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In the Industrial Engineering department, the faculties know the students personally, and they are always available to help the students. The different admission offices really do everything in their power to help a student when they are facing an issue. Morgan has a lot of partnerships with different companies, it makes it easier to get a summer internship, or a job after graduation.
My experience at Morgan State University has been interesting.I am a transfer freshman coming from Bridgeport Connecticut.Honestly I've met very diverse set of people from all over the world.I've connected with my professors in the classroom.Student life is very open there is always something to do where ever you go on campus.
Great Engineering and Architecture programs. The professors really care about your success and goals. Staff could be better as well as the dormitories.
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Morgan State University is a HBCU that contains more than 80% of African Americans. I do not like how is is not diverse but it was not a high priority when it was time to choose a college. Professors are nice and are willing to work with you when you show some kind of interest in what they teach. The campus is really active and there is always something to do on campus. The food on campus could be better but it is not bad. There are always cleaning people in every building that provides a sanitary school for students. It is also very affordable.
Morgan State University Department of Urban Social Work is an excellent experience. My colleagues that I have met and formed relationships with during my time at Morgan have become an intricate part of my life and I feel they will become an important part of my future.
I like that Morgan allow you to be yourself while learning and working towards being successful. Students are in an environment where they are able to work within the community and give back.
The Morgan experience is definitely one you don’t want to miss. This HBCU is ALWAYS thriving especially when it comes to building new facilities. The student organizations here really make the campus a bright one. Not only are we a higher learning institution but we are a FAMILY here. Go bears!!!
Great upperclassmen and advisors who care about students. I enjoy the activities and staff involvement. My CASA experience has allowed me to be more involved and connect with others in a positive way.
Financial aid office does not communicate well with students. They are not helpful whatsoever. For the amount of money they charge out of state students, the dorms need to be renovated really bad. Transportation for students that do not bring their own cars is very lacking and we won't even talk about the location.
Morgan State is an excellent school. The professors and staff there have a vested interest in you not only as a student, but as a future leader. When I attended, they had just made several improvements including upgrades to McMechen Hall (School of Business) which was new at the time. Throughout the years, the progress has not stopped with the addition of several new buildings, programs, and opportunities. You really develop a network of lifelong friends (family) that will play a role for years to come. I would encourage anyone who wants that "college" experience but doesn't want to get lost in the shuffle of 60,000 students to go to Morgan State. Best choice ever!
I'm a Morgan alum and I'm so proud of the progress that MSU has made under the leadership of Dr. Wilson!
Overall Morgan is a great school. Their financial aid department needs to improve. They're always losing paperwork and seem to be working against you
I have enjoyed my time at Morgan State University. I learned a lot of from my professors. I have mature so much because of Morgan State University.
Admissions building runs terribly. Financial aid office is not reliable. Engineering programs makes it hard to register for classes and does not have enough sections/classes for the number of students in the program. Going through a housing pandemic due to admitting more students than there is housing.
This university is the best HBCU.Ii is a historically black college university that has withstood time itself. The student life is innovative and deemed for success. There are multiple programs that are available for tracks of study. It is located in a great community that is in a college town area. The professors are great and there are many personal and financial programs to help assist you if you may have personal troubles.
I would say going into my second year at Morgan State University it is definitely the school for me. Coming from a very diverse area but didn't have many African Americans it was a little rough. Going to Morgan State has helped me to interact with others of my race and the culture there I would say is definitely life changing. Morgan State's academics and the athletics are very competitive which makes the experience their even better because it challenges you to go above and beyond your expectations. Morgan State is a such great school and there is no other school in the world that I would choose other than them to attend.
My experience at Morgan State has been a great time for my freshman year. The professors here care about the students and want to help each student to be the best student that they can possibly be. There is always security across the campus making sure that all the students feel safe when they are walking alone or with other students.
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Morgan State is a school for people who do not like diversity and want to be around thousands of people of the same culture.
great school, really enjoy learning from people who know what they are teaching. The campust could be better tho
What I really liked about Morgan is the smaller classes and very knowledgeable teachers. They have very reasonable office hours and make time for their students and their craft. The one thing I did not like however is that their dorm rooms are not the best. Overall my Freshman year was great and wished I could relive the entire event!
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