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There's a lot to do.
Attitudes among financial aid staff.
Café 720 has mostly fried foods.
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The nightlife scene is extensive in Atlanta. There are plenty of bars and clubs and transportation is easily accessible. Some people use the MARTA but taxis are availabe as well.
All students park in a convenient parking deck. The permit costs aren't outrageous and are included in tuition. I have never been ticketed or fined because all students that pay for parking deck access have a parking decal.
The campus is a gated community that has security officers at each entrance. Access into the building is regulated by badges. I have never experienced any breaches in security.
The city of Atlanta has a lot to offer. The school is located in the West End, but many people enjoy activities outside of the West End.
We use Lenovo brand computers. These are touch screen enabled and act as a tablet. The library provides computers and printing access. Wireless access and reliability is generally good.
The neighborhoods around the area being in the city and near train stations makes it a target for drug usage and peer pressure however if you stick to your principles then you will be alright. Most people I have encountered is into drinking but there are those like me that abstain.
The computers at Morehouse are nice however I wish their was more space between the desk and sitting areas. Trying to do study groups at a station is sometimes difficult at the stations. The Wi Fi is a good ideal and works most of the time if you have your own device to use. It would be nice if they offered more laptops for students to rent out though.
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