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My 4 years here at Morris College have been great. Great teachers, administrators. Everyone is friendly
I like that the professors really strive to instill knowledge in their students and push students to succeed. I would like to see the school make changes in the form of technological advances.
My experience with Morris college is going to stay with me for the rest of my life. Everyone is friendly, school work is very understandable, and the campus life is well organized. The only minor thing that needs fixing is the extended hours for the library and more staff so more of our resources can be open to the school.
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Morris college is somewhat of a great school to go to,I say that because they are eagar to help you with your school work ,they want to see you do great in the future .Some of the classes are at a great ratio for the student and some of the time they are not .i think Morris college should change the hour of "quiet hour" I think it should be in the late evening when class is still going on not at night time.but other than that its a great learning atmosphere
My experience at Morris college have be great. The teachers are great and student life is good. We have a lot of activity to do on campus. It's real exciting to be here at Morris College and I hope others attend as well.
Professors are very helpful are rarely miss or cancel so you're getting your educations money worth. Great school if you wanna attend somewhere small for better focus
loud music, good crowd , buy concessions , cost to get in
not much partying on campus unless hosted by a greek organization
They do a good job in making it unnoticeable.
The social atmosphere here on campus is not bad everyone is kind and gets along very well.
The Greek life here is not bad at all there are at every event and very involved in the college.
The athletics at my school looks like there is only one dominant sport that everyone pays attention to and its basketball.
What make my school unique is the culture everyone here is kind, outgoing, and friendly.
While at school, you meet new people and try different things. But here at Morris College, it is small and nice. Everyone is here for the same thing as me.
its only like the first week so, so far so good.
There is basically some on watch every night.
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its simple and can be a hassell at times.
It seems like it is taking very seriously.
I am a sophomore in college i really don't need an internship right so i don't know anything about this. Student have talked to me and they love it and told me they have recieved a lot of help from the school to get the job.
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