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Moody Bible Institute is a place where education is highly valued, but even more so is the idea that as a Christian one should be prepared to expertly serve and teach the word of God in one's chosen occupation. The instructors here are committed to this vision and to the individual students they educate. They expose the class to the world through the lens of Christian living, and while they do hold to the teachings of Jesus Christ, the difficult questions asked are not avoided. Over all it is a place where excellence is sought in every area of education, and a safe place for those who have questions about the Bible and Christian living to give voice to them.
Thai school has an outstanding staff full of professors who genuinely want to get to know and care for their students! An A1 education is provided through this institution and a lot of proffesors here are above and beyond the requirements to teach.
I have loved my experience at Moody. The professors are AMAZING, some of them are the most intelligent people I have ever met. If you want a great biblical education, you will receive one. They truly care about the students. They will bend over backwards to help you succeed. The school's reputation provides the students with incredible opportunities.
However on the flip side, the registrar is very difficult to manage. They are very disorganized, bad at communicating and are seriously struggling with finances having to completely shut down a campus. Unfortunately because of these things, trust and morale has dropped significantly.
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Moody Bible Institute is amazing. The professors really care and they are here to teach students and prepare us for ministry. Moody is also in the heart of Chicago so, students can never really get bored unless the don't leave campus. We have student from all over the world wanting to come here and we really make them feel accepted and loved. Overall , it is a great education for a low price because the school really wants to see the students succeed.
I think this college is a wonderful place for the students. Moody helps students to improve their academics. Also, Moody has a lot of programs that helps students to get involved in ministry.
Moody Bible Institute is an encouraging environment. The community is driven to dive deeper into who God is and to live life with one another. Professors are intentional and will stop at nothing to work with students in attaining their dreams and goals.
Moody was an incredible experience. Though, like every institution, there are some drawbacks, Moody's education and opportunities overshadowed it's liabilities. I wouldn't trade my experience and Biblical education for anything.
Excellent school for going into ministry, with great teachers with first-hand experience. The professors are very personable and open to discuss matters with students most any time.
Moody was an excellent school! Not only did I receive an excellent education, but I also grew spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and socially. My professors were wonderful - they taught the content very well, and they were always available to help!
I have found that the environment of Moody Bible Institute in invigorating and and a breath of fresh air, filled with people desiring to better themselves through educational and practical ministry in the help of others in the local community and places abroad, through the betterment and maturing of oneself spiritually. All of these things done for the glory of God, and the betterment of humankind. The Students there are friendly, and inviting always full of smiles and willingness to help one in need. the Faculty and staff there are highly educated and masters in their various concentrations, yet apt and prone to developing the minds and hearts of their students, not by their own knowledge but the knowledge found in the Word of God. In essence, the institution and definition of Moody is a place that has manifested the focal point of the Bible, which is Love, Grace, Mercy, and the invitation to understand and become apart of the family of God, in Christ.
Moody Bible Institute and Seminary is one of the greatest places to be formed for life and ministry, strongly based on the Biblical foundations. Besides amazing and godly professors, I am most blessed by an extremely diverse, international community of students coming from all over the world. It is like a taste of heaven to worship the Lord together and form friendships that will last for a lifetime.
Awesome school. I'm excited to be studying there. It's considered the seminary of undergraduate schools.
As a student who has completed her first year at the school, I have found it to be wonderful overall. The school has many different opportunities to build community. It's a smaller school, but there are many groups to be a part of, as well as simply making use of the open lounge and activity space. The professors, overall, have a heart for the students and their subject, and want to see students walk away from class having learned something of value, whether it came from the lecture or outside of it. The school needs to improve their communication on several fronts, as well as update some of their buildings. At times, it seems as if the voices of the students are not heard or consulted.
I loved my first year at Moody. Most of my classes were enjoyable and the professors were a hoot. I especially loved my new and old testament classes. Additionally, they have great study abroad and immersion programs... make sure to check both out when applying to moody.
I am a full-time online student at Moody Bible Institute and, so far, I have been thoroughly impressed with their online forum and the quality of their education. Prior to my choosing MBI, I was nervous about earning 100% of my degree online. After I started my classes, I realized that, even though it was online, my professors were still very personal and they were all clearly excited to teach me and to help me grow as a learner and as a Christian. The classes are challenging, but not so much so that I feel like I can't accomplish it. I have learned a lot about myself and my purpose in life throughout my first year with MBI and I am now entering into the classes more closely related to my major.
My experience is that every person I have met or spoke with is sincerely kind. Each one has taken a personal interest in who I am and what I want for my future. They work hard to get me where I want to be, even if I don't quite know where thats at yet. I would love for Moody to improve by getting the word out about they're Spokane campus because of the level of high quality education, beautiful location, and genuine people.
The professors are superbly qualified, but really love the students and want to see them grow in their relationship with God. If you are looking for a place to learn about the Bible, get to know God, be equipped to serve God and His Church, and receive a top-notch theological education, come to "the seminary for undergraduates."
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Moody is a wonderful place where you can have meaningful fellowship and grow in your faith! Fixed in the middle of Chicago, there are many opportunities on and off campus to see new sights, meet new people, and have many new experiences!
Moody Bible Institute is an amazing college where you daily study God's word to be further equipped to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations. Here at Moody, their number one goal or aim for every student is to leave here better equipped for serving God wherever he calls them and to be more in love with Christ when they leave than when they were when they came. Overall, each professor genuinely cares for each of their students' well being and helps each student whether spiritually, physically, or emotionally to their best ability.
I love Moody, but there are several things that I would like to change about the institution.
The way Moody does housing is wonderful. I love living on campus but wish that there was an easier way to apply to live off campus.
There is just a general lack of communication until it is too late. Coming into Moody, this is something that I would have liked to know--to be very proactive in communication and reaching out to Profs and other faculty about my needs/deadlines/paperwork.
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