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Moody Bible Institute is a great place for students who are called into ministry. Whether it is pastoral, missionary, translation, music, education, biblical counseling, etc. Moody equips students for full-time occupational ministry. I would not necessarily recommend this school if you are intending to pursue a non-ministry occupation as Moody exists to equip future ministers. Moody is racially diverse and is an open and accepting community. The administration seeks to promote positive diversity on campus. There are many opportunities for ministry in Chicago and thus, students are equipped to minister effectively in a variety of settings. I feel well in my current occupation because of Moody.
I have loved my schooling at Moody so much. Not only is the course work of a high level, but I feel spiritually challenged and motivated on a daily basis. The professors are of the highest quality and really know what they're teaching.
Moody Bible Institute was a good school to attend and does well with what it does. Although, it could approve how it practically lives out it's mission.
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Profs are amazing and are very open to work one on one. some of the freshman course work is very simplistic and unnecessary.
Moody Bible Institute is a tremendous place. The Christian atmosphere empowers students to go above and beyond in all areas of life. I am excited to spend the next few years here!
I am an Online student so I cannot speak to the campus life. But Moody is a great institution! Online classes are great and the professors, for the most part, are great as well!
I am an on-line student and I love the course that I am taking, I really enjoy working with my professor. I did take a trip to the Chicago campus. It was great. I had a tour of the campus and I was able to sit in on four classes and participate. So much fun. Wish the my circumstances allowed me to attend the campus full time.
Moody has a great Christian enviroment for students and alumni to grow more in the faith and be able to use our God-given talents for his glory.
Moody Bible Institute is a great institution to receive an undergraduate degree with a solid biblical education. They have a great community of students who often have gatherings and faculty that are genuinely interested in students' well-being. Thanks to dedicated donors, students attend tuition-free, having to only pay for living and food expenses. Located in the heart of Chicago with a tight-knit campus, it is a short walk to Michigan Avenue, the Lake, and accessible on public transit, such as the Red and Brown Lines. Recent disturbances include the closing of their Spokane campus, the loss of 1/3 of the faculty starting Fall 2018, and interim President and Provost due to unconventional circumstances.
I love Moody, and I can't wait to be there this fall! Everything I've seen so far makes me very excited to be there.
My time here has grown me in ways I could have never imagined. I came in as a naïve freshman girl, but my educational experience here has shown me how little I know, how much I can grow, and how many people are lovingly willing to help me. An integral part of my educational career occurred when I went on Moody's Study Abroad Program in Israel. I spent eleven weeks living in Jerusalem and seeing the stories of the Bible come alive. This grew my faith. The opportunity for close relationships with professors also developed here as I realized how much of an impact class size can have on the learning experience. I also learned how to live in a very tight community with my classmates. It was incredible to grow with my peers in such an intimate setting.
Moody is a great place to go to school to be prepared for a ministry career. The professors are excellent and incredibly knowledgeable. Most of them have experience in the field in which they teach. For example, my professor for pastoral theology was a senior pastor for years before coming to teach at Moody. I am very pleased with the campus, professors, and tuition assistance programs. The one thing that I would like to see change about the school is the lack of diversity. Most of the students and professors are white with a Calvinist theological view.
Moody Bible Institute is a place where education is highly valued, but even more so is the idea that as a Christian one should be prepared to expertly serve and teach the word of God in one's chosen occupation. The instructors here are committed to this vision and to the individual students they educate. They expose the class to the world through the lens of Christian living, and while they do hold to the teachings of Jesus Christ, the difficult questions asked are not avoided. Over all it is a place where excellence is sought in every area of education, and a safe place for those who have questions about the Bible and Christian living to give voice to them.
Thai school has an outstanding staff full of professors who genuinely want to get to know and care for their students! An A1 education is provided through this institution and a lot of proffesors here are above and beyond the requirements to teach.
I have loved my experience at Moody. The professors are AMAZING, some of them are the most intelligent people I have ever met. If you want a great biblical education, you will receive one. They truly care about the students. They will bend over backwards to help you succeed. The school's reputation provides the students with incredible opportunities.
However on the flip side, the registrar is very difficult to manage. They are very disorganized, bad at communicating and are seriously struggling with finances having to completely shut down a campus. Unfortunately because of these things, trust and morale has dropped significantly.
Moody Bible Institute is amazing. The professors really care and they are here to teach students and prepare us for ministry. Moody is also in the heart of Chicago so, students can never really get bored unless the don't leave campus. We have student from all over the world wanting to come here and we really make them feel accepted and loved. Overall , it is a great education for a low price because the school really wants to see the students succeed.
I think this college is a wonderful place for the students. Moody helps students to improve their academics. Also, Moody has a lot of programs that helps students to get involved in ministry.
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Moody Bible Institute is an encouraging environment. The community is driven to dive deeper into who God is and to live life with one another. Professors are intentional and will stop at nothing to work with students in attaining their dreams and goals.
Moody was an incredible experience. Though, like every institution, there are some drawbacks, Moody's education and opportunities overshadowed it's liabilities. I wouldn't trade my experience and Biblical education for anything.
Excellent school for going into ministry, with great teachers with first-hand experience. The professors are very personable and open to discuss matters with students most any time.
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