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I am in the early college program, so I started taking classes at 16. The classes are pretty easy and the lowest grades I have gotten were 3.0, but I have also received 3.5 and 4.0. There are buttons to call for security if you need someone, which I think you never will. There is a bistro with food you can eat and it is good, and also a coffee shop, which is also good. There is a salon you can go to, which I haven't gone yet but I would like to.
Really good program and very affordable. Allow me to dual enroll, so I take high school and college.
Easy to apply, great professors. very helpful staff and students, and I felt right at home. I was nervous to start but the environment made me comfortable and i’m excited to keep going
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Classes were not over loaded. Professors are always available to help even after hours. Classes are not pricey.
For a community college Mott is pretty good, its academics are of fairly high quality, the credits transfer almost anywhere, and it is one of the cheapest community colleges there is. Its community college, so don't expect a true college experience or vibrant student life, but if your just looking to save money and transfer, or earn a two year technical degree, Mott is a great choice.
Great community college. There are some awesome professors and some average. The food on the campus is below average and a bit pricey. The coffee is pretty good. So far, I felt safe on the campus.
I like the flexible classes and the availability of classes offered each semester. I wish though, the whole registering process was more structured as I have had problems with registration before as well as other students who have gone through the same thing.
The professors are very good at simplifying the curriculum to work with us in the small amount of time we had to work with them.
Just started for Occupational Therapy Assistant but advisors are smart, teachers have been mostly helpful.
It was pretty good. The reason I put only four stars is because sometimes the people you meet there aren't very friendly. Also, some professors are not willing to help which is disappointing.
I have seen and talked to a lot of current students that is currently in the TV, audio media art course and when talking to them, they mention how Mott has a great program, I thought the same when I did my college tour.
I have had a great overall experience here. I have enjoyed all my professors minus one. They get their grades in in a timely manner and respond to emails and questions promptly. The campus is clean. Prices per credit hour are fair. It's a very diverse campus. There is access to many resources like computer labs, printers, books, etc. The one downfall is the advising office. They do not make appointments except for very specific times a year and it is generally only on one day per week. The wait time more often than not is at least 3 hours long. It's very similar to waiting at a busy secretary of state. My particular adviser refuses to do any advising online, meaning she will not answer questions, make recommendations, etc. I was lucky to have been able to bypass going in by registering online for the upcoming semester. I was thoroughly surprised she approved my plan and allowed me to pick my classes without seeing her.
I have loved my expierence so far of attending college here. The staff here is always so very helpful and there are plenty of opportunites when it comes to either needing a job and or information regarding your program also many clubs to join. The only thing I would like to see here different at Mott is better technology.
it’s just fine. don’t expect the best, feels very similar to high school & i dislike that. i wouldn’t recommend, save your $$ and go to delta or a similar college. i wouldn’t go here if i had a different option
Great professors and big campus. They really try their best with you. You feel welcome. Almost every professor I have had have been wonderful.
Overall everything is pretty good, but parking is horrible, there are two parking structures that I refuse to be in after dark and in general no one wants to be near Flint after dark. The "party scene" is pretty non-existent because almost everyone there is just focusing on getting their degree, depending on what you want that could be a good or bad thing. I will say their teachers are pretty great and the tuition is cheaper than a lot out there.
I like Mott Community College because it's easy to navigate. Yes, it is a community college; However, I still feel like I am in college and have the same experience as everyone else! Mott has so many great programs to choose from- there's something here for anyone. The campus feels safe and there's always someone willing to help you should you need it. I've had some amazing and helpful professors at the Flint and Lapeer locations.
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Mott is a great choice for anyone who wants to get all of their basics out of the way, as well as gain a good understanding of what they are getting into before they put in all their time and money into a more expensive college or university. You will get a good start in your career choice and gain a lot of experience along the way. The teachers, for the most part, are all friendly and are very knowledgeable in what they're teaching. My only complaint with the school is that the main building that has the financial aid and registration offices are not the most organized. It seems as though they are constantly having issues with their servers, and the staff are not always on the same page with eachother.
I like that it has a variety of programs to choose from. I would like to see them have more organization with the admission and advising department. It is always jammed packed and the wait time is sometimes longer than 4 hours and then if you missed one thing you have to start all over at the beginning. There has to be a better way to have a better time management control over those departments.
I have been attending Mott Community College for approximately 4 years part time for my pre-recs. This past year I have attended full time to pursue a career as a Occupational Therapist Assistant. I chose this career as I have a child with a disability.
I have enjoyed my time at the college, all of the professors I have had are all very caring and helpful.
I would recommend Mott Community College.
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