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So-so, defiently worth the price but I have had some bad experienced with faulty. My advisor is meh, but other advisors are much better. Students here range in diversity and age making the college super accesible. It is also extremely affordable so I recommend coming here then transferring.
I liked the wide variety of classes for a community college. I like how helpful they seem to be and that they are local as well. Also a decent priced college as well.
Montgomery County Community College is a quick and easy college if work hard enough. I would like the college to do more. What I mean is some of the teachers aren't great, to say the least. I had one teacher, which was on an online course, he/she didn't respond when I send an email in 5 days. When it comes to the community, it cool. Everyone is nice and is willing to help when they can. But I can't really say because I don't live on campus. And if you got lost, the college has maps in many different places all over the campus.
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I like about Montgomery County Community College because Its easier to commute in and out from my home and the gen-ed liberal studies academic is great step for people to get into 4 year college. Figuring out what you need to do to improve their life and rate my professor is a great introduction sources for me to pick the best teacher as possible. I have taking good classes that i was never picked or taught in public school. The school boost my academic integrity very well.
This college carries integrity equal or less to that of a homeless cat. Merely collecting money from the government and posing as an actual emergence as an "institution of higher education." Absolute scam and needs to be looked into by the federal government. SHAM!!!
MC3 is a great community college! Not too big or too small. It's in a nice, central area, nearby many things to do. Teachers are nice and flexible for the most part. The programs are very good and the advisers are great at making sure you are ready for the future!
I loved it. Many professional people there who knew how to teach. The best education I have ever had in my time. The food is delicious and there are many clubs that appeal to everybody's interests.
I have attended college and this school is excellent great professors and good student life. I hope to return and finish. I would remind this school to anyone the degrees and very good. The tutors and helpful. Very friendly atmosphere. I definitely be attending and hope to get my degrees in associates and transfer.
I am a theater major here at the college, and my experience has been wholly positive. The faculty are all professionals in the field, and there are endless opportunities for real-life experience and internships. They genuinely want to turn their students into working professionals. From what I hear from friends who have transferred to four-year schools, the education in the theater arts is unmatched elsewhere. As for the school itself, I've also had a widely good experience. As long as you know to use Rate My Professor you'll find great teachers in every department. The faculty has always been very helpful when it came to the bureaucratic things, and the SLI office has even begun doing surveys to make the student experiences as pleasant as possible.
It's a decent community college for a decent price. It's a community college so it doesn't have dorms or housing. Assistance and clarity has gotten better. Some things are still a bit confusing like courses needed for potential degrees.
Really love the setting of MCCC. I started going to MCCC in high school. They have a program called 2+1+2. It gave me a chance to see what college was about and if it was meant for me. It is easier to pay for the courses and I know I have saved a lot of money in the long run. Come this fall I will complete my Associates Degree in Mechanical Engineering and all my courses/ credits will transfer to Temple to complete my major in Civil Engineering. If it was not for MCCC who knows where I would be now.

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MCCC is a fantastic community college that fosters a creative learning environment for students to succeed. I truly feel like MCCC, the staff and students a like, have helped me grow and learn more about my major and what I want to pursue.
Not bad, but probably not the best either. Would definitely like to see a few things change with administration.
Montgomery County Community College has faculty and staff at both ends of the spectrum, most are well and some are even outstanding. Talk to multiple people to ensure you are in the right path in terms of classes and degree progress. The library at Central Campus is beautiful, while West Campus's library is not impressive and South Hall is outdated. West Campus has poor parking availability, whereas Central Campus is incredibly efficient. Most of the staff members are very thorough and professors vary.
I think that this school is great! I would not recommend the online courses and would hope that they expand their evening and weekend hours to accomodate adult learners who also work full time. The professors are highly educated and offered a high quality education that offered me the ability to transfer successfully to my first choice university!
The college has excellent professors and provides an environment that encourages student success. Their adviser's are supportive and well informed on different resources and career paths.
I absolutely love going to MCCC. The teachers are super supportive, the security is always there, the campus is fantastic when it comes to sending out emergency alerts, and all of the classes have been absolutely amazing.
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Montco is a great school and will really work with you to help you achieve your goals. At the same time, it's give and take so if you have to put the work in too. There are tons of tutors, a big library, and great advisors. If I could change anything I'd give it money for a football team.
Montgomery County Community College is the best Community College in Pennsylvania. I had an overall great experience at this college.
Montgomery County Community College was a great first school to attend. It made transitioning out of high school very easy and the cost was very helpful to my family and I. Most of the professors are very helpful and willing to make time for extra help. I am happy with the decision I made in getting my associates degree at MCCC.
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