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My 1st semester has been a good experience wonderful staff/teachers..
2 year college, then I will have my associates degree.
The computer labs were open on weekdays until late at night, maybe 9PM? Never really had to go in after school because we got a lot of class time to do our work. The only reason I'd go after class was because I put off the work, because nearly every class with a computer gave you about a week to do the assignments, so I had to quickly finish them. They weren't open on weekends. The network never went down, but printers didn't like to work sometimes. Wasn't really an issue because there are a lot of printers near each other, so one was bound to work. The computers were a little slower than I liked, but they worked just fine for what we did. Internet there is great.
It was pretty good. The classes I had to take were actually really interesting, and they started doing some new projects in some of the classes. I 3D-printed something and made an aluminum version of it with a cast I made. I was pretty impressed with what I learned. They were the best part. Basically, when you select a major in this school, you go to every class with the same people, so you get to know up to 30 people on a personal basis just from class. I liked it.
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Most of the teachers (probably 4 out of 5) are pretty good and helpful. I got 1 on 1 help when I needed it because the classes were just in a simple classroom, not a lecture hall. They all pretty much know what they're doing.
There's so many different kinds of people going there that it felt like a second high school. Lots of different people, didn't feel like a school of boring clones. I actually got to know almost everyone. Can't really say that everyone every year is going to be friendly, it's just the luck of the draw. My experience was pretty good, made some new friends.
Honestly, the education is pretty good. Not as cheap as it could be, but it's a private school, which means no government handouts. The financial aid office doesn't help much. I guess every single other school has the financial aid workers do the loans for you, but these leave you on your own. The billing statements are confusing, the office isn't very organized, and I was blatantly lied to before I went there about some costs. Before I went there, I'd talk to some graduates or people who aren't being paid to show off the school. Get things straight before you're thrown in the deep end.
So far, they're really helpful about getting jobs after school. Companies stop in and give presentations on why they want the students from Morrison, so MIT students are in high demand. They actually have a map (It's old, but still it's something) of where their graduates are working.
Biggest dorm rooms I've seen at a college. Each one is a small apartment with a bathroom, small kitchen, living room, and two bedrooms. The recreation building is pool tables, a TV area with couches and chairs, ping pong, foozeball, air hockey, and darts. They updated recently, so everything is almost new. Studying can happen in several places, though there isn't one special spot for it. Not a bad place to go to school, but it has its ups and downs.
Has a recreation room with a gym. Not much in the way of clubs. Sometimes had gaming events or movies.
Financial Aid office sucks. Teachers were good.
Everything works great network-wise. Internet runs smooth, never a worry that nothing wont work.
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