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    Class registration is done one-on-one and counselors are very accessible. The financial department is good a assisting with loans. The education plan is created for several terms out and can be discussed at any time. Degrees offered are limited (I believe that IT, Accounting, and Business Management are the only degrees available) yet the limited focus and mostly small classes makes them very good at what they do. Although I know nothing about their day classes, the evening professors are knowledgeable and most are currently working in their fields of expertise. They are all friendly and supportive, working hard to help the serious student to succeed. Progress is maintained online and always accessible to the student. Most classes will include some group work and/or presentations, helping the students to practice real-life requirements.
    Morrison is a private school with limited offerings including IT, Accounting, and Business Management AA, BS, and MBA. The instructors are all professionals and most are still involved in careers related to the courses. They are accessible within limits and will respond to phone calls and e-mails. Additional help is available to students that request it. A writing lab is offered weekly for all who wish the extra assistance. Training in job-hunting is being offered through seminars (including resumes and interviewing), as well as instruction on keeping and succeeding in the job market. There is an extensive online library, great assistance with funding, and an exceptionally friendly and helpful staff.
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    • Oct 2 2013
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    The instructors are not allowed to have personal interaction with students while they are attending and so internship/job opportunities are not offered from that direction. There is a career center, though, that is actively promoting job-search assistance. Because it is a small school, it is not long before you will enter classes at the beginning of each term and already know many of the other students in the class, or you may have already had a different class with that instructor. Most of the business professors (evening classes) are currently employed in their fields of expertise. Three classes is considered full time, although some carry four or five. Although the amount of homework given per class hour is considered standard, some classes can be more labor intensive than others. A year-around school, students enter and leave at the beginning of almost any term and the classes are offered at specific times. Core classes (i.e., sciences) are limited (few choices). The college currently has 6 classrooms.