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Morehouse college is one of my biggest choices for college. As it is an HBCU , I love the enviorment
I love the brotherhood Morehouse has. You literally can not walk past someone without getting a "what's up" or "how are you". I love how they strive on bringing people up instead of tearing them down.
Morehouse College is an HBCU in Atlanta, GA that has given me multiple opportunities. Morehouse is a challenging institution but it is worth it,
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I love Morehouse College for the many opportunities it gives me as an African American male in a male, it really teaches black men how to thrive in a world dominated by many other races and cultures. However, i feel that because it is a private college it is much too expensive for the knowledge it gives the students that attend.
Morehouse has taught me so much about my own culture. It taught me how to problem solve. Morehouse is truly preparing me to go into the world and do great things. They hold me to a high standard and expect excellence from me. Having that expectation for you and everyone else around you is amazing. It helps to push me to be the best person I can be. Choosing Morehouse as my school is the best decision I have made thus far.
The experience here at Morehouse College is one like no other in the world. There is a special unique sense of brotherhood that flows throughout the campus and everyone is trying to go out and better the world in some way.
I'm currently attending Morehouse as a freshman! And it isn't to bad to be completely honest. But it's smart, very very smart to build a great group of friends to get through college with.
Excellent professors with easy meeting times and hardworking faculty that keeps everything going. The students are a little rowdy, but they are all extremely intelligent pursuing their dreams with staggering perfecting.
There are some great students and individuals at this college, but the financial aid department can be difficult to deal with from time to time.
What I like about my experience at Morehouse College is being able to learn and see the different cultures and history they have there. Being a student and being apart of Morehouse College is a good way of learning and gaining skills, abilities, and brother hood from one another. As i begin to start, I know that I would gain a lot of knowledge, loyalty, and respect. A college like this will really show and prepare you for the world out there , that's waiting for you, I enjoy all cultures and history from this school. When I was touring and going to registeration, I saw and learned a lot of knew things coming my way, and as a Morehouse College student, I plan to take advantage of those things and learn more and more. My experience with Morehouse College is a great success, and I would be even happier to learn more as I start and continue to grow.
My experience on Morehouse was like no other. I able to meet and network with so many intelligent young minds. Each professor have every student best interest at heart and only want everyone to succeed. One of the main things I wish administration will notice is a lot of students really can't afford to attend and they should come up with better opportunities for students to succeed.
My experience at Morehouse College was beyond excellent. I love how the atmosphere at the school was both so positive and energetic. Every single student at the school helps each other achieve greatness. The one thing I want to see change is allowing a more cheaper expense for all young males, so they could afford to stay in school and receive their education.
I like the culture that comes with Morehouse College, as well as the professors that I am able to take. I would change the dorms if I could because there are only 2 suites on campus.
I love Morehouse College. Coming here really is a life changing experience for me, really exciting. They have people such as professors, advisors, deans, and mentors who really want to help you do the best that you can do and succeed. They really want you to reach your full potential and heights that have never been reached before. Student life on campus is great, there are so many activities to do on campus to be engaged in and many groups/organizations to be in to that will teach you a lot about academics, teaching life lessons and going out into the real world once we graduate.
I really like how morehouse is set up and designed for you to be successful in your field. There are also so many activities that you can get involved in at morehouse to make friends and or real contact with the people that you are around.
Coming from a majority white high school, joining Morehouse college gifted me a complete new feel as I finally received the chance of experiencing black culture one on one. As a freshman, everything is new to a person as they must self discipline themselves to stay on top of their academics. As Morehouse may not be as efficient on customer service, relationships with professors are created as students have ample opportunities to meet during office hours. The campus itself could be renovated but overall, it presents a welcoming feeling.
I love Morehouse. I've never questioned my college decision because I couldn't even see myself attending another school.
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I am a 4th generation Morehouse College Freshman and I have greatly enjoyed my college experience so far. Morehouse does more than just provide a great education for its students, it also creates an environment where its students have no choice but to excel and grow as men.
My experience at Morehouse College has been transformative not only on an academic level but also on a personal level. I admire the emphasis on character development that this institution and appreciate the continuously support I receive from faculty and fellow students. I would recommend this college for those who aspire not only to uplift their respective communities back home but to also change the world based on their work ethic and character.
Morehouse College is one of the best Hbcu's out here. They teach you leadership and brother Hood. And you are surrounded by the beautiful AUC people.
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