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as a student the campus life is easy to be away from home, because this campus is my home away from home.
The experience at Morehead State was so amazing! The staff and students are very friendly and so helpful. The community surrounding the campus is also very nice. Living conditions and food are a little disappointing but they are working very hard to fix that. Overall I say that the experience there was quite nice!
I love my overall experience with Morehead State. The campus is beautiful and close together, I don't have to hike to class.
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I enjoy the work given by many professors. The environment is fun and safe for the students. Everyone is nice and helpful when walking around campus.
Something that i would like to change would be having students more involved in every way they can. Most events going on aren't really seen out in public and it keeps students wondering whats going on.
Morehead State University is a very safe campus with realistic resources for students. Students are the universities first priority and it shows. Affordability, wide acceptance rate, generous staff and a beautiful, modern campus allows students to thrive throughout their education.
Morehead is the perfect place to go to college if you like a small, quiet town. I love how convenient the campus is, and the people here are very friendly. I feel very safe walking from the student center at night, as the MSU police are right on campus all the time. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved on campus and everyone is welcoming. I'm very happy I chose to come to Morehead.
Love the small town atmosphere and campus is just right size for me. Professors seem to be willing to help in any way they can to see you succeed.
Dorms are all kept nice with the addition of a new one in last couple years. The recent opening of ADUC with several places to eat, the book store and places to hang out is a great addition to campus. The Recreation and Wellness Center is a great facility to utilize as well. Overall MSU was a really good decision for me and I would recommend it to any of my friends that what a great college experience but don't want to attend a big university and get lost in the shuffle.
As a starting freshman I can say my experience so far at MSU is good. The professors are very helpful and informative. The academic advisers are very productive and consent.
There are over 100+ clubs you can join and attend too. The campus is very clean.
It is a big hilly campus which makes it hard to get to classes on time, but with the right professor you can contact them and you'll be okay.
I am currently a Junior at Morehead and overall it as been a great experience. Morehead offers great resources for students to transfer from high school to college. If I could start all over again I would definitely apply to more scholarships and grants.
As part of the Craft Academy program for gifted high school students, I lived on campus for the duration of my time at the University. I found them uniquely ill-prepared to handle the transition between life at home and life on campus for those of us with socialization issues. Definitely not what they advertised to myself and my parents.
I am still enrolled but i feel like i am being prepared for the work force and that I will be a very good teacher. The food and the confusion with paying for school can be better though.
Morehead is my home is it the place where I feel comfortable being me. Without being judged for it. Thank you Morehead for always excepting your student for who they are. I’m learned so much at Morehead with me going into a double major of Art for Graphic Design and Business for a General Business Degree. I’m ready to learn more with my years left at Morehead State University
Morehead is a secluded but open campus. I feel safe walking around campus it’s doversity even though the placement is eastern ky. Some professors are willing to help you out if you’re failing or having trouble. Athletics are on the rise. Housing and food are getting better every year especially with the new Aduc building being created!
I went on a campus tour, and the students were very respectful. They got to know you, and what you wanted to major in. I also got a one on one tour in the nursing department and it was spectacular. The campus was very safe and had phone booths designed specifically to be used for calling help if in danger. The campus was beautiful and felt like home. Every student looked very happy there. Also, their food is outstanding. Morehead provides their students with anything they need on campus such as: "gas station but for food", free washer and drying to wash clothing, huge dorms, amazing food, many activities to do while on campus, one on one time with professors, and so much more. Many encouraged me to further my goals in majoring in nursing.
I liked the community especially the people. It is a well rounded school and they are very friendly. They make you feel like home. There may not be a lot of diversity, but the professors and food is spectacular and the sports are great too! I definitely recommend this college to someone that wants to get away from your home town to a different town that is very nature friendly. I also recommend going to the football games and really any sport because you will have a great time! Also, the hiking trips are eye opening and very adventurous if you plan on taking one. I personally loved Morehead and I hope you will too!
The time I spent at MSU I felt was time well spent. The small class size was beneficial to a more one on one education. They excel in their art programs and I can't wait to go back and finish up my bachelors. Recently, they "improved" ADUC, a center for students to eat, gain information on the school, hold meetings, and a few other things. It cost a lot. That money could have gone towards programs Morehead took away so that they could pay for this renovation. That money could have gone to renovate buildings that desperately need it, like the English and Business building: Bert Colmbs. That money could have gone towards hiring new people instead of completely taking away much needed jobs. I love MSU, but I am incredibly bitter about their recent "improvements".
i haven't been at the school yet but i have heard great things this school and i am really excited to see what this school has to offer and experience the college life.
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While visiting Morehead State University, I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere. Being in a town that felt like home made me love it there. Their dorms were very nice and new, as well as their cafeteria. Morehead is one of my top picks right now because of it's location, amenities such as the wellness center, the lake, and the library, and also the academic programs they provide there.
So far I have had a great experience . The professors I have had all have been great and some even go out of their way to make sure I understand what we are learning or just how my life in general is going.
Morehead was a good school with lots of opportunity for an aspiring medical student like myself. The atmosphere in the town is reasonably quiet, without too many insane night life antics. The extracurriculars at morehead we’re top notch; the new $20m rec center was the icing on the cake of my first semester. Overall I love the school and look forward to many more years there.
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