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Morgan Sate University is an great HBCU! They have a plethora of motivated professors and staff that encourages students on and off campus everyday. The students are also very welcoming. As an HBCU they have many historical events and programs for African Americans but Morgan also greatly encourages diversity. Overall Morgan is great for urban life on campus and making Amazing life-long connections.
I enjoyed that Morgan is pretty close to my house and I'm still close to family. Also I like that I know a lot of people they have gone there and go there now. The campus is truly immaculate. The football stadium is one of my favorite places since I love football and the band, and they're both always there. I also love the theatre, because I love seeing shows and concerts. Overall the school is beautiful.
My Morgan state University experience was overall exciting. Most of my professors took a keen interest in me personally. I was not just lecture/assignment but what you actually got out the course that helped you with your gradutions aspirations. What I change about Morgan is online learning as we move into the technology generation more online classes should be added.
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Morgan state university is a place full of opportunities and experiences. If you network with the people around you, then you will be successfully.
The residence halls need improvement. They are small and in desperate need of renovations. The food options need to be improved and they should offer more places around the campus where our meal plan can be used. Currently the meal plan can only be used in two places. The campus is generally safe despite some incidents that occur once in a blue moon.
Morgan State University is a great HBCU. Filled with love and true people. Morgan just needs better security and better food but they are making progress.
MSU was actually my second choice and once I transferred here I instantly felt like I belonged here. This school is amazing. The students the faculty and especially the professors. The professors are so bomb.
It's been great experience. And i've matured in many ways. It allow me to view life differently and complete many obstacles. It groom me as a man and i happy to say that i am better than i was a couple years ago.
Morgan State University is a decent University to attend Here you will find your closest of friends, teammates, line brothers, line sisters, and so much more. Morgan is a great University for expanding your social life and social status which can benefit you when you get established in your big career. Academically, Morgan has great programs and also a select handful of even greater faculty members and professors.
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There could of been a few changes at Morgan State University that I would have liked to see. But, overall the experience was a good one considering college life. I was able to get the college experience I have hoped for.
The experience at Morgan State University was overall was good. But there were definitely potential for improvement. Especially in the department of helping students getting the most out of their education.
I really think students should be able to focus on what they came here to do before they decide to come. Morgan is not to bad if you can focus on the reason why you are there without getting distracted. people at this school will try to draw you in to different things that you may not feel comfortable doing like at any other college. there are drugs and robberies that occur frequently at this school but we live on an open campus in the middle of the city so.try to stay in groups and avoid arguments fights because you don't know how things could escalate. you should think survive not act hard its not cool. you can learn any where so this school is a place you can learn and the library here is beautiful and loaded with books. if you really want to learn go to the library and become a book worm. however many students don't appreciate the school and have a negative view on this school and it will take a toll on you.
Morgan has a great engineering program and the professors are one of the best. The CBEIS building where the civil engineering, architecture, and transportation engineering have their classes, is a LEED certified building and has many post-modern equipments
Overall, Morgan State University is a great school. The professors are always there to help whenever there is a challenge. The Student life on campus is pretty awesome there are a lot of activities as well as organizations that you can join. The area is in the city and there's not a lot of food around.
My major is physical education, concentration in physical therapy. The physical education department teachers are very caring and knowledgable. They are the best teachers I have ever had. I know that going into thee professional work place as a DPT, I'll do well because of what they have taught me.
Morgan gives you a diverse scene. The HBCU makes you feel like family, and overall give you all the tools you need to succeed.
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I love Morgan. It is a great school, and the students seem to be nice to each other. The teachers are great, and some of them do a good job of teaching.
Great school, great environment , and excellent students. Tons of organizations, its never a dull moment on campus.
Morgan State University is an amazing school. I have been attending the institution for 2 years and coming all the way from the Bahamas to attend this school, I must say it was a great choice. The faculty, staff and students are like one big family and academic excellence is huge part of campus life. The School of Global Journalism and Communication in which my major is housed, has some of its industries best who are truly committed to seeing their students succeed.
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