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I have enjoyed my time at Morgan State University. I learned a lot of from my professors. I have mature so much because of Morgan State University.
Admissions building runs terribly. Financial aid office is not reliable. Engineering programs makes it hard to register for classes and does not have enough sections/classes for the number of students in the program. Going through a housing pandemic due to admitting more students than there is housing.
This university is the best HBCU.Ii is a historically black college university that has withstood time itself. The student life is innovative and deemed for success. There are multiple programs that are available for tracks of study. It is located in a great community that is in a college town area. The professors are great and there are many personal and financial programs to help assist you if you may have personal troubles.
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I would say going into my second year at Morgan State University it is definitely the school for me. Coming from a very diverse area but didn't have many African Americans it was a little rough. Going to Morgan State has helped me to interact with others of my race and the culture there I would say is definitely life changing. Morgan State's academics and the athletics are very competitive which makes the experience their even better because it challenges you to go above and beyond your expectations. Morgan State is a such great school and there is no other school in the world that I would choose other than them to attend.
My experience at Morgan State has been a great time for my freshman year. The professors here care about the students and want to help each student to be the best student that they can possibly be. There is always security across the campus making sure that all the students feel safe when they are walking alone or with other students.
Morgan State is a school for people who do not like diversity and want to be around thousands of people of the same culture.
great school, really enjoy learning from people who know what they are teaching. The campust could be better tho
What I really liked about Morgan is the smaller classes and very knowledgeable teachers. They have very reasonable office hours and make time for their students and their craft. The one thing I did not like however is that their dorm rooms are not the best. Overall my Freshman year was great and wished I could relive the entire event!
I really loved the campus and school activities. The classes are good and the professors help in a long and reliable way. Morgan State University is an HBCU (Historical Black College and Universities) so it has mostly African American. It's depends on you and your interest to socialize and meet new people but trust me at Morgan State University; You will feel safe and at home. Morgan State University has one of the best Information Technology Department and Business Department. The Computer Department also partners with Google, Facebook and other Computer programming organizations.
Morgan is all about culture, community and making sure young adults like myself know how to transfer into adult life successfully. They push everyone to make sure before graduating they'll have a internships or job opportunities by junior year. My school makes me comfortable and hold high expectations of all of us to be great and the future.
I like how everyone is connected at Morgan State from the staff to the students. The environment across campus is filled with positive energy, which makes it a lot easier to make friends and mentors to benefit your future. The key improvements that I think should be made at the university is the campus food, the professors, security and most importantly housing. The living conditions can be quite unsatisfactory due to rodents, which is at the top of my list for the bad living conditions. Security improvement also needs to be deeply considered since crime has been a reoccurring issue around the campus.
Morgan State is a great school if you are looking for a small cozy campus. The diversity here is small but is growing, which is also great. The staff and students are encouraging and are always reminding you that you can and will succeed and do well.
I like the University as a whole. There are some issues that are probably across the board with all universities, as far as getting the run-around and class times that are very limited. But I've enjoyed my time there. The campus is nice, pretty safe and the professors and staff on campus are very helpful when in need.
I am currently going into my second semester at Morgan State and I love being apart of this school because it is just a great fit for my needs and my personality. The atmosphere is great on campus and the people on campus are great as well. The entire staff is helpful and friendly and they make being at the school enjoyable.
The Illustrious Morgan State University has its quirks just like any university but I love my HBCU!! Very welcoming environment and any incoming student knows this is home.
My first year at Morgan I didn't really get out and experience much. Some people may want to credit that to the university but, there is so much opportunity at Morgan State that I missed out on and will gladly take advantage of in my time remaining at this school. The social environment is amazing. Morgan State takes every opportunity to bring community, togetherness, fun, and culture to the forefront of every student, faculty and employees mind while remaining and illustrious university in their academics and curriculums. The program in which I am studying, nursing, has in fact just reached accreditation and I am exciting to see what else Morgan State has to offer and what I can offer to enhance Morgan State.
Coming to Morgan was initially nerve racking but also exciting. The faculty care for their students regardless of race. gender identity, religious background etc. Not only do they bring you in and teach you the ropes of college life, but the people are like your family as well! We support and love one another no matter the circumstance.
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Fun place to be at but poor academics. The professors are no good and the food is terrible. overall great experience for first year and can’t wait to get back to school.
I like that they give people like me who work in the real world and families to take care of an opportunity to go to school. Just wish their classes were for all subjects.
Overall experience has been great, Morgan has allowed me and helped me decide on what career path that best fits me.
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