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I went up for a campus visit and tour with the Baseball staff. I was incredibly surprised and impressed at the beauty of the campus and that everyone in Black Mountain, NC. I did not get to see the dorms but on pictures they look decently sized. A cool fact about Montreat is that Billy Graham was married in the main Chapel.
Montreat College provides a well-rounded education. Here you will receive an education that will prepare you to accomplish your career goals as well as give you a gospel centered worldview. Montreat is beginning to grow again. I look forward to seeing it as it continues to successfully educate people to change the world for good.
Beautiful college campus, small environment that contributes to student success, small student to teacher ratio, feels like home, living Christian environment.
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I have been a student at Montreat for three full semesters, and throughout that time I have loved my time here. The facilities are great and for athletes it's a big attraction. The only thing I would like to see a change in is the attitude difference between the faculty. There needs to be more of a consistent attitude about whether or not they care about the student or not. Either they all try and help the student or not. Too many of the professors have a different attitude about giving the students a chance at success.
I love how Montreat is a great private Christian higher education institution. I like how the classes are small with an average class size of 19 people which allows for great student teacher interactions. At Montreat the campus is small which means you can get to know alot of people on a personal level. Also being a collegiate golfer at Montreat I like how majority if the student body are athletes, how the professors are very understanding when it comes to missing classes for a sporting event. Although Montreat has some flaws with the way they handle financial aid and the condition of the dorm rooms overall the college is a great place to learn.
I love the recruiters. I had no trouble getting accepted, registered, and begin my journey.
I very much enjoy attending Montreat. It is worth the hour and a half drive to class in the evenings. Montreat's college undergrad program fits perfect for a full time working parent who also wants an education. I would recommend Montreat to anyone who wants to pursue furthering their education.
A lot of work but a lot of one on one time with Professors.
Lots of diversity at Montreat College. I really like that aspect of this college.
There are no issues at the Charlotte Campus that i know of.
I widh I would feel more comfortable and relaxed about this subject but I dont know how much recruiting is going on. I wish the internships and practicum were a bit more guided by Montreat in helping us find an internship.
I love the Charlotte Campus professors and faculty. My cohort has become very close in a short time. I love the classes and topics and my professors are very smart and knowledgeable.
Security at the front desk and the doors lock so non students cannot enter building.
We dont have housing at the Charlotte Campus
I dont think we have a greek program
My Admissions Advisor, Mary Banks is a wonderful Christian woman. She is sweet, caring and I still meet and speak with her to this day. She made me feel welcomed and everyone at the Charlotte Campus has made me feel like I am a part of a family. I really like this campus and all of the faculty.
I am at the Charlotte Campus so I do not know much about the sports.
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I love my school! I can't imagine myself anywhere else! I am on the soccer team and love it. The school is in the mountains and the views are gorgeous. Also I cannot have picked a better place to grow in my relationship with God.
It's made going to graduate school achievable!
I'd never say Montreat is the best; it has its flaws like every school does, but I will admit it's amazing. We're in a mountain surrounded by nothing but nature, classmates, and God. It's a place of serenity, a place of fellowship, and a school all in one. The teachers are willing to go out of their way to help you and with the smaller classes it makes that a little bit easier. Montreat is a beautiful Christian college that is focused on making you into the best person you can be professionally and spiritually. I wouldn't pick another school ever with the fact I'll be a little over two hours away from home because im receiving a great education, meeting new people, and playing college lacrosse.
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