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As a family on tour with our prospective freshman student (2020), we found the open house event to be well run and informative. campus is beautiful and accessible, academic buldings are up to date in the ways that matter, and we enjoyed our visit. Humanities dean presenting that whole groups of majors was rather one-note in presentation, but is not the primary professor so that is not a concern. dorms are standard, but clean, with great upperclassmen options and guaranteed housing all four years.
Such a friendly place that allows you to be yourself. The professors are very supportive as well as admissions. Moravian looks at you as an individual not as a group. Each student is given a special path to give them their future dreams.
Basically if you aren't a fake or snake type person you will hate this place. Theres about 3 real people here. Parties are usually trash, you gotta be pretty lit to have fun. Will say they do offer pretty good resources and some professors really care and are helpful. Not enough housing. Pretty campus tho
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I transferred here for the music program, and I love it. My professors are fantastic; I have no professor from which I have trouble learning. The students are incredibly kind and caring. It is part of the school's mission to be friendly and welcoming to everyone you meet. It is also in a beautiful location. The surrounding town is filled with restaurants and shops.
Going here was the worst decision I had ever made. The best thing I did was transfer from this school after my freshman year (which was the longest process and a living nightmare). Their credits are completely different than any other university which makes it extremely difficult to transfer your credits. They lure you in with a computer and laptop that you have to return if you transfer even though you payed for part of the computer because they throw it into your tuition. The students there are awkard, weird, and snobby and there's absolutely NO diversity at Moravian. Once you pay up, the staff is NO help. The dorms are literally look like jail cells & no off campus housing, youre madated to live on campus or commute from home. There are only THREE places to eat at and they're all trash. There's no life and the campus is always dead. Save your time & money & dont go here.
I like the overall diversity and education aspects of the school. I would like to see more diversity in the Fraternities on campus.
Moravian College is very diverse and inclusive. The atmosphere is pleasant and welcoming. Even though it has a smaller student body than most colleges, there's a solid chance you'll find a group you fit into. It's a liberal arts college, so you're forced to take a course in art and and one in history, etc. So if you really don't like those types of guidelines, Moravian wouldn't be your fit.
Moravian is a very good school. Their courses are diverse, along with the student population. Going to such an accepting school is a wonderful experience.
The professors at Moravian always seek the students interests and well-being. Moravian wants every student to succeed and also balance a healthy social-academic life.
Moravian is a strong Humanities school however, their science department is sorely lacking not only in resources but in educational quality. Prospective college students considering a major in a science or mathematics field should avoid choosing Moravian, particularly those aspiring a career in medicine. Prospective English majors, however, may benefit from the traditional style of academics and resources offered by the humanities departments.
I love being at Moravian and all the opportunities/experiences I’ve had as I’m going into my last year there. The small college gets the teachers to know me and I’m able to not just feel like a number.
Moravian College is technologically advanced and on the right road to integrating all the newest technologies both in and out of the classroom. It's friendly atmosphere allows for a comfortable environment and a beautiful campus on top of that. The president works courageously to ensure the best for the students and it truly is a wonderful institution and the faculty are some of the best in the Lehigh Valley!
The diversity sucks. It is a rich white person-run school. There is hardly anything to do on campus. There is only 3 frat houses so parties are super limited and are usually ended by a fire department showing up.
Overall Moravian is a really good school, and a lot of the professors work close to you to ensure you achieve your goals as a student. Like any other school, it still also has professors that don't do anything and grade harshly by taking off points for no reason, but there are more good professors than bad. The campus is beautiful all year round, and sometimes classes are held outside.
Moravian cares about you as a student. You are not a number. I have a great relationship with my professors & visibly see where my money goes because there are CONTINUOUS improvements and renovations. If there is a concern, it is already addressed before risen. Great college for first-generation college students. I have had opportunities to travel as well. Everyone genuinely cares about you.
Wonderful! Everyone is here to help you, and I couldn't be happier with my decision! I have never felt more confident in myself and my abilities, and I continue to grow. I am loving my time here, and being in a leadership position in virtually everything I am interested in is just amazing!
Moravian College is a small, private liberal arts college in Bethlehem, PA. Moravian professors are both inspiring and dedicated to the success of their students. Moravian prepared me academically and professionally for a graduate career at an ivy league institution.
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The students and staff are generally helpful and nice, the campus is a nice place, and it’s close to where I live (walking distance).
Moravian is average on paper in terms of admissions, etc., but students who go here have so many opportunities it is crazy. Professors are almost always willing to offer independent studies, research opportunities, and just general mentorship to students who want a challenge. Someone who is driven can do a self-designed or interdepartmental major in literally almost any area you can think of. There are limitless possibilities for students who want to excel and the campus and surrounding town is a great place to live.
The student body is small, so everyone is very involved with one another. The staff is very involved with the students education and is always there for help if you need it. I would change how administration is as they mess up when it comes to applying loans to the overall student balances and are hard to get a hold of.
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