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Moravian College is a small, private liberal arts college in Bethlehem, PA. Moravian professors are both inspiring and dedicated to the success of their students. Moravian prepared me academically and professionally for a graduate career at an ivy league institution.
The students and staff are generally helpful and nice, the campus is a nice place, and it’s close to where I live (walking distance).
Moravian is average on paper in terms of admissions, etc., but students who go here have so many opportunities it is crazy. Professors are almost always willing to offer independent studies, research opportunities, and just general mentorship to students who want a challenge. Someone who is driven can do a self-designed or interdepartmental major in literally almost any area you can think of. There are limitless possibilities for students who want to excel and the campus and surrounding town is a great place to live.
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The student body is small, so everyone is very involved with one another. The staff is very involved with the students education and is always there for help if you need it. I would change how administration is as they mess up when it comes to applying loans to the overall student balances and are hard to get a hold of.
What I like about Moravian College is that the campus is so beautiful and is very clean. The people are nice and they do not hesitate to you no matter what the problem is. The professors, as far as my experience has been, have been wonderful. The library is such a good place to study and to get help with papers and things like that. They even have coffee for one dollar until 4 pm. everyday except the weekends obviously. As far as the safety goes, Moravian College has its own police station and it makes me feel very safe. One thing I would love to change is the fact that the tuition is so expensive, but the quality of everything is fantastic. The housing is not the best in some dorms because of the heat/ac conditions and the lack of modern furniture because the college is so old!!
Love the school! The class sizes are pretty small which works well with students like myself because it gives you a more one on one learning environment. Teachers are all very willing to go that extra mile and work with you until you understand the material.
I like the small class sizes because your professors can really get to know you. It's definitely less of a party school than most bigger schools and even neighboring Lehigh University, but it is still college. I'm not a party person, so adjusting to loud music on the weekends was hard. It's still an amazing college!
I’m only halfway through my time at Moravian but I still have a few things to say. I think that Moravian’s dining and housing could both use work. They moved the Starbucks into a new building which makes it harder for a lot of students to get coffee before class. As for housing, there is not really enough housing and I think many of the dorms should be renovated.
I loved Moravian so much, especially their new health building. It was built with perfect timing, because I may hopefully go there next year! The campus was beautiful, and it was the perfect size for me. It has a nice amount of Greek life and lots of clubs too, but not too much that you feel like you have to be in one! They also have intramural sports and sports for the school, so there is something for everyone. The people I met were so nice and polite. Overall, it was a great experience and I loved the campus and the people!
When I visited Moravian College as a senior in High School, I knew right away this was the school for me. The campus is small, but gorgeous. Beautiful, historic buildings, a fresh new turf field, and trees and flowers everywhere. North and South Campus are only a mile and a half apart, and the walk down historic Bethlehem's Main Street is one that tourists come to see from all over America. The professors are top notch and really invest in their student's lives. The alumni network can't be beat, and alum often visit back to share internship and employment opportunities and words of wisdom. Moravian's rich history, culture, diversity, AND small town vibe is something that not many colleges can offer.
I love Moravian College because I received an amazing college experience. The professors go over and beyond to provide help to the students. The classes are tough, but as long as you put the effort in, it is worth it. The campus is very beautiful and is also dog friendly! The people who attend Moravian College are down to earth and approachable. Truly a fabulous experience!
I like the community feeling at Moravian. Everyone held the door for everyone and the staff is very welcoming.
I love that Moravian College is small because you actually get to connect with the professors. The professors make an effort to get to know their students. I cannot wait to continue my education at Moravian College.
I love the local area of Bethlehem and the community on-campus. The campus is wonderful and not that large. There aren't too many students and the MacBook and iPad are a plus. ;)
Moravian College provides a tremendous education and experience. I graduated in 1996 and would pick Moravian again today.
This is my first year here and it's honestly a really small college but I don't mind the size of it. It's very comforting very close to my home, has a very open community. It's easy to communicate with the professors they truly help you out whenever you need it.
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I like the size of the school and the fact that the people there actually care about you and your success. I also love the small class sizes and how comfortable I feel whenever I am in my classes.
A small, personable experience with a lot of opportunities to grow. It's definitely what you make of it, the academics aren't particularly challenging. The education program is excellent, gets you in the field right away. Have not met an awful professor yet. All are fair, caring and knowledgeable.
Coming to Moravian was a little e hard for me because this was not my intended school. So for my first month or so I just stayed in my dorm and did nothing but eat sleep and work. I then decided that I am here and let us make the best of it. Coming to Moravian everyone was so welcoming and friendly. That made me feel so much better about coming here and meeting new people. The work was not as hard as I expected because this is a private school. My entire outlook has changed on Moravian since I have become a student here. We are a family and you are never alone unless you really want to be.
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