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it’s just fine. don’t expect the best, feels very similar to high school & i dislike that. i wouldn’t recommend, save your $$ and go to delta or a similar college. i wouldn’t go here if i had a different option
Great professors and big campus. They really try their best with you. You feel welcome. Almost every professor I have had have been wonderful.
Overall everything is pretty good, but parking is horrible, there are two parking structures that I refuse to be in after dark and in general no one wants to be near Flint after dark. The "party scene" is pretty non-existent because almost everyone there is just focusing on getting their degree, depending on what you want that could be a good or bad thing. I will say their teachers are pretty great and the tuition is cheaper than a lot out there.
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I like Mott Community College because it's easy to navigate. Yes, it is a community college; However, I still feel like I am in college and have the same experience as everyone else! Mott has so many great programs to choose from- there's something here for anyone. The campus feels safe and there's always someone willing to help you should you need it. I've had some amazing and helpful professors at the Flint and Lapeer locations.
Mott is a great choice for anyone who wants to get all of their basics out of the way, as well as gain a good understanding of what they are getting into before they put in all their time and money into a more expensive college or university. You will get a good start in your career choice and gain a lot of experience along the way. The teachers, for the most part, are all friendly and are very knowledgeable in what they're teaching. My only complaint with the school is that the main building that has the financial aid and registration offices are not the most organized. It seems as though they are constantly having issues with their servers, and the staff are not always on the same page with eachother.
I like that it has a variety of programs to choose from. I would like to see them have more organization with the admission and advising department. It is always jammed packed and the wait time is sometimes longer than 4 hours and then if you missed one thing you have to start all over at the beginning. There has to be a better way to have a better time management control over those departments.
I have been attending Mott Community College for approximately 4 years part time for my pre-recs. This past year I have attended full time to pursue a career as a Occupational Therapist Assistant. I chose this career as I have a child with a disability.
I have enjoyed my time at the college, all of the professors I have had are all very caring and helpful.
I would recommend Mott Community College.
Mott Community College is a great school to start your degree at. There are (for the most part) many different teachers for each class, so you can pick and choose and hopefully find one you like! Some of the teachers aren't too great, but most of the teachers I have had have been very good! The enrollment test you take helps decide where you should be in classes and is, for the most part, very accurate as to where you should be. The site is easy to use, so it's easy to enroll in your classes and figure out what classes you still need to take.
Mott is a great place to learn, grow and begin your academic journey.
Mott is a great place to learn, grow and begin your academic journey.
Mott is a great place to learn, grow and begin your academic journey.
Most of the professors you will encounter here are phenomenal. Obviously, there are a few exceptions to this though. The primary complaint I have is the office staff in student services do not seem to care enough to do their job or even look like they enjoy being there and it clearly affects the mood in the office and their job perfomance.
I like that Motto feels like home. Everyone is friendly and helpful. This is especially true in the nursing program. They instructors truly want you to succeed and do well.
Mott is a good place to start if it's hard for you to choose a university or private college. This place will save you money where a majority of their credits transfer. The only thing I did not enjoy about Mott is they sometimes loose your paperwork and some of the students that go there are out of control, it takes several complaints to get some people under control.
Great people, great place, great college to start off or continue where you left off. Classes are cheaper than other 4-year universities, and have very great class sizes.
Good education, nearby campuses, good instructors. Good school to get the gen ed requirements out of the way at lower cost before transferring to a four year college. Convenient classes for those wanting to further their education while still working. Good option for those going back to school or deciding to change careers and need new or extra training.
Overall the teachers were very knowledgeable, personable, and well rounded teachers. Mostly enjoyed the strong sense of community and diversity that this community college has to offer.
I attended Mott Community College after I finished my four year degree at a University. Overall I had a better experience with Mott. I found the teachers there to be astronomically better. They really cared about the students. The best part though is that I was able to pay for almost all of my classes with cash because tuition is so cheap there. I recommend anyone to take their foundation classes here.
I will be attending Mott Community College in Fall of 2018, Overall just the process to get everything in order is fairly simple and all staff are willing to help
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I personally would like to see more opportunities in the arts, specifically implement a fashion program hopefully for future students.
Mott has been great for my educational goals. This is the only community college in my area that offers degrees in my field of study.
I love the fact that you have easy accessibility to your schedule, registration, emailing professors, account, and pretty much anything on their website. The Advising Staff is very helpful when it comes to choosing your classes and career path. I went in last week to ask a question about doing an internship at a police department and the adviser helped me to plan out and set up my classes and pathway so I can join the Police Academy in 2019, which I didn't think I would've been able to do. The staff and professors I have had go above and beyond to help you out and I couldn't be more appreciative of them and Mott. The campus is beautiful too.
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