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I am currently a sophomore in the Architecture Program here at Morgan. The work load isn't too much and that is if you're managing your time well. The student life is fun. You are bound to make a lot of friends. The food is good, sometimes. Overall MSU is fun and educational and is worth the time. Just like in any school you do have the professors that do and don't know how to teach its just making sure that you get the right one.
MSU is truly a place for you to make your own destiny! They give you the tools to become a better person as well as how to be prepared for life.
Morgan is what you make it. Financial aid needs to be more on top of things. food could be a lot better at Morgan the options should be bigger. Morgan is starting to update most buildings which is good so students are able to use updated technology in order to get their work done.
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I loved the campus and the HBCU lifestyle. Even though this school is majority black, there are students from each of the 49 states and over 30 countries. The large campus with new high-tech buildings and equipment makes learning more exciting and desirable. Being though that Baltimore is only a few hours away from Philadelphia, New York, and Washington, D.C, you'll always have the option of exploring cities outside of campus and expanding your mind to not only new education but also new cultures.
I like the diversity of the campus. However, the University tends to be a little unorganized. There’s a lot of activities and the campus is great with networking and socializing.
It's pretty alright, and it's easy to get what you need if you know where to go to get it. The environment is good on campus for the most part. The band is great, and the food is about what you would expect. There is plenty of opportunities though, like almost too many. Different companies and organizations are on the campus about everyday looking to get students from the school to be apart of their groups.
I like Morgan State University because it is made to move you towards excellence. There are many academic and extracurricular activities. As an HBCU, it is one of the institutions that encourage more African Americans and students from other backgrounds to attend and finish college.
Morgan State University is an excellent school! I have been able to visit Morgan many times even before I was a student here. My family have all gone here and every time I have stepped foot on this campus, I felt a family connection. This school is a very close school, where most students know each other to a point where we are all family. The professors are great as well. Most professors are very caring towards their students and are willing to work with them on a daily basis to ensure that their students are retaining the information and passing the class. The motto here at Morgan State University is, "Growing the Future, Leading the World" and that is something that Morgan takes very seriously. We believe in getting the best education at a school that treats you great.
In terms of what Morgan needs to change is the food, it could be better. However, it is not bad at all and there are many options depending on what the person is looking for.
I liked the academic aspect of the university. I felt that I was getting a quality education. It is also a good school if you are social and like parties. However, if youre not really a paty person or a social person, it's really hard to enjoy this school. thers are no balanced activites on campus. it either class or party, and thats about it. they do have a game room but it's not free, and the student center ( the only place you can just hang out) closes extremel early.
As an incoming freshman band member, I really liked the fact that the assistant band director was readily available and responded quickly to any and all questions that I had. That really made me feel comfortable, and played a huge part in my decision. The band director and his assistant sees to it the the band members are well taken care of and made the housing/move in process easy.

The financial aid and bursar's office could be a bit more organized. Pack your patience when dealing with them

The school has an open campus which leaves too much opportunity for non-students to be on campus. This creates a safety issue. But overall, I feel pretty safe. I just avoid traveling alone and at night.
Just like every other school, classes aren't that far but campus is boring, you're either at a party or in your room, RA's have activities and what not, ppl are friendly
During my High schools college trip, I was able to go to Morgan state university and I had a great experience. The diversity caught me by surprise and I started to get interested with the school. Then when I felt the atmosphere of the school, I realized that this is a college worth attending if I can get accepted. Hopefully in the future I will be able to attend this fantastic school.
Morgan is a Wonderful School!I i Transfered in my spohmore year and it was one of the best decisions i couldve made . My GPA increased, my ofcourse health improved and all went well however there wifi and online systems need major help
Overall I like the campus and seeing new faces everywhere. It's rich in culture and diversity on campus and so much talent here.
I like the school and the environment. The classes and some teachers teaches well while others just be doing what they're doing lol. It will be more better if they can have enough space like housing for the amount of students they give admissions to every year. I transfer here from smith college and I had to drive 1hr. 15mins everyday to school for the first week of school because they ran out of housing .
Since I am a freshman, I have yet to experience much but to date, I am happy that I have chosen to go to Morgan State. I have made lifelong friends and also like my courses and professors.
I attended Morgan for both undergrad and graduate schooling so that alone should show how much I love my HBCU. I love the atmosphere at Morgan State University especially during Homecoming time. We have a ton of fun! The Band, The Football team, The School pride. October was always my favorite month at Morgan State University.
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I like that morgan state is very diverse. what I would like to see change is the facilities that students use to work out..
Morgan State University is a diverse campus. The main campus is beautiful. The students are friendly. However, their financial aid office is slow, the staff have attitudes and the food is horrible. the dorms are nasty.
The best thing about Morgan State University is the atmosphere. The people are very welcoming and supportive. They want you to pass and make college a great experience. It's the best HBCU in the state of Maryland.
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