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Morgan State is one of the most bipolar schools when it comes. It has a great campus, with an active student life as well as one of the most vibrant party scenes in the state. But it is also one of teachers that can't teach, cant understand them enough to know, and in a area where several students were murdered in 2016. But its still a great school known the less and if you like a community feeling, with endless parties. Than this is the school for you.
Although Morgan State has a small percentage in graduation rates, those who do become successful African Americans in our community. Not to mention, the social productivity here is an engaging experience in the real world. Depending on the major, it can be an efficient academic experience.
Morgan State is a wonderful university. The Campus is well put together, the population is diverse, and the professors care about you. I'm currently a Freshman in my second semester, but I completed the summer bridge program, CASA, to gain my admission. That summer program is very beneficial and I'd recommend it to anyone who feels anxious about the transition from high school to college. The students here are very friendly and driven to learn. So far, being here at Morgan, I've grown as an individual and my transition was smooth.
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The employees need be more organized to make Morgan better. It will make housing, financial aid office, registration so much better if the staff and faculty were on top of things.
My name is Brian Smith and I am a student attending Morgan State University. I am currently in my sophomore year at this University and I am enjoying my time here. There are plenty of fun events on campus to be involved in as well as many opportunities to set up your future in your career. The professors are very helpful and push to see nothing but success in every student they teach. I recommend this University to many and hope for the best outcome for your future.
I went there as an observer with a program. I have to say I enjoyed my time there. The school is interactive with its students. The book stores and libraries are good resources. The dorms ae also very nice. The food they provide there is excellent as well. It is an African American-based school but th diversity is amazing.
Morgan has its ups and downs . The culture of Morgan shifts from great to poor base don its leadership . The case if academics follows the same trend as depending upon a individual teacher educating students . The diversity is good if your not use to the east coast respectively . The accents vary as well as the dress code. Those who appreciate a fast paste area similar to a metropolitan setting will feel quite at home . Those who are accustom to crime will be well suited as they will know how to adjust against danger form those who are on the wrong side of the law .
My experience at Morgan is great so far is great. The campus is great not too big, not to small. Morgan is diverse and has a lot to offer. I
I am an engineering student at Morgan State University and since I have been here I have seen the University improve so much. I am sure that the future for this university is bright.
so far at Morgan I've had good and bad experiences. Good as in meeting new people, campus activities and for the most part the teachers try and really work with you. they make an effort to know all of their students. Bad because tuition is really high, especially for an out of state student.
Morgan State University is a great school overall, however it can be better. I feel like the surrounding area can be changed. It needs to be a little more secure because i don't feel safe on my campus. They need to close the campus a little because i dont like the fact that anyone can walk on the campus.
Morgan State University is an Institution with many careers to succeed in. It holds hundreds of programs for students to join and allows them to create countless opportunities within. As a student for 3 years already, I have found ways to network and work with others that have the same interest as me. As well as working alongside with them to help me get further into reaching my goals as a Physical Therapy major. The professors and advisors are more than willing to work overtime to help you succeed in any field you may find difficulty in. The campus is also found as a 'National Treasure' as it creates a beautiful landmark that is well known within the city of Baltimore, Maryland. As it is also well known as an Historically Black College/University, it is more than welcoming to those of other ethnicities as it only focuses on the education of others rather than race or culture. Morgan State is a school that will help students succeed in their goals they set for the future!
Last year all 12th grade scholars when on a college tour to Morgan State University. It was an experience that was so exciting and interesting to hear how this awesome university was created. I found out that in the Baldwin dorms which was built in 1929. I found that there is so much history when it comes to Morgan State. Benjamin Banneker (1731-1806), he was an inventor of striking clock, he taught himself math and astronomy.

They really have so much to offer and because they are a HSBC, they provide teachings in communications, engineering, global studies, environment, and so many more. They set you up for the career you are dedicated to formulate and build on. During my visit to Morgan I also found it fascinating that they have Army ROTC. My intentions are to attend the Air Force as an officer when I graduate college.
A great university having diversity at its best. Accredited university having high class majors..Lot of highly qualified faculty from around the country and around world to share their expertise and knowledge. A very positive, vibrant atmosphere for learning. Professors are friendly, supportive and allow students to grow in there thinking ideas.. learning becomes so easy and fun..
Also the schedule of classes permits working in day time and learning at night so students can work at the same time learn.. Also very important there is a unity in diversity.. so much to learn from other country students.. new thinking, concepts, culture... Amazing experience..
in short diversity, knowledge, great professors, amazing experience, growth under one roof...
Morgan is a great school, it has a lot to offer, as far as academics, social life, and student life. Here at Morgan we believe in the motto Our Network is our Networth. Meaning the people we meet could potentially help us in our future endeavors.
Morgan state is a great school. I hear many complain about it but I believe college overall is what you make it. Morgan provides many on campus organizations for students to get involved in and many fun activities. They also have many connections to the the world that will be entered after college so the academics are beneficial. Overall, Morgan gets 5 stars from me.
Morgan state university if a highly diverse college with an large campus that id close to home. It is located in a large city where everything you need isn't far.
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When I first stepped on Morgan State's campus, I thought it would be like how everyone said it would be. Nothing but parties and a lot of people don't graduate from there. Well, those people were wrong. Morgan State has one of the finest Media/Communication departments, English departments and Fine arts departments. The school is very diverse and it's good to see all of us working together as one instead "pulling the race card". The Professors are very nice and funny, but when it comes down to business, they don't play around, but some make the lesson funny.
Morgan state is a university that prides itself on their ranking for accredited programs. But one thing I hate about Morgan state is the fact that they are not for going the extra mile to provide financial support for students who need it in order to further their academic career.
Morgan State University has a lot to offer its students, it is a diverse school that helps students from all over the globe. Morgan State continues to grow and build better equipped buildings for its students. Morgan has a lot of clubs and activities to participate in throughout the semester. The teachers work with every student and does not like to see them fail. All in all, college is what you make it and if you put forth the effort you will get something back in return.
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