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I love the cleanliness. The people are lively. The professors are not that bad. Morgan state is a well equipped school with great faculty members and a high feel of professionalism.
Morgan State University is a great school because it allows for the diversity to come together and experience great moments. The culture here is great, coming from a predominately white school it feels great to share some moments with my heritage. The University, however, has some issues in the financial department being that they are very disorganized and is always giving you the runaround. Even though I am just a freshman here at Morgan State University it is frustrating when you can not get a straight answer when you are trying to further your education.
This school is an okay school. Me coming here, I expected it to be more fun with residents life and activities, but my assumption was false. My biggest concern with this school is definitely the financial aid department. I've has several encounters with them. They always seem like they have an attitude for servicing you, when that's their job. Overall my experience here is negative, hopefully it gets better thoguh
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My experience at Morgan State University so far has been extremely well, the campus life is fun and their are always activities for students to do and the food here is pretty good. One of my favorite events is "Soul Food Wednesday" which the cafeteria is really known for. Morgan State does a pretty good job in picking its professors and the variety of courses they offer is one of the best I've seen. I do wish there were more sports teams though such as a Lacrosse team but the sports teams here are fun to support and their games are always attended by students.
Something i liked about Morgan state university was how nice everybody is on campus. The professors are great and they actually care about their students
I like the people at Morgan. All of the people I meet are nice. The professors care about you and are willing to help if you need it.
What i love most about morgan is that ever since i came to the school ive seen the campus change and new buildings getting build. For the most part everyone is friendly and you will always find a helping hand.
I visited Morgan State and I am attending in the Fall of 2018. The campus is beautiful, and it is such a welcoming environment. I honestly can't wait to spend the next 4 years in college, working on my major. Majoring in biology and I couldn't be anymore happier with my committment to the school and furthering my career.
So far throughout my experience at Morgan, the campus has its days where it's fun to be at Morgan State but there's also days where you're extremely bored. Some days the food being served is good and other days you're disappointed. I like the campus environment and the effort to make things better than they are now.
My experience as a non-traditional student with various health issues to include using walking aids and currently a wheelchair, has been vastly different then at previous schools. Morgan actually cares about the needs of its students. I had difficulty with my actual coursework, navigating the campus, purchasing books, etc. and MSU helped to address my needs. Prior schools weren’t willing to extend nearly 1/4 of the effort MSU extended to me.
its fun and they make you come out off your shell , the education/curriculum its really amazing and helpful.
Many buildings and classrooms look like they haven't been remodeled the 70's. The food is bad and my showers are always cold because there's never enough hot water.
I love the diversity, also the academics, yes this is an average school but I have already made relationships that would last forever.
It’s a big school in a major city. Homecoming is a major way of life for the entire city come October. Like any school though finically aid has occasionally had slow moment but for the most part they are able to keep up during busy periods. Parking however is HORRIBLE. The closest commuter lot to the academic quad is a good stretch away and street parking isn’t reliable. Definitely causes problems.
Morgan State is an excellent HBCU the people are nice. Everyone just wants to see everyone succeed and enjoy themselves. Not to mention the incredible friends and people you meet are just shocking. However, when it comes to office services such as financial aid, registration, etc. There needs to be improvement. Last minute notices, errors taking away student's aid it is unacceptable. Some are very nice and respectful, sadly you will get others who are not so respectful. But, the campus is beautiful organizations with dorms and RAs are positively good. Though I would like to see better cleaning around the dorms. Also, quicker maintenance when it comes to power cords, elevators, things such as those. Plus, the serving of food needs to be checked out. Food should not be sickening in certain areas. There has to be some improvement on customer service and cooking efforts.
Morgan State University is a great school and is highly recommended to students who have thoughts or have applied to this school. Morgan State has many opportunities for you to be involved on campus and have you very interactive. I like the school overall from the classes, to the professors, to the students on campus. Morgan State is a great school for you to spend your college career.
I absolutely loved my first year at Morgan! Generally, when transitioning from high school to college, students experience a change; however, I felt nothing but ease throughout the entire process. I cannot wait to complete the rest of my years here.
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I learned who I am as a person in a short period of time. I also learned what goals i want to accomplish during my college tenure.
So far it has been a very good experience. I love the atmosphere and the people there. It's just inviting with all the events that they have. Also the clubs and organizations are very interesting.
My experience at Morgan has been excellent and it has brought out the best in me. My professors really believed and inspired me to be the best.
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