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Morgan State University is a great school to attend based on the wonderful relationships with professors and friends and numerous opportunities for clubs and activities
My experience at Morgan State University so far has been great. College is really what you make it so if you don’t put yourself out there you’re not going to have the best experience. Some professors are tough but they will push you and support you in achieving your goals as long as you’re serious. Definitely join organizations and try for leadership positions. The president also has an open door policy so if you have a concern or want something fixed you can meet with him to talk about it.
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It is a very family oriented environment. A lot of the students get along and treat each other like family. The professors are caring and willing to help their students. One thing that lacks is school spirit. There should be more activities on campus that allow students to interact with one another. This would build school spirit and encourage more students to attend this University.
Morgan State University is a good place if you want to experience freedom. No chores or no nagging from your folks. Everything is all up to you from when to wake up and what to do. Its life changing if you are accustomed to being parented throughout your life.
My time at Morgan State was very good. I feel as though the best way to really have fun and enjoy yourself is to get involved in different campus organizations. For me getting involved in the different organizations such as the Campus Activities Board, American Marketing Association, The Lunch Table Blog Show, and Morgan State Lacrosse maximized my experience because I came across so many different people, built a lot of relationships, and I grew as a person. Before coming to Morgan I was very quiet but I then opened up after getting to Morgan. What I like about Morgan is how the student body supports each other.
Love it,Morgan State University is an American historically black college in Baltimore, Maryland. Morgan is Maryland's designated public urban research university and the largest HBCU in Maryland. Wikipedia
Address: 1700 E Cold Spring Ln, Baltimore, MD 21251
Acceptance rate: 65.2% (2014)
Mascot: Bear
Total enrollment: 7,747 (2017)
Undergraduate tuition and fees: In-state tuition: 3,883.5 USD (2017), Out-of-state tuition: 8,916.5 USD (2017)
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If you are looking to attend this HBCU it is an excellent choice. Don't get me wrong there are some negative things about it just like evcery other institution but there are also amazing things about it and it will help you not only learn about your major but learn about yourself.
Have had a good experience with Morgan State University, Looking forward to continuing my studies there. This school is pretty keeping with the times so far as I can tell.
Unorganized but the experience is great , learn a lot about African American culture and Baltimore is beautiful
I enjoy going to Morgan. The people are nice and there are many opportunities to get involved in the community through organizations.
The experience was excellent. Everyone had great energy, the staff was friendly and very welcoming. It was very organized and stayed on time schedule.
Morgan is lackadaisical when it comes their students. They do not pay attention to all their students needs and the management is horrible. Some members of the staff are terrible. The school is unorganized.
I like the home feeling. Felt well connected to the people around m. I enjoyed the few activities held on campus along with the celebrations and new designs made. The campus size isnt as big nut still has all the things i need such as a gym and the library.
Morgan state is a very good school. When I first came here i felt welcome. the professors are great. They make sure you on track to graduate.
I love the environment and the variety of students. However, the school should provide more online options and more flexible hours for student who are full time and work at the same time
Everyone is hands on with education and as a student individually. There is a lot of school spirit. It is a fun school, but it is very serious when it comes to education and they take notice when a student isn't meeting requirements, as well as personal issues.
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This college is a great university. They have one of the best academic programs in the country. It has alot of diversity ranging from Indians to African Americans.
Campus life is great,they have great parties and clubs as well. The local area is wonderful to large building and good sports as well.
Good school small but not too small campus food could be better but it isn't awful and professors are usually good just some have hard accents.
It has always been my dream to attend an HBCU. When I came to tour Morgan State, I automatically fell in love with the campus; it provided such a family oriented feel which is an attribute that is very significant to me. I knew right then and there that this was where I wanted to spend my college experience at.
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