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Montgomery County Community College - Central Campus Reviews

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I don’t feel as if the admissions and student services department were very welcoming. Both my son and I went for a basic informational session and they rushed us and kept referring us to the website. It certainly didn’t make us feel like the school would be a great fit for us.
It is a very good college with a helpful faculty and great professors. It was easy going back to school with this school
My college experience thus far has been a good one. I have been able to meet new people and succeed. There are some professors that are not my favorite but it'll be that way anywhere you go. Overall I've had an awesome experience!
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Excellent college to begin your educational journey. Just be sure to double check that you receive all of the required information to maximize your transferrable credits.
When I first went on a tour at Montgomery County Community College, I loved the campus. Unlike high school, Montgomery County Community College has more to offer than just clubs and sports. It has a game room, a place where students can do their homework, coffee shops, and an office where I can visit if I need help with any work.
I liked the instructors and the support system it felt like everyone really wanted you to succeed. I liked my classmates a lot I haven't had many bad experiences with them. Overall I had a really good time at Montco
i like about Montgomery County is all the things they give to students. All the things they teach us.
Montgomery County Community College offers a variety of courses with flexible hours for students of all ages and availabilities. If you're a new student here it can be overwhelming to take on your new responsibilities, but MCCC makes it an easy process once you become acquainted to their systems. I would definitely reccomend MCCC to any student looking for a start at an easy pace.
My freshmen year was such a mess at montco fall semester I ended up withdrawing because of a financial aid error made on their behalf then spring semester things were great when it came time to register for this fall semester yet another financial aid error on their behalf
Community colleges are always seen as less than from universities but comparing my experiences to other who do go to universities makes me realize how lucky I am to have started here. I have a great relationship with my adviser and professors. They all show enthusiasm in teaching and are willing to provide extra help if needed. Not only are the staff wonderful but so is the price. Montco offers affordable tuition for everyone so getting an education is possible and achievable. Being from a low income family this school has giving me every chance for not only help but extra curricular activity and free perks to be a student like having an accessible gym for exercise. The only thing I think would be a good idea for improving is having required appointments with advisers once a semester for questions to be answered, checking on grades, and also talking about college experience in general to see if the student needs anything.
My college is excellent, very helpful, caring and interesting. I am challenged here! Being able to come to college is a great feeling of independence, but staying in college and watching yourself grow is a much better feeling.
What I like most about the college is that they gave me a chance to change my future and continue my education in becoming the next PharmD, the teachers work great with the students and the campus is a friendly atmosphere.
I really like Montgomery County Community College because there is so much for the students to do. The teachers help and encourage the students to do better and to help them achieve there goals. the food they serve is not bad either, it is very good and I eat it all the time. what I do not like about them is that when you have a problem of some sort they send you to multiple places to sort it out and it is like a giant web. that was the only problem I saw but it is great being there so far.
It is a beautiful campus and not that difficult to get around. Although I had to drive 40 minutes, it is centrally located in Montgomery County. MCCC helped get me on the right path towards success. It is a great place to start your education!
I really love this university. I've talked to my advisor and my teachers for my upcoming classes and it's going to help further my education. I was originally going to go to Pittsburgh but figured I would need to take a year before going. I'll become a transfer student and only attend Montgomery County for a year because I'm unsure of my major and I'm benefitting my time and money. Montgomery County made me feel just that and I'm happy to attend and learn from there.
I attended A year in MCCC it was a good experience. Some of the teachers willing to help you , and others are just don't feel like doing their job. In the overall Experience it's a really good start for fresh grad from high school.
I'm enrolled in Montgomery County Community College for the second time. I am familiar with the classes and highly impressed of the level of teaching staff at the college. They care as much or more than a teacher at a four year college. The education I am receiving/ already received is high quality and a less expensive way to start a full degree. Montgomery County Community College is a great choice for Associates degrees. They partner with numerous coll
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I am in my sophomore year in Montgomery County Community and so far it has been a very good experience, the professors help you with any work or assignments you have trouble with; the advisors are extremely helpful from planning your schedule for your next semester to payment planning; tutoring services are always there with flexible time schedules so its no hassle to find an appointment
So-so, defiently worth the price but I have had some bad experienced with faulty. My advisor is meh, but other advisors are much better. Students here range in diversity and age making the college super accesible. It is also extremely affordable so I recommend coming here then transferring.
I liked the wide variety of classes for a community college. I like how helpful they seem to be and that they are local as well. Also a decent priced college as well.
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