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It's a mixed bag. Some of the staff are helpful and friendly and want to see you graduate, others are just on a power trip. Clean and pretty campus. Not safe for LGBT+ individuals.
Online classes are not well directed and don't take into account student needs. It's okay for someone who has perfect internet access and knows teachers to proctor their exams.
So far my experience has been really good. I have noticed there isn’t much diversity but it’s still there.
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It has been difficult because it is a bit hard to navigate through Blackboard. It takes a lot of work to remember to do certain assignments o time.
The online experience varies depending on your professor, but most classes offer hybrid courses or at least use blackboard to facilitate assignments. Online nursing classes usually super easy, vocabulary tests, online education majors must film themselves for tests and show the prof that the room is empty, some professors never touch it, some reuse material, some are amazing and should be the demo version for the Blackboard sales team (G. Corso)
An amazing school with a lot of great programs, campus life, and people in one of the nation's most picturesque areas. 4 stars because sometimes maintenance is a little too cool with the amount of mold in the dorms and the campus is dry. The local community is incredibly supportive, inclusive, and helpful to students.

They offer courses from self-defense in a dojo to something where you get to go to a shrimp farm. Yee haw!!
Morehead is a beautiful school with a nice small town. It is surrounded by mountains and plenty of opportunities for hiking and camping.
It is difficult at times, but my professors are very helpful and are ready to assist in any difficulties I am having.
I love Morehead! Both the town and school are incredibly welcoming of students from all walks of life!
Each teacher individually emails their classes with clear, distinct instructions on how to access their class either through Zoom, WebEx, or Blackboard.
Everyone at MSU are very sweet, friendly and goes above and beyond to help their students. When my daughter passed away in June they were there for me and took over my enrollment and did all they could possibly do for me. I'm a transfer student and I am so glad I made this switch.
I have taken the virtual success academy and I really enjoyed the online flow. The staff is extremely helpful.
Have not taken but people say they are great and very understanding, they are helping thousands of people a day!
Great school, even with everything going on today, they are adjusting and improvising to help their students get their degree.
great college. can walk everywhere. make tons of friends from every where. life long friendships. lots of clubs. college helps any way they can.
they have lots of online classes and this past semester was online and it went well. Professors will help you any way they can.
Morehead State University is such a great campus. Right in the middle or Morehead but when your on campus it's just campus. I went on a visit recently and the tour guides, office workers, and my advisor were all so friendly and helpful. Student life on campus is also a great plus, sororities, fraternities, the BCM. And you have accommodations like the gym right there on campus.
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I just recently became enrolled to my online classes at Morehead and the professors have already emailed me before the school year as started to get to know her students!
I haven’t started my classes yet for online at MSU but everything that I have done online through this college has been easy and great!
So far I have had a pleasant experience. I will be transferring to MSU this fall. Any and all questions I have had, the staff has been so helpful and getting me on the right track!!
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