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Moorpark has an excellent campus and helpful staff when it comes to student's needs and questions. I have enjoyed all of my teachers at this school and they have an amazing performing arts program which is what I originally applied for when I went to this school.
The professors at Moorpark are awesome in general. The students are friendly. The campus is clean and easy to navigate. It has amount of class offerings at different times and even online options.
I am thankful for the quick and efficient student counseling and information services. Professors do a great job in making sure the students are well informed in upcoming school events and also the requirements in each class.
The use of Canvas for all class assignments and announcements keeps everything organized for the student to keep in mind.
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Moorpark is a joke - The teacher's actually expect and encourage you to cheat and get mad when you don't. Sure, you can get a 4.0 herer easier than anywhere else, but you wont learn anything. Even when you apply yourself, teh classes are taught by people who just aren't good at teaching and don't care if you succeed. If you want to learn, or have fun, or just get an education anyone will respect, go anywhere else.
The academic advisors are not there to help, but rather just to get payed. At this school, you have to figure out a lot on your own.
The main thing I enjoy about Moorpark is there tutoring center where I receive free help for my classes. However, sometimes the professors make their courses and expectations almost unrealistic. and unnecessarily challenging.
I love Moorpark College! I started attending as a Junior in High School and am staying for another year after I graduate. The classes and professors are amazing, and the campus is really safe and welcoming. Rate my Professor will be your new bff.
Very excellent stepping stones for first year college students and this is a great place with many resources to figure out what you want to pick as your career.
What I enjoy about Moorpark College is the professors, and the numerous student outreach programs available. What I would like to see change is the ability to be seen quicker with a counselor, waiting a week for an appointment is a little difficult to work with, but there is always express counseling but even that can take a while to talk to someone.
Prior to attending Moorpark College, I went to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. During my year at Cal Poly, I excelled academically; however, I did not feel fulfilled at that institution. I decided to come home, go to Moorpark for a year, and then transfer to a school that better suits my interests, and I could not be more proud of this decision. My time at Moorpark has been phenomenal; I absolutely adore all of the instructors I have had thus far. The instructors at Moorpark truly care about their students' success and make themselves available for their students. The counselors at Moorpark are also wonderful and make sure to help students take classes that align with their goals.
Moorpark is my second college, and it's a very friendly, small campus. I love seeing familiar faces around and I love meeting new people that end up becoming my friends. Moorpark has very good teachers, I have yet to have one I didn't adore. I am very satisfied with all of the services there that I have vistied and I will be sad when I graduate, but happy to more on to new things.
I love Moorpark College! If I were to recommend anything apply for GPS as a first-year college student. It's very simple to apply. You get many benefits such as priority registration, access to counselors almost immediately, success coach meetings, free snacks, free printing, free scantrons, and blue books. It's a small office but they are extremely helpful. Counselors help you so much with your Education Plan. Except for a maybe two, all of my professors are not only amazing teachers that knew their stuff but are also amazing people that engaged with you and cares about you. It's also an AMAZING optional to save yourself money and pressure from a 4-year fresh into the college world. With good financial aid, I only paid for books and parking permits. Not only is it a great financial choice along with amazing education but also, it's the same curriculum, more intimate settings, and it's easier to be accepted to a 4-year as a transfer, then as a freshman.
Moorpark helped me get to where I am today. The school offered several resources that made the experience easier and I enjoyed what I was learning
What I really appreciate about Moorpark College is the faculty's genuine desire to see you succeed. Everyone from my counselor to the man named Paul who brings his food truck to campus everyday. My professors as well have all been supportive and key in helping me plan out my future. I have really enjoyed my time at Moorpark College as it has been a ladder helping me reach my goals.
As an international student here, I really do appreciate the help and support the International Office provides in ensuring that we acclimate well to college life here. The campus as a whole is pretty nice, nothing much to do in the on-campus or in the surrounding areas so most students just come in and leave after class. There is a small zoo on-campus that is open to the public on weekends, there are lions, tigers, hyenas, ... etc. That is pretty much the coolest aspect of this campus!
You get cal state professors for waaay less. great community, location, and staff. Sometimes the place gets a bit dirty but it is usually kept up pretty well.
Honestly I’ve never felt more safe on a campus. The students there are amazing and the teachers are very understanding. Define tacky have a great academics program. I commute almost an hour just to go to moorpark community college because it’s a place where it definitely feels like home. So far it’s my second semester there and I seriously love it.
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I like the attractive campus, feeling safe and in a great location. With great teachers and caring counselors. Bad thing is the food is very limited
This is a great commuter school for those who want to explore their options and are not really sure what they want to do after highschool. It is cheap, and helps you get all your GEs out of the way while helping to get you transferred to your dream school. Since it is a commuter school there isn't really a "social scene" per say, but there are a lot of clubs on campus to help you get involved with your fellow peers. There should also be no worries about safety here as the campus police does a good job at responding to its 24 hours hotline calls, and offer to walk you to your cars if you have night classes.
I really did enjoy my experience at moor park. I think this group of students are really focused and driven to complete school. The school lacks student club interaction. There is events but everyone is so busy that they don't bother to make new friends all the time. I think that it would be encouraging if they had events where students could meet each other. The campus is really clean and visually pleasing. I have had good luck when it comes to my professors and who I have gotten because the ones I've taken and super helpful and want us to succeed. The parking is only packed the first 2 weeks of every fall semester but other than that, you will always find parking. They also keep all the prices for material or services pretty low here at moor park college. If you decide to come to this school, you'll definitely be making the right choice, just make sure you involve yourself with student activities and try to meet new people.
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