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I've been attending Montgomery College- Germantown campus for the past two years and am about to graduate with my A.A. this semester. Montgomery College is an amazing transition from a High school to college atmosphere. You feel welcomed and comfortable through out your two plus years attending the school. I have made an great decision by choosing to obtain my Associates degree though Montgomery College, and would not change a thing.
it been great and very interesting
my experience with professor and how hey teach and the time they take to teach
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Occupational therapist working with muscles issue and car accident injury to help recover
Montgomery college has an excellent selection and variety of classes.Every single professor at the school is so kind and helpful. The counselors at the school are so hopefully for their incoming students that it makes you feel welcome. I would most definitely choose this school again due to the service of the faculty.
Choosing classes was very easy for me! There's a variety classes that your able to chose from and there's different times that can help you if your still working or doing what ever needs to be done outside of school. The professors are very understanding as well if there's a family emergency but that can't always be the excuse.
The class sizes are perfect! Being able to actually talk to your professor and they actually start to remember and know you name is something that's really nice to hear! In most 4 year colleges your not able to do things such as that so for someone to just be transitioning from high school to college is very helpful. It helps you ease into that college education experience and helps you better transition so you can start with a good grade and not be overwhelmed.
The degree from the school is very valuable! They have different options where you can even partner with 4 year colleges such as temple and west Chester so although your going to school for cheaper your still able to get your money's worth with working with professors from 4 year colleges!
While I'm still trying to figure out what career path I want to take, getting my core classes out the way was probably the best decision I could of made. All of my classes that I had to take were by far the best! I loved every single one of my professors! The work load was good and it was very dueable. If you ever had any trouble with any type of work the professors always had there emails open to help or you could every call there office number. They've all kept me focused and told me if I was falling off and what I could do to get back on track and back to keeping my grades up high which has given me the Gpa that I have now. I truly do appreciate the type of professors I have worked with.
I've had a great experience so far! Each professor I had all wanted to see there students be engaged in class and also gave different ways for you to get your grade up in the particular class if your slacking off or just not doing as well as you planned. They're also always open to meet you with you after class hours or even come in early to talk to you before class. They're very passionate about what they teach and you can tell that each professor loves there job and loves the field they chose to teach. I've loved all my professors so far and they've all been very pleasant and nice and hands on to help any way possible which I absolutely love!
It was easy to transferring my credit from other school to MC. Classes and curriculum are very good, and reasonable to study.
MC has black board , so professors can post power points, so students easily get in to study and post discussion. It is very good system. online registration is also very easy to do it.
I graduated from MC last past May. MC still offer me to use writing center whenever I want to since I am alumni. MC has various health major and good prospects.
The professors was very encouraging to students, help willingly. MC has various courses related to my future major, nursing.

Class size is small, so professors help students easily.
I got a AA degree with good academic outstanding. This degree is very good to apply to BSN program. Many school consider degree. Student service center is very friendly, kind, and helpful.
My major was general study. I got AA degree. I am planning to transfer to the BSN program of 4 year university. I studied many sciences classes in the bio science education building, which is my favorite building and brand new building. I loved to study there. The professors were very professional, knowledgeable and kind.
MC is very good school. It has a very clean and nice environment. The academic advisers are very professional and enthusiastic to help students for pursuit their goals. I got several scholarships from the school and state. It was very useful and convenient to get those. I did not make much effort to get those, but school helps me to take those in easy way. The professors always help me to enjoy study. Writing center and science learning center are very helpful. whenever I have a problem, I can go and ask to the tutor. I love this school and I think studying at this school is very precious experiences.
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MCC is an amazing college with a lot of options for everyone to choose from whether it be earning an associates degree, getting a bachelors, or transferring to a four year university. The college is so convenient having three branches which means you can go to any one for classes, and the community upon campus is diverse. Colleges like MCC break the stigma community colleges hold
Everyone has been very helpful
you can find an alumni with internships
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