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My time at Montserrat has been an enjoyable one to say the least, as I have been able to finally begin to expand and develop my artistic sensibilities in an environment that places emphasis on doing so, allowing me to grow as an artist. I do wish I was capable for entering courses more fit into my professional direction earlier, however.
I adore going to this school. However, living conditions and food concerns are a major issue, seeing as you aren't 100% sure you can afford to eat every day. Also, a few of the houses are awful.
I transferred to Montserrat this year as a sophomore. I love the small classroom size and being able to connect easily with professors. I find my major in graphic design to be challenging and interesting. I like the apartment style living and preparing my own meals as I am very independent. I love the Beverly area with easy access to Boston, beaches, shopping, and cultural events. It’s a great match for me, as I didn’t like a traditional college setting of dorms, dining halls, and partying.
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Its alright. I am currently a second semester freshman but am transferring out because they don't offer the major I intend to go into. Some of the people who got accepted really shouldn't have. The teachers are really nice and are practicing artists, but most art school teachers are. Overall it's too expensive for what you get, the dorms are eeh, and if you aren't a far left winged SJW feminist you might have a hard tome finding people like you, as I have, If you do go here, no matter what major you are in you should take Tim Harney's Life Drawing class, he is a great teacher and his class has changed how I do art for the better.
The teachers are passionate about their subjects and that translates well into the lessons. The classes are small, which in turn means that each student gets more quality time with the teacher to allow them to better understand the subject. The lack of a food program means that students have to learn to fend for themselves as far as meals go, but the dorms all have access to fridges, ovens, stoves, and other cooking requirements, and Beverly has a huge amount of diners and other stores so that students are never short of options.
Attending Montserrat was one of the best choices I've ever made. I loved the small student body size, because it let me get to know my fellow students/artists better, not to mention smaller class sizes made it much easier for professors to know me. It's a very welcoming environment and lacks the competitive feeling you get at many other art schools. It's located right next to a park and it's a five minute walk from the beach, not to mention it's right in the middle of downtown so there's lots of businesses and restaurants around.
Montserrat is unique in its campus size, apartment-style living, & close connection to the surrounding North Shore community, which provides a one-of-a-kind education & customizable culture for its students. The professors are diverse, personable people who are simultaneously working artists, & give authentic, supportive critiques. They actively engage with students in and out of the classroom. Montserrat staff are attentive, insightful, & approachable--from first time freshmen to old time alumni, all are important. Beverly and the surrounding towns are highly supportive & actively participating in the arts scene, through a wide variety of internship opportunities with local businesses, & community art programs and events. Montserrat is a place for all types of creative thinkers, allowing each individual to learn the way they want to learn, sharpen familiar skills or develop new ones, & be their own unique, powerful person.
Montserrat College of Art was a very good college for students looking for a small, close knit community. The town is very small and the dorms were not my favorite. The dorms were little apartments with about 7-8 people. No dining plan, students will be incharge or going to grocery store and cooking in their apartments. Their classrooms are very nice and show much potential
The professors are very compassionate and love their fields respectively, they are the best part of this college. That being said, there is a lot of things that the college sweeps under the rug, they appear to care about our safety but do not practice this other than to keep up appearances. It is frustrating trying to get anything done if there is an issue, myou on campus house had a gas leak and they ignored it for 2 weeks. 1st time they came to check out our smell complaints they blamed us for spraying fixative in the house..we had no heat for 2 weeks, which isn't covered by the housing contract by the way. To this day they will not take responsibility, and to me this is what represents a college. Montserrat will never take responsibility for any issues you may have, despite the supportive environment of students and faculty. It's a shame because I really liked it here my first 2 years.
My favorite thing about this college is how you can really experiment and take classes that have nothing to do with your major. What I would like though is for the school to pay more attention to what the students need or want.
I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to thrive here. My art education means a lot to me and I am sucking the life out of every moment and every class. It's a fun, safe, and wonderful place to live and create!
It's very easy to get to know everyone on campus, given that there are only roughly about 500 of us. The opportunity to see shows, meet people, and connect with alumni and professional artists is very much available.
Campus Security and the RA staff are always available to support and look out for students in need. Security can escort you home if you're feeling unsafe, and each night there is an RA on Call to talk to and assist you with any issues.
We don't have typical "dorms," but living in surrounding apartments/houses rented by the school gives your living environment a very cozy feel. The houses may be old, but we uphold proper maintenance for comfortable, quality living spaces.
I love it here at Montserrat! Faculty, staff, and students alike are all kind, unique, and open-minded. It's a wonderful and fun learning environment. Everyone loves what they do and is extremely passionate and hard working.
The career services makes it easier and less stressful to get an internship and job. Alumni are always coming back and showing their work in exhibitions.
Every professor that I had have been so helpful, respectful and fun! There is a lot of one on one time with professors since each class has a maximum of about 15 students. The quality of the courses here are very good, every class that I have taken is serious, yet not boring. Since the school is very small, we do not offer a whole lot of classes like other art schools do. But the quality of what we do have is amazing.
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I feel safe around campus, security is available all the time and the police station is down the street. However, there can be some suspicious looking people walking around at night but they are easily avoidable.
Living on campus is one of the best experiences about this school, almost everyone is there with you and students have access to the school until the late night. The farther school apartments can be a pain for some student since they have to walk far to get to class, also some apartments have issues with pests.
My school is small but is beautiful and has a great sense of community. We all work together as a team for the school and we're all very passionate.
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