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Morningside is a very friendly college; I personally have made relationships with my professors, which provides a more hands on, helpful experience. The campus is great, and they offer many things to help you; For example, Morningside has a writing center. This is helpful because you can have others look over your paper to help you improve it. Morningside also offers many "experiences" by bringing in past grads, or people from local business to help provide a sense of what they do, which can help one decide if they are interested in that field or not.
Everyone is so friendly, the professor to class ratio is perfect. They get to know you personally and there are such great tools to help you succeed !
Everyone one of the Faculty members I had met was super excited, helpful, and willing to do anything for me. It was an amazing experience.
It is a fabulous private college. It is small, which is great for the classes because the professor knows you on a more personal level. They want you to succeed here so they do everything in their power to help you in any way that you need it.
Like in most other places, there are a few people who like to party, and a few people who like to go out and drink socially.
Most parties are on the weekend, and most of the time they're relegated to the specific team that's throwing the party.
Sometimes it gets a little much for workload, but we can't expect all professors to talk amongst each other regularly to see how heavy the workload is for one student in one class in one week.
There are a few people who aren't very tolerant, as there are everywhere.
I'm not a huge authority on this, considering I'm not very good at figuring out when something's up.
This school does everything it can to ensure that you leave campus at the end of your senior year with a job. The only reason I might not be able to get a job is because the school is perhaps too small for some companies. Hopefully that will be remedied by the excellence of my degree here.
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The professors on campus truly care about the learning of the students, and want to help in any way possible for all of us to learn and succeed.
The only reason I marked some of these as lower is because I personally don't like going outside at night alone on campus, not necessarily because there's any real problem on campus, but because that's just how I am.
There are still some rooms in buildings that don't have air conditioning-- not a big deal in winter, but when the days are still up in the 90s, it can be a little disconcerting. Other than that, the apartment option on campus doesn't have a full kitchen: no oven is provided or allowed, and sometimes the maintenance orders take weeks to fill, though that might be more due to the fact there aren't enough people working there.
We had some Greek Life, but it's faded since it's started.
They're awesome for the outdoor times of year.
We have a small school feel with a lot of connections to other places that not only gives a good chance for placement after school, but also helps create new experiences as you continue with learning.
Only been there for a year, but so far it is great!
I feel safe most of the time
Some dorms are better than others
The women's basketball team has very little academic or athletic discipline
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