emailing professors, account, and pretty much anything on their website. The Advising Staff is very helpful when it comes to choosing your classes and career path. I went in last week to ask a question about doing an internship at a police department and the adviser helped me to plan out and set up my classes and pathway so I can join the Police Academy in 2019, which I didn't think I would've been able to do. The staff and professors I have had go above and beyond to help you out and I couldn't be more appreciative of them and Mott. The campus is beautiful too.
I've been a duall enrolled student at the Mott Middle College since 10th grade. The courses were free and my high school advisors handled all the paperwork and when I was ready they taught me how to do things on my own. So once I enrolled at the college after I graduated I was familiar with the campus, the professors, and the student body. Mott is an amazing program for high school and college student and it's very affordable.
There are a lot of really cool programs. The student body is also very diverse. Every teacher I’ve had I really liked.
I absolutely love Mott Community College. I was terrified of college, but the professors were so welcoming and friendly that all of my worries went away. I hated high school because of the students and the lack of respect. Mott's students have been so nice and I am very surprised I actually like going here! I wish it were a 4 year college, but other than that no complaints.
The college professors were extremely helpful and excited about teaching. the education from professors was is well received. The counselors on the other hand lacked information about general questions any student would have. This made scheduling classes difficult and set back a lot of students on starting their programs.
I like Mott Community College a lot because it is more personal then other community colleges. You walk through the halls and professors recognize you and say hi. The school has a great environment where the students care for the community. I am apart of 3 clubs here and love it. We do a lot of community service and get students involved.
Mott community college does not care about its students whatsoever. They are only about money, and not about anything else to help students.
I’m loving being in my program and this school. It is viceroy easy to get to each class as all the buildings are centered around each other. The staff and faculty are very helpful if you need anything and the school is constantly growing to the best of its ability.
Mott Community College is a great educational institution to attend, not only because it is affordable, but also because there are great college courses offered at Mott Community College. There are also various clubs to join at Mott Community College as well.
I've met a lot of passionate students and professors here, but I've also met my fair share on the opposite side of the spectrum. Professors hold grudges, and they also keep those grudges in mind when grading things. I got a 94% in a class and actively participated, but because of a negative interaction, I received a 3.5. I personally cannot stand this university, and if it weren't so relatively affordable I'd leave.
I really enjoy the teachers and their willingness to help you acheive your goals; however, their finacial aid department could be more freindly.
Mott is a great place to go when you haven’t decided what degree you want. It’s is affordable and everyone is supper nice! Mott has all of the pre reqs for the degree you are choosing and all of the credits are transferable
My first experience would be that the was easier than I thought to find the buildings. I just wish that they were closer to each other without having to drive from one side to another for different class, just to find out the parking lot is full.
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Overall good experience. Allowed me to complete my gen eds at much lower price than university. Attented the school for a total of 3 years. Some professors were great, others were awful. Definitely search for reviews on the professor before registering for the class, learned the hard way.
The faculty and teachers care about every student and their success throughout the semesters. The one thing that I would change about Mott community college would be the parking lot. The drive in and out of each parking lot is so tight, I am always afraid of colliding or side swiping with another vechile.
Mott is a great college for people of all ages and experience levels. They have a diverse student body and the class sizes are very small for almost every class. The professors actually care about your education and will help you whenever you need it. The other facility in other departments is slacking, but they are trying to implement the best systems to get things working smoothly. Overall, Mott is a great college and I would recommend checking it out.
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