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I attended motlow state community college my 2017-2018 senior year of high school and it was a great experience. The staff of motlow is very helpful and very encouraging on assisting you in any questions or concerns you have. They are very inviting and inciteful on courses taken and common questions about a course. The professors are very credible and give you a reasonable amount of time to complete an assignment while also setting a time frame to help keep you motivated. I would definitely encourage anyone contemplating motlow to give it a shot as it was a very helpful learning experience for me throughout the time I attended.
I haven’t started at Motlow yet but so far all the teachers and administration have been very helpful in answering all my questions
It's small and very close to my home. Professors are nice and care about their students. Its like high school but alot better.
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My experience at Motlow was great. I learned a lot and got a good amount of my education done for free over 2 years. I really appreciate what they do there to allow us to get this great education for free! It allows time to work and save money before moving on to a university!
The administration is wonderful with helping to help with any questions and encourage you to research everything you are interested in. I believe that all of the staff at Motlow State community college was just so helpful and polite.
Affordable and convenient. Lots of online options. Nursing program is supposed to be very good. The facility is in good repair, parking is adequate, and there is a good bit of school spirit for a community college.
If you only do the classwork, it's easier than high school. Put in the work outside classes if you really want to learn.
Motlow State Community College is a large community college with about 2,000 students across its four campuses. I have had nothing but positive experiences with Motlow since I first duel enrolled. The students are especially well behaved, and there are many organizations and clubs on campus to get involved with. It is a very affordable college.
I like that it is a small college close to home. It helped me get used to college before transferring to a big university.
MSCC is an amazing place! It integrates its students into the mindset necessary to achieve success by educating its students of the mindsets of others. They teach critical thinking skills which are important. We have a Student Government, in which I am the executive Vice President of, and a Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society, in which I am the secretary of. These clubs have engaged me into student life and have made me want to get others involved. It has given me the opportunity to succeed in whatever I put my mind and heart to do. I am actually going for an interview for Ms. Motlow because I truly love my college. I have had some of the most amazing Professors whom are the opposite of this. Overall, the good experiences that I’ve had outweigh the bad by leaps and bounds.
The application process was quit simple and I had my response very quickly. However, financial aid was less than stellar at keeping you informed. They do not participate in the student loan program so you are not able to get a student loan from ANYWHERE. If needed, you'd have to get a personal loan with more traditional rates.
I have had an excellent experience while attending Motlow. The professors are excellent and willing to help you if you ask.
Motlow State Community College has seemed to be continuously upgrading their online services. It was embarrassing to navigate when I first began my studies there with all the errors. The online classes are to this day not any better. It has been my experience of the few online classes I have taken for there to be numerous errors on quizzes for example. One professor offered an excuse that the class was inherited along with the quizzes. Some professors do not take the quizzes seriously enough to check whether they are indeed asking questions that regard the actual chapter of the quiz.
I am going to Motlow State in McMinnville. My professors have been very knowledgable and helpful; however, the student success center could use a more helpful staff. Over all I have had a great experience especially if you are eligable for Tennessee Promise.
I was able to get responses to my questions in a very timely manner. Signing up for classes online was relatively simple. I feel like the individual messages about financial aid and paperwork needed could be a little more detail specific and easier to understand what is needed from the student.
Teachers do everything they can to help you when needed. Good community. Small campus so there are a lot of familiar faces in your classes. Online classes are offered, the ones I took were easy to navigate and the teachers answered emails quickly.
I loved my time at Motlow!! Aside from the fact that there weren’t many ways to get really involved, the teachers were great and the class sizes were small, so it was a really nice experience. Everyone is really helpful.
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I love going to motlow. All of the professors are amazing and they care about you. Motlow offers a lot of resources for their students to be able to succeed in school and the future.
I have had the best experience while being at Motlow. The campus is absolutely beautiful, the staff is so helpful and generous, and the athletics are outstanding. I am a student athlete and I have had such a memorable experience on campus and on the field! I hope that whoever sees this survey will attend Motlow!!
The college is a small hometown college. The people are all generally nice and the student to teacher ratio is low. For a community college, it is very affordable and I really enjoy attending the college!
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