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I Love the fact that its a HBCU with rich culture I love the fact that the Morgan State Chior gets to travel the world and work with many different major artist.
There is alot of help at the University to guarantee success, and the academic advisors are great at helping to navigate scheduling. The dorms though need upgrading and there needs to be better communication with information for out of state students.
For now, I think Morgan State is ok especially for me. Coming from a toxic environment in Virginia, I really like the peace of mind I receive when I'm in school. I'm surrounded by people who love me on a daily basis and that I have a shoulder to cry on. People are not so as judgemental because we all go through the same struggles as a college student. Since we live in the inner city I wish the robberies and killings die down because this school already in a bad environment and we don't want people not to come to this school because of that. It's an excellent school for its engineer program and other stuff.
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Morgan State University is an awesome place to learn. Don't listen to the negative rumors. Morgan State goes out of their way to bring the opportunities to the students. It would be a missed opportunity not to go to Morgan
Definitely will get the HBCU experience which means if you are a black student and want to learn about your history and feel "welcomed", this is a good school for you. The teachers at MSU strive to help students as much as they can when it comes to academics and understanding the material.
Morgan State University is an amazing institution. It is full of culture and life. I can not see myself retrieving higher education at no other HBCU. I am a sophomore who in just three semesters whole life was changed due to attending Morgan. Here at Morgan I have matured in a responsible young woman who focuses on my success and education. At Morgan I was able to participate in many activities that allowed me to network and meet new people. I became apart of an E-Board and was able to gain the corporate experience I need to endure before heading out into the real world. I love Morgan State University and the foundation it has built for me. I am proud to be a bear!
I love the energy of the campus. It makes you feel like you’re apart of a bigger family. I do wish they focused more money on helping students than just putting new things on campus
This is only my first semester at Morgan and I have already learned so much stuff not only about who I am as a student, but I am as a person and all the potential I have to offer. If were request for one thing to change it would be the communication level. Sometimes it is very hard communicate with faculty and that is a down fall for everyone.
At this school safety is an a problem because of the surrounding environment. I feel that the food needs to get better. Also, we should have cheaper prices for clothing in the book store seeing that student are broke. Other than this I like and appreciate the school for all its hard work and opportunities it provides.
I love that Morgan State University is very welcoming. When I first visited here I felt as though I was at home so I knew I had to attend. There are a lot of event that go on throughout campus to help get the students involved. There are events about things going on in the world today.
Morgan has been a great experience for me. I definitely recommend to those in the Maryland area, and even outside of it, to check it out. Especially for those individuals seeking the experience of an HBCU institution.
I attend Morgan State University. I am a Freshman and live on campus. The university is an HBCU, so it is not very diverse, but there a more non blacks attending this university then I expected. Overall, I think Morgan State University is a great college. I think the president, David Wilson, is doing a great job to improve the university from building and renovating new building and dorms, to working to improve community relations. He's working to get the university considered for more state funding. I think crime can definitely be improved in and around campus. The athletics department will hopefully be able to recruit more stellar athletes, but it's hard because HBCUs don't get the funding of other universities. I look forward to future improvements of Morgan State Univeristy so we can be recognized the way we should.
Morgan State university is a good school with amazing professors that are dedicated on helping us create a better future. Morgan is a decent school for people with majors outside of engineering. The school is known for its great engineering program, but all other majors are treated with care
The things that I love about Morgan state is that they invest in the school as much as they can even with the low funding, I love the programs and how they bring awareness for black students. The things I don't like about Morgan state is they are never on time doing things they are for sure on black people time.
Morgan State is a HBCU university which means if you are a black student and want to learn about your history and feel "welcomed", this is a good school for you. The teachers at MSU strive to help students as much as they can when it comes to academics and understanding the material. However they lack when it comes to the amount of teachers available to teach each semester. This tends to hold a lot of students back from graduating. I myself have had this struggle when it comes to the courses available in my major and not being able to graduate on time. Morgan state also has issues when it comes to organization in their financial aid department. Some students do not receive their aid in time because they take a long time processing each students loans. It may take about 2 month to get your account adjusted and that's a long time. In all, Morgan is an affordable school for in state students.
To be a Morgan State is a chance of a lifetime. Morgan State is preparing me for the career I wish to obtain. For MSU, Iam grateful.
One thing I love about Morgan State University is the energy that comes from the current students, the incoming students, the faculty, and the alum. The energy makes you feel welcomed. One thing I would want to change about Morgan State University is the options available to the students. Majority of the fast food restaurants are at least 10 minutes away and the one restaurant on campus closes at 11. I just hate the fact that the students have to limited options.
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what I like about Morgan State University is the relationship between students and staff. Every department the staff allow students to feel welcome and that he or she matters.
Morgan State is a good school, great campus, but there are a lot of things that can change to make it even better.
I do love Morgan but they make it hard to get assistance financially I struggle as an out of state student to pay school. but there are many opportunities for net working
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