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Really love the setting of MCCC. I started going to MCCC in high school. They have a program called 2+1+2. It gave me a chance to see what college was about and if it was meant for me. It is easier to pay for the courses and I know I have saved a lot of money in the long run. Come this fall I will complete my Associates Degree in Mechanical Engineering and all my courses/ credits will transfer to Temple to complete my major in Civil Engineering. If it was not for MCCC who knows where I would be now.

Thank you!
MCCC is a fantastic community college that fosters a creative learning environment for students to succeed. I truly feel like MCCC, the staff and students a like, have helped me grow and learn more about my major and what I want to pursue.
Not bad, but probably not the best either. Would definitely like to see a few things change with administration.
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Montgomery County Community College has faculty and staff at both ends of the spectrum, most are well and some are even outstanding. Talk to multiple people to ensure you are in the right path in terms of classes and degree progress. The library at Central Campus is beautiful, while West Campus's library is not impressive and South Hall is outdated. West Campus has poor parking availability, whereas Central Campus is incredibly efficient. Most of the staff members are very thorough and professors vary.
I think that this school is great! I would not recommend the online courses and would hope that they expand their evening and weekend hours to accomodate adult learners who also work full time. The professors are highly educated and offered a high quality education that offered me the ability to transfer successfully to my first choice university!
The college has excellent professors and provides an environment that encourages student success. Their adviser's are supportive and well informed on different resources and career paths.
I absolutely love going to MCCC. The teachers are super supportive, the security is always there, the campus is fantastic when it comes to sending out emergency alerts, and all of the classes have been absolutely amazing.
Montco is a great school and will really work with you to help you achieve your goals. At the same time, it's give and take so if you have to put the work in too. There are tons of tutors, a big library, and great advisors. If I could change anything I'd give it money for a football team.
Montgomery County Community College is the best Community College in Pennsylvania. I had an overall great experience at this college.
Montgomery County Community College was a great first school to attend. It made transitioning out of high school very easy and the cost was very helpful to my family and I. Most of the professors are very helpful and willing to make time for extra help. I am happy with the decision I made in getting my associates degree at MCCC.
The Montgomery County Community College campus is simply amazing. Everything is where you need it to be without the hassle of walking forever between classes.
Teachers(for the most part) know what they're doing, there are many useful resources, and the school helps you every step of the way.
As a student at Montgomery County Community College, I find the overall college experience great. My professors are very polite and hilarious at the same time. They make time to help students who are struggling in school and make class an enjoyable experience. The campus has many clubs like honors club, math club, anime club, international club, and many more to join. Also, there are many events to go to like movie night. On top of that, Montgomery County Community College has a great cafeteria. Overall, Montgomery County Community College is a great place for new students to attend to.
The college itself is a great resource for individuals who are looking to further their education. This is my 2nd year as a full time student, and other than a few communications issues I'm happy with my choice. Finacially, there is little to no constraint. This year I will be working full-time while pursuing my studies full time. MC3 makes all of that possible with flexible course times, and online classes. Really, I have nothing negative to say about my current school!
My time at Montco so far Montco has been very good. My professors have been amazing and they care a lot about what they are teaching.
The campus is amazing. The professors are great and truly care about your success as long as you ask.
I love Montgomery County Community College its so beautiful. The campus is gorgeous and they added even more classes. I love the new nursing classrooms its so up to date and beautiful to see i couldnt ask for anything better to.Everyone should have the chance to check Montco out. Everyone is so helpful there and you will never forget the great experience there with all the classrooms and great people your surounded by. Everyone is beyond helpful there and the campous is made to be comfortable so everyone can relax.
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Recently attended an English class in the fall. My professor was very helpful and supportive. She provided a fun learning environment.
Montgomery County Community College was a perfect school for me to start at. When I graduated high school, I was not sure if engineering was for me. I did not want to risk spending a lot of money for a major I may not like. Montco, taught me so many things. First, engineering is the perfect major for me. The classes gave me a good feel of what engineering is all about and the future challenges I will face in this field. After taking a programming course, I decided to complete my 4 year degree in computer engineering. Not only did I learn a lot about engineering at Montco, but I learned a lot about myself.
I had a great experience at MCCC. Most of my professors were excellent and very knowledgeable about the topic. I wish there were more activities and opportunities to socialize, it cna be difficult to meet and connect with other people.
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