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I like that Morehead State University is just the right size for me. Morehead is a place of positiveness and exploration. Every student learns something new every single day.
The professors are great, the campus is beautiful, and the people here really make you feel at home and safe under all the pressure and stress. All and all, I would recommend Morehead State University to anyone who is interested in learning and having fun.
I am only a freshman but Morehead has been great. I love my professors and they are all so helpful, I’ve made so many friends and I feel like I’m being very prepared to be a teacher here.
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I am a sophomore at Morehead State University. This school is great, I have switched my major twice and the advisors really helped me out. The career center is awesome. Especially if you are like me and do not know what you want to major in. They give you this personality test to evaluate what you would excel at the most. The social life is pretty great as well. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved on campus. So far, I am pleased with my decision to attend Morehead State University.
Morehead State is a great place to spread your wings without being too far out of your comfort zone. The campus is a lot smaller and closer knit than those around it and there is always staff and officers willing to help!
Even though Morehead State University is a smaller campus in size compared to other colleges in the state it has a homey, safe, feeling that most bigger campus around it does not. I have been living on campus for one month each summer for a program called Upward Bound. Upward Bound is a educational program which helps low income or first time students finish high school and then go to college. The program and Morehead State has left such a positive impression on me I plan to attend there for my degree.
Morehead State is a one of safety and academics universities in the south.It would be great or your academic study.
This school is smaller but is the perfect size. The professors are really there to make sure that you are successful. I am so glad I chose to go here
Morehead State University is the perfect university if you want the balance between a small town life while attending a division 1 university.
though i'm not a student of morehead, my visit to morehead was absolutely amazing, it is a beautiful campus, amazing amenities, it even is directly affiliated with NASA, I mean, whats not to love about morehead?
I like the small close knit campus with the good eating options, my only complaint would be that the school learns liberal instead of in the middle.
I like the athletic and class size along with the community! I think morehead is a great fit for anyone wanting to go to college
Good, friendly atmosphere. Professors are friendly, understanding, and very helpful. Lits of organizations to get involved with. Dorms are nice.
I'm a distance learner in one of their online degree programs. It can be hard to make sure everything is set up and in order when you aren't face to face but everyone there makes it a breeze. The teachers are helpful and knowledgeable and their online classes are so convenient!
Morehead State is a great university at a very reasonable price. It has some very good programs here and the professors want to see you succeed.
I am an incoming freshman at Morehead State University starting classes on August 15. I have been to the campus three times and have called several times. The reason I choose this school was because after talking to representatives of the school they were very helpful, more so than any of the other schools I considered. Although the other schools might have been nicer the deciding factor for me was the willingness to help me from the people I talked to at Morehead State University.
Wonderful small school with hands on professors. I received a quality education in the Agriculture department before moving on to graduate school.
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Morehead State may be in a small town with not a whole lot to do, but I had an amazing time there. It is in a beautiful area, with amazing professors and facility that truly do care about you.
I've had a great experience at Morehead so far. The Theatre Program is great and I've made so many friends. The ROTC program is great as well and I can't wait to commission in 2019.
This university has the perfect "small town" feeling to it. A large majority of the professors genuinely care about their students and it really makes a difference. The party scene is not comparable to a larger school but their are certainly always a party to find if you are willing to look for it. The crowds at athletic events are sometimes small but the student sections are usually large enough to make the experience enjoyable.
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