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I was able to get responses to my questions in a very timely manner. Signing up for classes online was relatively simple. I feel like the individual messages about financial aid and paperwork needed could be a little more detail specific and easier to understand what is needed from the student.
Teachers do everything they can to help you when needed. Good community. Small campus so there are a lot of familiar faces in your classes. Online classes are offered, the ones I took were easy to navigate and the teachers answered emails quickly.
I loved my time at Motlow!! Aside from the fact that there weren’t many ways to get really involved, the teachers were great and the class sizes were small, so it was a really nice experience. Everyone is really helpful.
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I love going to motlow. All of the professors are amazing and they care about you. Motlow offers a lot of resources for their students to be able to succeed in school and the future.
I have had the best experience while being at Motlow. The campus is absolutely beautiful, the staff is so helpful and generous, and the athletics are outstanding. I am a student athlete and I have had such a memorable experience on campus and on the field! I hope that whoever sees this survey will attend Motlow!!
The college is a small hometown college. The people are all generally nice and the student to teacher ratio is low. For a community college, it is very affordable and I really enjoy attending the college!
This community college felt like a home. I made many friends, and the professors are extremely helpful. I have had some amazing memories here. The school puts together events for homecoming and halloween that makes it a blast to be there.
I do really like Motlow so far. The campus I'm at is only two buildings, so it's small and similar to high school. I like this type of campus better than I did MTSU because MTSU was too spread out for me.
This college may only be a two year community college but I felt like I belonged. The faculty and staff are so sincere in what they do and they want you to succeed. I recently became a Tutor for the Writing Center and a Student Ambassador. Motlow gives you the opportunity to succeed and further your education that will help you thrive as you enter your career.
I would highly recommend not coming here, even if you have the TN promise and are trying to receive "free" education. you may have more money in your pockets, but the amount of mental abuse you'll receive at this institution is not worth it.
At Motlow the campus is small so not a lot of students which makes learning in the classroom better than it would if there were a lot of students. The food on campus is pretty good. The sports could change no one is really interested like you see at mtsu or any other college.
Motlow State is a great school to start off with especially going to a community college. The environment is great and uplifting. All of the professors are bout helping you. i have met some really awesome people at this college. its been an overall great first semester
I believe the teaching staff at MSCC is well-balanced and the atmosphere is comfortable. There is a balance between harder teachers and nicer teachers, as well as decent courses that pack in plenty of education.
Friendly environment, feels like a one big family I love the school, the staff is nice, easy classes, small school so better.
I truly love the professors. The staff truly cares about your Sucess here at motlow. There is a baptis student center that give food the the students that are in a bad financial situation. Everyone there is so caring and genuine.
My experience at Motlow is amazing so far. It's a really fun college to attend. There are many clubs and sports you can join. At Motlow State Community College you can find new friend and classmates like I did. My experience at Motlow State Community College is wonderful.
Personally, I rather like it at Motlow. the professors are excellent at explain the material, parking is plentiful, and my fellow students are a delight to be around. That being said, I do have one issue. In my opinion, the d2l system is unorganized and should be standardized, i.e. one professor post grades in a completely different section from another. But as I said, Motlow is a wonderful institution.
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Motlow is a great place to start a college education. It provides an opportunity for an easier transition into college. The professors are great and very understanding. There is good a variety of clubs on campus. Motlow also provides many helpful resources for academic help. Overall, Motlow is a great way to start off a college career.
My first year experience has been a mixture of both good and bad. While I've enjoyed my Art and History class (Mr. Major is crazy awesome and Dr. Hinton is fantastic highly recommend their classes!) I've quickly found that my other teacher (while good teachers) expect you dedicate your life to homework. Homework is definitely incredibly important to your future there is no denying that but when you've got family and work you'd hope they'd be slightly understanding... Unfortunately not the case with most teachers. Biggest thing I'd like to see changed is their classes on other campuses that are then streamed to yours.... They are just a bad idea and make it damn near impossible for you to actually be confident in your work. Overall not amazing nor terrible just college life 😂
I like the fact that Motlow University has agreed to be a Dual Enrollment site for advanced students like me, attending high school in the same metropolitan area around Tullahoma, TN.
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