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Motorcycle & Marine Mechanics Institute - Orlando Reviews

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I love everything so far. I have only been attending classes for two weeks. The staff is very friendly and I feel I am exactly where I should be.
If your willing to learn it's a great program, lots of hands on training. Get certified by Harley Davidson, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and BMW. Challenge yourself to be the best and do yourself a favor and enroll now.
Hey i got to say with this motorcycle school i think its a good choice if your looking for some hands on work. One fact is you'll be doing hands on work more then you are sitting down and getting instructed so thats one bonus. Something i else i liked about this institution is that they are always there to help no matter what but hey don't get me wrong there are going to be moments where the instructor may not be there but just know overall he or she will try its best to help and last but not least they'll definitely help you with your job once your out... so overall as long as you keep your head up and focus up you'll definitely be set up for success.
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The campus is really nice, the people are well sophisticated and everything is well managed. I look forward to going to MMI, as well do I look forward to all the benefits that come with it.
The teachers are very nice and helpful they helped me so much to learn the most I could learn. It is a very nice school one I will recommend to others
I have a college degree and was successful in my field but was not enjoying my job however Mmi has given me the confidence and knowledge to find a job in my new industry. Amazing learning experience a lot of hands on learning and the teachers are riders and techs which gives them an advantage teaching the class as they are knowledgeable in both. The fact that the classes you go through have teachers from different riding backgrounds and different manufacturer experience gives you an idea about all the programs available and helps you decide which ones you need. Great school great education great culture at the school I highly recommend it.
It is a good opportunity to get a great career going! I would recommend that anyone interested in work on boats or near the water to attend this facility. The knowledge and experience will last a lifetime and comes with wonderful benefits of making exallent income.
the experience here is good but the traffic here not so good. the school teach you some thing but not all you need to know in the motorcycles industry
It’s very hands on. And I enjoy the experience that I get versus sitting in a class reading a book and listening to a lecture all day. Life as a student at MMI is pretty nice. Work hard and play harder. That’s the life of a biker and that’s the life that we are taught to persue here at MMI. I can’t complain much about my decision to come this school. I enjoy coming and learning about motorcycles everyday. I can’t wait to be out in the field toying on bikes all day everyday.
Professors are very knowledgeable. Classes are early 7AM -12PM. Lots of information given in a short amount of time. Housing is NOT helpful, do yourself a favor and find your own apartment. Financial Aid is Not helpful, they don't seem to have a lot of answers. If I were to do it over I most likely would have gone to Harley Davidson College. From what I'm hearing the $25,000 tuition, seems steep and I'm not sure the return on the investment will be there. Jobs in Orlando do not pay well at all. So if you are planning on coming have enough saved to last you awhile. Average hourly is around 8-9 dollars an hour.
Only school in the world, with accreditations for world renowned manufacturers. Excellent teachers, staff, and very friendly enviorment
Currently a student here and overall the staff are helpful. Some areas I would change would be the collegiate housing services. Their choices of area for housing is poor. A lot of traffic in and out the complexes and not everybody are students! Pairing roommates needs to be changed. I've been paired with a couple of very young men which their choice of living is poor. The campus is awesome. I've always known you get what you put into a job or school and I've always been just so. My 4.0 and perfect attendance and professionalism proves just that. Orlando is a very busy place so commutes and outside people make it very difficult sometimes to deal with. But I also know you take the good with the bad and I strive everyday to keep going forward !
They have helped everyone, every kind of way possible to find a job and they are very involved with companies around the area
It is awesome and everything they teach will be used after you graduate
They offer two classes a day I chose mornings and got mornings so I'm happy. The curriculum seems to flow in an easy way to learn the material.
I haven't gotten to my online courses yet but from what I've heard It's a work at your own pace and as long as you pay attention you'll get the knowledge.
The school helps graduates try to find work where they want to go, the alumni network is another avenue you have for that as well. Depending on how you do there are lots of job opportunities out there.
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There are numerous opportunities for internships/jobs while attending and even more after graduating. There's a great alumni network that can also assist with work or job opportunities when graduated. There are employer hiring events on campus periodically as well.
Starting off the class size was a bit too large for my tastes but since have gotten smaller and a lot more conducive to learning. The Instructors are very knowledgeable and have both work and teaching experience.
They teach you a lot of the basics for most motorcycles/atv's in the beginning. When you successfully complete those you go into manufacturer specific courses chosen by you and get very in depth in all aspects with what the produce. There's not much out of class work besides studying for tests so you can have a job as well.
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